Ringer Series Premiere Review: Did You Keep Up?

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It's been eight years. Eight long years since we last saw Sarah Michelle Gellar in something other than Buffy reruns. I'm actually glad she waited to return to the small screen, though, because Ringer has the potential to be just that good.

Bridget Picture

Playing twins, Gellar is everywhere in this "pilot"and she pulls off the dual role well. First, we have Bridget, six months sober, an ex-exotic dancer who witnessed a murder. Fearing for her life, she ditches her FBI handlers and heads off to see her twin sister.

I can't blame Bridget for being afraid. The Double Nickel Motel doesn't look like the height of security and if tiny little Bridget is able to take down Jimmy, her FBI handler (sans Buffy powers, no less), I can't imagine he'd be much of a match for professional killers.

Then there's Siobhan, a socialite with the handsome husband, upscale beach house, Manhattan loft and all the toys that go along with it. But, of course, things are not as simple and content as they appear.

Poor Bridget jumps from the frying pan into the fire. After briefly reconnecting with her estranged sis, Siobhan drugs her and disappears from their boat. Is this a suicide, an accident, or an escape? After a six-year absence, Bridget can't possibly know, but in a moment of pure survival instinct, she decides to become Siobhan.

Bridget's biggest mistake is calling Malcolm, her AA sponsor (and possible boyfriend) and telling him what she's done. I know she's scared and lonely and feels like she has to tell someone, but this moment of impulsiveness could be her undoing. The rest of it seems all too easy because Siobhan hasn't told anyone in her life she has a twin - but Bridget quickly learns there's plenty about Siobhan she doesn't know, either.

Like that she's in a loveless marriage and sleeping with her best friend's husband. Or, who is the father of her unborn child? But, wait, we have to remember that it isn't Bridget who's pregnant, it's Siobhan and this is Bridget playing Siobhan. Following along?

Ioan Gruffudd as Andrew

And that's half the fun of Ringer, trying to keep up with the constantly spinning web of lies. I keep wondering if it's even possible for Andrew, Siobhan's husband, to be the father of her baby because they're barely on speaking terms, except in public.  Will Henry, her lover, keep his mouth shut? And does Gemma already know her best friend is sleeping with her husband?

Oh, and back to the fact that this is Bridget - pretending to be a knocked up Siobhan - is NOT actually pregnant. How will she deal with that little, flat-stomached obstacle?

When Bridget is attacked (and did Gemma set that up?!?) we're quick to assume it's her criminal past. But not so fast, folks. Why is there a picture of Siobhan in the dead attacker's pocket? And what the heck is Bridget going to do about a dead body shot with an FBI agent's gun?

Ringer is complicated. If you get distracted, you'll miss something important, but I found the pilot so compelling there wasn't much fear of that. Gellar easily carries off both roles on a drama that possesses an eerie atmosphere and sense of mystery all its own. I'm definitely looking forward to the ride.

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loving it, and loving sarah and ioan scenes


The pilot was good enough to check back next week. I really like seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar back on screen,great actress. The cliffhanger at the end was awesome!


I didn't know what to think of the show, before I saw the first episode. It kind of reminds me of The Lying Game, but on steroids. I have a feeling that Henry will finally get clued in that Bridget is standing in for Siobhan, but I am not sure. And mostly I think Siobhan is out to get her sister. That she hired the gun to kill Bridget. Then she could walk away from the husband she doesn't love, and the lover who is already married, and raise her baby by herself. And maybe it all has something to do with Sean. Did Bridget get into a drunk driving accident and accidentally kill her nephew. I don't think Siobhan forgave her at all. Can't wait for the next episode.


did NOONE see the last minute of this episode? people who are saying Siobhan is dead or they don't know, she might be alive.... Just go to your DVR and press rewind, because that was her in the last minute. DUH. People....pay attention....please....


Honestly, I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this show when I first heard about the pickup. I especially hate when the CW goes overboard with promotion as well, but I was excited about SMG's return to television. It was actually much better than I expected and now Ringer has me hooked. I can't wait to find out more about Siobhan and what she's up to. The interaction between Bridget and Andrew is interesting, especially since he has no idea she's not his wife. When the episode ended, I couldn't believe it was over already. Can't wait for next week's episode. Spindae, wow that is a really good analogy with the Alex and Nikita twist. Nikita is my favorite show on television and now that you mention it, that really is a similar situation. Good catch!


Meh. Can't judge a series by its pilot so I'll keep watching. Good atmosphere. Henry should have noticed that he wasn't kissing Siobhan.


@Courtney Morrison I think the same, I was bored at minute 15 and the 5 minutes later I just cant put stop (I Download the episode because I cant watch the original air). I heaved much more expectations for this show, I am going to give it a show at least for a season because it looks like a good show and well its the more close that we are from a god show (no supernatural plot) from the CW (like Gossip Girl but its getting a little old). This show and REVENGE are doing my weak's


I have to admit...I didn’t love it. I expected SMG to come back and it be just as awesome as her prior run on TV, but Ringer just didn’t really hit the spot with me. I love complicated shows, the more complicated the better (I’m looking at you Lost) but this wasn’t what I expected. Granted it was the first episode and it is hard to develop a plot and background in about 45 minutes so for now this shall remain on the DVR. Anyone agree that the actual show might have gotten over shadowed for the hype of SMG’s return to tv?


Great review! I think Andrew had a hit on her, and that's why she invited Bridget over for a visit. So she could take her sis out and start a new life in the process. Oops! Didn't work!


Good Pilot,Looking forward to seeing more.

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