Private Practice Season Premiere Pics: Coop to the Rescue

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Private Practice returns for its fifth season next week, having yielded to a two-hour premiere of Grey's Anatomy last night. From the looks of the photos below, the GA spinoff will make up for lost time.

In "God Laughs," Sam, Cooper, Charlotte and Amelia team up to save the life of their friend Pete after he suffers a heart attack, with Cooper first on the scene (or so the photos below suggest).

Meanwhile, Violet, who was in the middle of leaving Pete and LA, is nowhere to be found, and Addison's desire to have a baby leads her to see Jake Reilly, her recent mystery man, in a surprising place.

How will it all play out and set the stage for the season? We'll find out in just six days.

Check out images from the September 29 premiere and share your comments:

Get to the Phone
Tense Moments
Benjamin Bratt, Private Practice
Save Him, Cooper!
Coop Freedman
PP Season Premiere Pic
Little Lucas

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I didn't want to start this subject before, but now that I see there are more people who desire more "up to date" cast photo... I also think that it's not ok to see Merrin Dungey on the main page(with all due respect - she only starred in pilot) instead of Audra McDonald (who spent great 4 years on PP set). And it's not ok that actors added to the cast through the years aren't included on the pic either. So I'm joining to others here and ask: PLEASE, update the picture. And Pete won't die - the promo are always misleading :)


Cant' wait to see the episode. And I want to chime in on wanting a more up to date header. The backdoor pilot was over FOUR years ago! - Wrong Naomi, lack of Charlotte, Dell, Sheldon and Amelia... need I say more? Change it PLEASE!


I agree with everyone else that's commented regarding the heading. Please change it. I know that Private Practice isn't prioritized very much on this site but it would mean a lot to the fans if a cast photo of the current season was being used. Thank you!


Please ask to update the header because that would be like PP was the missing pilot and important people such as Kadee, Brian and Caterina also that Naomi was not only participated Merrin Dungey in two chapters and Audra McDonald as Naomi participated in 4 seasons, plus taking into account that on 90210 have it more updated because could not upgrade Private. thanks


totally unrelated to the pics, but why is there a pic of merrin dungey as naomi as the PPP header??? I did like her as naomi in the back door pilot but naomi is audra mcdonald and its her pic that should be up there... hello tv fanatic!! please change!!!!


If Pete died, I'd probably laugh. It sounds horrible, but it would be so unexpected and it gives me another reason to hate Violet.


I know Pete will be okay but it'll still be interesting to see them do what they can to save him. Really looking forward to the premiere next week!

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