Revenge! 90210 Promo Teases New Allies for Naomi, Problems for Navid

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We said it at the conclusion of our review of last night's episode of 90210: Revenge, redemption and revulsion are on the way to Beverly Hills.

The official trailer for "Greek Tragedy" certainly backs up this prognosis, as viewers can look forward to the following storylines:

  • New allies for Naomi in her feud with Holly.
  • A need for cash on Annie's behalf.
  • A secret revealed by Adrianna.
  • A growing uncle problem for Navid.
  • Frustration for Ivy.


i hope liam comes to his senses and get back with annie!!!!! they belong together. and i hope annie eventually gets the inheritance from marla i think she deserves it for she was the only one there when marla badly needed someone.


why do i have a feeling that dixon and adrianna will hook up by the end of this season?


so wierd that everyone hates annie, geez i seem to always like the characters least liked: i love Annie! she's my fav characters, this storyline seems to suck considering i would have LOVED a Lannie wedding! but interesting... i really disliked naomi in the beginning mainly because she was such a bitch to annie! anyway, i really liked naomi and max and Lannie so I'll be watching this season for them. As for Ade - i have a love/hate relationship. Really liked Kelly - will she be back? I kind of liked Ivy but haven't seen all of S3 (australia) so can't really judge her... still intrigued with the naomi and annie storylines... i'll be watching. p.s if you want to know which couples i ship - check out my youtube channel : crazychicke


Hahahahahahahahahhaah! TAKE THAT ANNIE!


Me too Im so exited for liam and annie,Im sure they will back together


i miss liam and annie:'(


Really interested how Annie will become an escort! And how her and Liam will end things!
Naomi and the Geeks just great! And kill off Navid! Please!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.