Ringer Review: Want A French Lesson?

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Watching Ringer is like playing a game of musical identities. Half the fun of this mystery is trying to figure out who will lose their seat in the game first.

We start off with Siobhan, who has assumed a new identity. As Cora Farrell, she picks up Tyler at a bar, telling the international banker to meet her at her hotel "If You Ever Want a French Lesson." But poor Tyler doesn't get very far. Things were looking rather promising until suddenly Siobhan was and shoving him off the bed and out the door.

Machado at Work

At first, I'm thinking perhaps she's having second thoughts. Not quite. Siobhan's nauseous and that's when it hits me. Siobhan doesn't know that she's pregnant. That's what makes this show so interesting. Trying to remember who knows what about whom takes all of my attention.

The most telling part is what Siobhan does as she holds the positive pregnancy test. She calls Henry and simply listens to his voice. So I'm guessing that means Siobhan believes that Henry is the father of her child and that she actually cares about him.

That little revelation makes me wonder if Andrew knows he's NOT the father because that will certainly come back to bite Bridget at some point. Well, that and the fact that she isn't really pregnant. I keep waiting for her to address that issue but I guess having armed assassins after her is a bit more pressing.

Taking the phone back from the bench is a gutsy move on Bridget's part, but she must figure that phone is her only leverage with whoever is after her. 

So... do you think Andrew is really hiding something from her when it comes to the building at 227 Pratt? Everyone is keeping so many secrets it's hard to tell.

Meanwhile, Bridget's apology at the end was heartfelt. I believe she has really grown to care for Andrew and she'd like to make it work, but it's unclear if Bridget is thinking in the moment or long term.

And what about Malcolm's predicament?!? He's the one guy who's done nothing wrong but is paying the highest price. It's a nice touch when the bad guys are so busy beating the crap out of him that they don't realize his phone is going off.  I kept wondering how long he could hold out. And then they pumped him full of drugs. I think the game is over for poor Malcolm.

Once again, Ringer took us on a wild ride. As with any good ride, when it's over I'm a bit dizzy and not sure which way is up. But I also wanna go again.


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What was the instrumental music at the end of episode # 3?


What was the instrumental song at the very end of the 3rd episode??

Lemonaki myrwdato

im sorry but none noticed that in the beginning of the episode sioban was talking on telephone and learned that Brig is still alive??
Why is she doing all that??To live happy with Henry??


This show keeps getting better. The whole Malcolm thing is a bit unimportant in my opinion. And I have a feeling we'll see who's Gemma's father in the future because he sound important. And he might have something to do with Siobhan.
I'm loving the growing relationship between Bridget and Andrew.
Urgh, I'm too speechless. Must. Keep. Watching.


I think Bridget did grieve over her sister, but I think she is also a survivor. She knew she had to suck it up, and play it cool in order to assume her sister's identity and keep herself safe. I was surprised that Siobhan didn't know she was pregnant, since I thought the testing at her doctors office would have meant that she at least expected it, and I am surprised at her call to Henry. I thought she didn't care for him enough, since she had just left him there without a word. I still think she is responsible for the attack on her sister, I think she is not over the death of her son. And I wonder if Andrew is not all he seems anyway. They both seem like they want to start a new page, but I wonder about the problems they were having before. And I wonder if it will be revealed whether he had an affair with his partner or not. I have a feeling that something was going on between them. Good episode. Definitely keeps you hanging on for more.


I love this episode as much as I love the last. I am loving Bridget and Andrew more than ever. @Dexter, I do not think she can grieve her sister life because her sister was always busy and she have to keep the appearance up.


It is really interesting to watch this show it's unpredictable! U really can't forsee anything! I love SMG for the 1000 time! can't wait for the next ep!
I'm just sorry for Malcom! I wanna a Brigdet Malcom one on one soon! :D
I love Andrew and Olivia! Honestly I love them all!


Is it just me or does the show seem to get even better and better?
This episode left me through an even bigger circle. When I first saw that the camera was on Siobhan in the first 20 minutes, I thought something was going on. I knew that she didn't know she was pregnant, as she was drinking wine at the bar where she met Tyler. The guy who happens to run her husbands money or whatever. He said (if I recall correctly) that he worked for Andrew's company. So perhaps she already had her eye on him?
As for Bridget, considering she already has enough going on, you'd think she'd just drop this thing with the phone. Yeah, I'd be curious to know why someone wanted me axed, but she's already got enough on her plate dealing with Siobhan life. Speaking of which, she doesn't know Siobhan is alive, so why isn't she grieving her death? Honestly, regardless of the 6 years of not speaking, your sister died. Show some remorse.
As for various characters, such as Malcolm, his character doesn't really mean much to me, if he did die, it wouldn't really be a huge deal for me. Andrew seems to have much more of a bigger backstory, to which I would like to see explored. From the subtle hints that the lawyer was dropping, I can see why Siobhan faked her death. Which also begs the question; did Siobhan know she had a hit on her? It would explain why she "killed" herself and left it for Bridget to takeover. If you look at the past episodes that feature Siobhan in the last minute, it kind of hints that's what Siobhan wanted.

Leigh r

this show still has me hooked. SMG is doing great in my opinion. Did that banker in Paris seem shady?

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