Sons of Anarchy Series Premiere Round Table: Jax vs. Clay

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SAMCRO came home to Charming this week.

On the terrific 90-minute fourth season premiere of Sons of Anarchy, Jax made a decision about his future, Opie got married and Otto took one for the tattooed team. Below, editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal and staff writers Dan Forcella and Christine Orlando break down the episode in the first-ever edition of the Sons of Anarchy Round Table. As always, reader feedback is encouraged...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The opening montage. I watched it twice in a row and then the following day once again. In four minutes, and with a beautiful song playing in the background, I wasn't simply caught up on where characters stood; I felt immersed in the world of SAMCRO, like I never left. I sort of wanted to join that Opie/Jax bear hug.

Dan: The easy answer is one of the big flashy scenes - The SAMCRO-style wedding or the the fantastic montage of murder at the end - but I have to go with Jax and Tara's conversation about the future. It's great to finally get back to Jax's battle with what to do with his family, and to hear him say that he wants to get out completely and start a new life with Tara and the boys made me grin from ear to ear.

Christine: I loved when they opened fire on the Russians in the warehouse, mostly because I didn't see that coming. That certainly took care of the informant. The rest of the murder scene at the wedding was so well orchestrated and I loved the juxtaposition of the bodies being rolled behind the white picket fence. That's Charming.


Will Tara tell Jax about Maureen's letters? Should she?
Matt: No and no, not after his heartfelt speech on the bed. What would be the point now? Jax wants to take his new family as far away as he can from his old family. Tara might as well leave it at that, especially considering the bloody ramifications of what might happen if Jax did know the truth.

Dan: Yes she will. There is no way she keeps all of that bottled up, and Gemma might go ahead and expose something anyway, after seeing that first little note with the crayon scribbled on it. Should she? My gut reaction is yes, but if keeping things at the status quo means that Jax gets out of all this safely, then I hope she doesn't tell him a single thing.

Christine: It will all come out eventually, of course, but I think she'll keep her mouth shut for a while. Especially with Jax saying he has a plan to get out of the club with the least amount of bloodshed possible. If he knows the truth that's going to get shot to hell. Now that Gemma knows the truth may be out there she might be more of a wildcard than Tara.

Will Opie and Lyla last?
Matt: Yes. While we were all laughing at what Opie did say (what wife wouldn't want to hear her new husband promise to ride her as often as possible?), note what he did not say: anything about being faithful. Lyla knows the game, and Opie won't even be lying now when he sleeps with groupies on the road. Just keep it out of Charming, big guy.

Dan: As long as he rides her as much as his Harley! I think that Opie is a great guy, and he's not one to get himself into something like this just to get out of it. The outlier in Opie's female history is that he jumped in to things with Lyla so quickly. Now that he's in, he's in it for the long haul. The big question that remains is her professional life. Is she done in front for the camera? If not, that may be the one hiccup.

Christine: I don't see why not. I mean, as long as no one shoots her, too. He's a biker, she's an ex-porn star. The perfect match.

Who will leave the club first, Clay or Jax?
Matt: Jax will kill Clay. Kurt Sutter has said he wants the series to run for seven seasons, meaning there's A LOT of SoA remaining. Something major has to go down to shake things up. And if Jax wants to change the club, and if Tara does tell him about Clay's role in his father's death, it's not difficult to imagine how everything could snowball from there. This time, though, it won't be just business for Jax.

Dan: This could go any number of ways, right? Jax leaves outright, which would mean he left first. Clay steps down as Prez, Jax takes over only to leave soon there after, which would muddy the waters, but still mean Jax left first. Or my personal favorite, Jax kills Clay and leaves the club, which technically would mean that Clay was out of the club first.

Christine: Well, this gets tricky, doesn't it? One wants out. The other knows he'll be forced out. They both want to bank as much cash as possible before the end. I've got to believe Clay will be out first. It's too dangerous for Jax to leave until Clay steps down, or he's dead. Which it will be is a complete toss up.

Whose appearance was more disturbing: Jax without hair or Juice with hair?
Matt: Definitely the latter. I haven't been that freaked out by a development regarding a guy nicknamed "Juice" since since a certain, former USC running back was found not guilty of murder.

Dan: Juice for sure! Jax with the shorter locks seemed normal to me for some reason. Maybe it's because I have seen Green Street Hooligans. Juice was just weird.  Weird, but good though. I could really go for a more prominent Juice story line in season four!

Christine: I honestly didn't notice the Juice's hair until you mentioned it. Jax, on the other hand, was kind of hot with the super short look.


The way things are going the club going to get divided into two groups yous dont pay attention to detail jax told clay he wants opie to be president but clay has a diffrent agenda like you herd in #3 on clays walk by the indians hes not makeing opie president jax between the letters and this betrail gonna look for revenge and opies father and clay are at war. But i think i see were there going with this the non-drug half going to save the drug half and discover clays plans doe not look good for clay .jax been talking about quiting and he got the vote for nomad and ripped his patch so they know jax has issues so no jax is takeing over you ask me


1. What was your favorite scene from the episode? 100% the Unser/Gemma scene [Unser’s “Retro Redneck� trailer]. “Things fall apart� – a mythic theme that, I think, will be echoed throughout season 4. The scene broke my heart – definitely my favorite. [Well, after any scene where Charlie Hunnam takes off his clothes. ;) ] 2. Will Tara tell Jax about Maureen’s letters? Should she? This is actually an EXCELLENT question. The short answer is: absolutely. She can’t keep something that huge away from Jax and expect him to turn his life upside down for her and the boys. That would be a really dumb move, and Tara is anything but dumb. However, Tara needs more information. After we hear J.T.’s fears in his letter to Maureen, we jump to the conclusion that Gemma and Clay probably conspired to kill J.T. I don’t think it’s that simple. Ask yourself: Why didn’t Gemma come clean to Jax about Maureen/J.T. when she saw Jax and Trinity bonding? [“Um, son, please don’t make out with your sister.�] I’m a LOST fan [tried and true], so I have an unnatural urge to dig out the best theory I can come up with. Here’s what I’ve got: ---I think Clay is Jax’s biological father [or Clay was Thomas’ biodad – that works, too]. Jax says, “I’m not my father. I’m not weak.� This would be quite the irony if we discover J.T. isn’t his father. [It would turn Jax’s story into a destiny/free will type of deal, which is pretty cool.] ---I think when J.T. found out, he fled to Ireland and hooked up with Maureen. [Remember, Thomas slipped into a coma and died WHILE J.T. WAS GONE – not before he left.] ---I think J.T. came back to Charming and discovered what Clay was up to once he took charge of the club. That’s when he figured out Clay and Gemma were together. ---I think J.T. turned rat, and Clay had him killed, OR Clay used possible rathood to justify killing J.T. [$50 says Piney is the only one who knows the whole truth.] ---I think Gemma had a HUGE part in Clay ordering J.T.’s murder. It’s up in the air whether she actually conspired with Clay or if she was only accidentally responsible [think Snape]. And finally…
---I think Gemma will do anything, including lie or kill, to keep the whole truth from Jax AND Clay. However, she knew when to tell them she was raped, didn’t she? Convenient that it accomplished exactly what she wanted, right? She’ll probably do the same thing here. Example: Clay’s about to have Jax killed, so she tells him, “You can’t! He’s your son! J.T. figured it out when Thomas got sick….� and so on. This also explains why J.T. didn’t just pack up Jax and Thomas and leave (like Jax says he should have). I also think Clay used to beat Gemma up, but that’s a whole different story… [Isn’t this fun? ☺ I love this show!] 3. Will Opie and Lyla last? I think so. They’re the ideal SAMCRO couple. Unfortunately, I don’t think Opie’s gonna make it to the end. Think about it: Opie’s tragic death would be the spark that brings everything to a head. Once Opie’s dead, Jax literally has nothing left to tie him to the club. It might give him some clout with the members, too. [I’m guessing here, but it makes sense to me.] 4. Who will leave the club first, Clay or Jax? Clay’s not leaving the club until he’s dead. Period. Jax’s not leaving as long as Clay is alive. [You do the math!] 5. Whose appearance was more disturbing: Jax without hair or Juice with hair? Aw, MAN, Juice looked weird with that hair, didn't he? I LOVED Jax’s hair long. He had that Kurt Cobain/broken heart thing going on. However, the short hair works for me, too. Let’s be honest. I’d think Charlie Hunnam was sexy if he was a LEPER! Dude. Season 4 is gonna ROCK!!


One thing I question is if Jax will freak out when he finds out how JT died when he knows the reason. I think JT's death was kinda precipitated by JT leaving bc of Thomas. Jax sees this as weak. I wonder what his view will be if Clay says he killed JT because of JT's leaving.


my favorite had to be the ending killing spree!! what a good twist!! and Jax baby, you need your hair back!!! Luv me some SAMCRO!!


I agree with everything lobster said except the part about Jax's hair. I think Jax's long hair was badass, but i still like it short.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Without a doubt the Wedding scene, Opie's vows tied in with both lots of Sons killing the Russians, accompied by some good old "Its just business" quotes :) But special shout out to Clay & Gemma talking about what Clay & Juice had was 'special' Will Tara tell Jax about Maureen's letters? Should she?
I'm torn, now that Gemma has found something like that she's not going to rest until she knows what the letter say.. I personally think Tara didn't need to after Jax speech but with Gemma snooping its only a matter of time till he finds out, from who? Remains to be seen. Will Opie and Lyla last?
Depends how Opie feels about abortion I guess, he loves kids, he loves Lyla, but whether he loves Lyla lied to him and kept this from him, I don't think so. Who will leave the club first, Clay or Jax?
100% agree that Jax will kill Clay when he finds out what they did to John, I also think after he does this he'll leave the Club knowing he got even for his dead papa's sake. I love how now Gemma is just an old lady! Whose appearance was more disturbing: Jax without hair or Juice with hair?
Juice for sure, whats the point of having sexy head tattoo's if your not going to show them off. Jax looks more badass with short hair, the long hair was kind of queer.

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