The Closer Summer Finale Review: Who's the Mole?

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What are the odds that Brenda would be on trial for the death of one suspect, while another took his own life in her interrogation room? "Fresh Pursuit" examined just that scenario.

With the slow motion camera action, I was certain the suspect would get Brenda instead, and I was quite pleased when she came out unharmed. 

Gavin in Court

My first thought was that the mole we've all been expecting to be unearthed was going to great lengths to make sure he or she was not found out. Certainly someone could not want Brenda gone so much that they would risk the lives of everyone in the department... right?

As it turned out, I watched the entire episode not looking for clues in the case itself, but on the lookout for something in the overarching subplot of the leak in Major Crimes. Was someone going to get shot, would the mole be revealed? It was beyond frustrating.

Along those lines, when Gabriel let the "big fish" suspect leave his sight, I thought I would scream. I knew Brenda would be waiting outside at another exit, but when you suspect everyone it gets unnerving. Seeing Brenda pointing a gun at the suspect in her bare feet was a real kick.

And then, the hammer to the head: The opposing attorney, Mr. Goldman, lost the case against her in the state of California... but took it one step further and filed a federal one. Who in the Hell was the mole?!? As Brenda stood there, shaking like a leaf, I realized the case was at a much higher level than I had dared to believe. When Brenda asked if he had a personal vendetta, I had to accept that if not him, then someone surely did. 

And that was it. The end. The summer finale. It concluded with a look of sheer terror on Brenda's face, as she, and we, tried to process what Goldman was doing. With a sense of disbelief and despair, we're left to wonder if it's their intent to try to ruin every good thing that Brenda spent five years creating. Her reputation, that of the Major Crimes division, and our relationship with them as viewers are all in jeopardy. 

I felt like I was standing on a ladder and someone kicked it out from under me. I now have months of waiting to find out what, or who, is really behind this ultra-aggressive lawsuit. My only coherent guess is Pope, and the thought of him being behind such pain is too grievous to imagine. 

What are your thoughts? Who is doing this to Brenda and why? Was there a particular case during the run of The Closer that would lead someone to have such an enormous grudge? Meet us back here this winter to find out.


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I have been wondering who the mole is and I just dont know who it could be. All these suggestions are really good. I thout that the show would actually spell it out for us and reveal who it is. So, how do we find out who the mole really is? Anybody?


Gabriel's liberal attorney girlfriend is the leak.
He is a dumb ass and tells her all about his job to gather sack points.
She stuck her nose into the murdered cancer Doctor case. When Gabriel was asked, he said he had been seeing her about a year or so, about as far back as the Shootin Newton case began.
Pope is just an a-hole they are using to muddy the waters.


I agree with Jim the leak has got to be David's girlfriend. It all makes sense they have been dating one year, she is a law student maybe she is working for or with Goldman, and David, Sanchez and Brenda were the only ones in the car how else did Goldman know what went down in the car. It is apparent that Sanchez didn't say anything when he told Brenda that it didn't matter when they left, the gang member that killed the store owner and his grandson, he was going to be killed by his fellow gang members. He also told Brenda when they were alone in the car that Goldman was in the room with them and she would have to go after the ringleader who killed he gang member.


My original thought was that it was Pope...but now I think it is Gabriel's Girlfriens..This would be perfect as it would not be any of the major character's that betrayed her. She is studying to become a lawyer and has been his girlfriend for a year now, about the time this all started.. Gabriel was the only one not issued a Supenia (but later asked for one) and would explain why his character will not be on the new show. Makes sense and would be a good resolution, especially since I believe the reason they will have for her departure has to do with her Mothers death...


Before I read of others thinking it is Fritz, I thought it was!! Brenda has always put herself first before his wants. Just a little thing like knowing he is an alcoholic, yet she has her wine with meals with him just sitting. She pawns her parents off on him for hours....she has not been a good wife. I think he thought without the pressure of "closing" she would become a good wife. But when she finds out she will feel like the victim and leave!! Lucky Fritz.


Well I guess I'll weigh in or rather give my 2 cents. Gabrielle who I hate to admit has been showing "everything" with this youn lady. The elevator scene with Rader said it all she even picked up on the living arrangment. I would love it to be Pope, what a disloyal vindictive friend... Oh well I hate to see the show end. I would have loved to see Gabrielle continue on, I liked his character and Brenda I'll really miss her.. Reminds me of a columbo always pushing the envelope.


I think it is Fritz, if its not Daniels. He probably said things in his AA meetings.


Since my last post was truncated I'll finish here:
Then there's Phillip Stroh. I'm half-hoping that he has something to do with the leaks and that someone, preferably Brenda, will finally shoot him.
As a side note, after watching the previews for this episode I expected that Brenda would find her mother dead tonight since her father's health was improving. Plus, she put off her mother's request for a talk, and the guilt might be too much for her in the days to come as it's something that can creep up on a person. Anyway, that loss would definitely explain her absence after the next two episodes.


As big a weenie as Pope is, I also believe the mole is Gabriel. That he beat the child rapist was okay with me, he rather deserved it. Anyway, let's not forget that Gabriel came close to a meltdown when Brenda was solving the crime that involved Kenyon Richards, the would-be councilman who used to be a gang-banger, Gabriel was demanding that Brenda give Kenyon a pass. Then there was the time he went over her head to bring Pope in when she sympathized with the crackhead who murdered one girl and kidnapped another.
Gabriel has always had weenie tendencies. His juvenile behavior over his breakup with Irene Daniels illustrated that she "manned-up" much better than he did.
The new girlfriend, who seems like a throw-away character, will hopefully watch out for his juvenile tendencies. If they make her the mole by way of what Gabriel might have said to her will make Gabriel look even worse.
Then there's Phillip Stroh. I'm half-hoping that he has something to do with the leaks and that someone, preferably Brenda, will finally shoot him.
As a side note, after watching the previews for tonight's episode, I guessed to the people watching with me that her mother would be found dead. I suppose that this means I've watched too many Closer episodes. Having said that I must admit that I'll not stop watching it.


I too think it's Pope. I like him but I also think he is a weeney and very jealous of Brenda.

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