Ringer Review: "She's Ruining Everything"

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Bridget's web of lies continued on Ringer this week, as "She's Ruining Everything" featured this twin trying to hide not only her identity but the body of the man she'd shot and murdered.

Sarah Michelle Gellar on Ringer

First off: thank goodness Bridget deleted that message to Malcolm. Confessing to a murder via voicemail is never a a smart idea. I'd ask what she was thinking, but given that she just shot and killed her attacker, I'll give her this moment of stupidity.

Even telling Malcolm seemed very foolish. I know she's all alone in this and she's looking for an ally but anyone could be listening.

My favorite part was watching poor petite Bridget drag that body across the floor, leaving a huge blood smear across the concrete. I hope she bought the value size bottle of bleach. However, I was disappointed that we didn't get to see her try and haul that 200-plus pound body into the trunk. Now that could have been entertaining.

And why would Andrew think the loft was the perfect place for a party? I suppose he was in a bind, but the place was a construction zone. Little did he know about the added bonus of a decomposing body in the corner.

The body in the trunk was a nice touch during the party scene, but eventually it's going to start to smell. And it was certainly disconcerting having Agent Machado walk up as Bridget was moping up a dead man's blood.

The flashbacks were obviously meant to give us some insight into Bridget's past but I found Siobhan's scene the most interesting. She was fed up with her sister, yet wasn't nearly as cold and certainly didn't have the money she has now. Perhaps both came with her marriage.

Slowly, Bridget's going to care more and more about her new "family" and that will make things even more complicated. Heck, it already has. And at some point she'll have to deal with the fact that she isn't actually pregnant. I'm looking forward to her dealing with that twist.

I couldn't say that I cared much about Malcolm other than he's her one link to her past. Correction: there's a second link, the gun she used to kill a man. That fact will definitely come back to haunt her if whoever now has the body decides to analyze the bullet.

Finally, we got another look at Siobhan in Paris. Tough break when your doppleganger sister steals your secret stash. Was Siobhan's plan to kill her siblinh and make the world believe she was dead, therefore having a clean slate with which to start over? If so, what was so horrible with her life that a nice divorce settlement wouldn't cure?

Ringer left us with more questions than answers but that's the fun of this show. I'm looking forward to seeing where this mystery leads next.


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I liked this episode, and can't wait for the next. I still think it is Siobhan that is trying to kill Bridget. I think she wants a clean slate, where no one can lay claim to her new baby, and she gets out of two relationships with men she doesn't love. I don't think Henry knows about the switch yet, because he would not have acted so angry about the baby. The biggest mystery that I want to know is who is actually in on the plot with Siobhan. Who is she talking to?


I love this episode as much as the last. I can honestly say that I am shipping Bridget and Andrew now that I see a more symphatetic side to him. I hope they can keep this show as intriguing in the upcoming time.


This whole pregnancy thing is pretty easy to solve, shes probably like 6-7 weeks along so its easy to say she lost the baby due to stress. then try and get pregnant be actually sleeping with her 'husband'.


when she was cleaning up the body all I could think was "Buffy wouldn't be having such a hard time with this" haha


Well...I was hugely disappointed by the pilot and thought it was incredibly dull, but I've to say: I liked this episode. And honestly, I don't really know why. There are gigantic plot holes, but I definately was entertained.
I guess if you tune in to have some fun and don't take the show too seriously, you really can have fun with "Ringer" and that's good enough for me.
And I also felt that SGM was more in character than in the pilot...I know she can act because I watched "Veronika decicdes..." but in the pilot it was really bad. But in this episode I really bought that Bridget and Sibhon are different people.
So...everything improved. It may not be the perfect, thrilling show I expected, but as long as I'm entertained, I'll keep watching :)


I really enjoy watching SMG acting again! She has this amazing vibe! her posture and the look in her eyes U see is scared but strong! Love herrrrrr!
he bitchy stepdaughter! is a part which is really important and i'm guessing she will find first put who who is!
Jaime I love the actor since I watched her on valentine she is so natural and beautiful and plays her part really well!
Gemma and Henry are playing the cheating couple very well! I got a feeling Henry knows about the switch up!
The ringing box! That is good writing!
Can't wait for some Malcom Bridget one on one! :DDD
Siobhan and bridget their story is the essential part of the story and don't know how long can they pull it off! Andrew will for sure fall for Bridget and be between the girls when Siobhan returns!
Really love the show!


Oh ya and the whole wearing a white top to go clean up blood just bothered me, i'm not an expert or anything but nobody wears white to go clean anything, let alone blood lol


I think it's gonna run a little like damages but the opposite (like every week they'll have flashbacks to a point in time) and then it'll eventually get to the whole baby thing and what actually went down (nice mid season finale ???).. Eventually off course they'll need to be giving us the Siobhan side so that we can at least know what drove her to do what she's doing... the show is a little predictable (with the body going missing and all) but I think it's the same people who wanted to kill her in the first place that took it. I love the show and loved this episode more than the pilot


It has felt like a month since the pilot aired. I'm really enjoying this show and the 2nd episode was just as good as the pilot.
The pregnancy is making me really question how she's gonna do in the end. However, my real question is about Siobhan. This character is really pregnant and on the run (from her current life) and is really making me question what's going in her life instead of Bridgets. I mean, yeah, Bridget leading Siobhan's life is what makes us question her character, but I wanna know exactly going on with her that made her leave.
The flashback shows what really happened 9 years ago that was the reason why the two really began to drift in the first place, but the ultimate death of what seems to be Siobhan's son (caused by Bridget). Although, surely it doesn't mean that Siobhan wanted Bridget to take her identity, so that way she could kill her and get away with it?

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