The Closer Summer Finale Review: Who's the Mole?

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What are the odds that Brenda would be on trial for the death of one suspect, while another took his own life in her interrogation room? "Fresh Pursuit" examined just that scenario.

With the slow motion camera action, I was certain the suspect would get Brenda instead, and I was quite pleased when she came out unharmed. 

Gavin in Court

My first thought was that the mole we've all been expecting to be unearthed was going to great lengths to make sure he or she was not found out. Certainly someone could not want Brenda gone so much that they would risk the lives of everyone in the department... right?

As it turned out, I watched the entire episode not looking for clues in the case itself, but on the lookout for something in the overarching subplot of the leak in Major Crimes. Was someone going to get shot, would the mole be revealed? It was beyond frustrating.

Along those lines, when Gabriel let the "big fish" suspect leave his sight, I thought I would scream. I knew Brenda would be waiting outside at another exit, but when you suspect everyone it gets unnerving. Seeing Brenda pointing a gun at the suspect in her bare feet was a real kick.

And then, the hammer to the head: The opposing attorney, Mr. Goldman, lost the case against her in the state of California... but took it one step further and filed a federal one. Who in the Hell was the mole?!? As Brenda stood there, shaking like a leaf, I realized the case was at a much higher level than I had dared to believe. When Brenda asked if he had a personal vendetta, I had to accept that if not him, then someone surely did. 

And that was it. The end. The summer finale. It concluded with a look of sheer terror on Brenda's face, as she, and we, tried to process what Goldman was doing. With a sense of disbelief and despair, we're left to wonder if it's their intent to try to ruin every good thing that Brenda spent five years creating. Her reputation, that of the Major Crimes division, and our relationship with them as viewers are all in jeopardy. 

I felt like I was standing on a ladder and someone kicked it out from under me. I now have months of waiting to find out what, or who, is really behind this ultra-aggressive lawsuit. My only coherent guess is Pope, and the thought of him being behind such pain is too grievous to imagine. 

What are your thoughts? Who is doing this to Brenda and why? Was there a particular case during the run of The Closer that would lead someone to have such an enormous grudge? Meet us back here this winter to find out.


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It is absolutely NOT Rader as she's the only friend we KNOW Brenda has b/c 1) she is the one insisting there is a leak; 2) ONLY Rader urged Brenda to get a great lawyer on her own, and NOT settle the case w/an admission against her, 3) Rader tried to end the investigation but Pope would not let her, AND 4) Rader WANTED Brenda as the new chief! The evolution of the friendship between these women has been one more example of the great writing The Closer has written. I"m hoping there isn't a mole but cannot see how the writers could keep harping about it if there isn't one. We KNOW Gabriel had a problem with Turrell's being dropped off. He's the one who asked her if she was "sure" she "wanted to do this" and Goldman somehow knows of that comment. Gabriel does have his own version of a conscience so he's my first guess, with maybe Pope being the second, which would have to be b/c he wants to cover his own butt. Why did Pope make Rader continue the invesstigation of Brenda AND prohibit her from telling Brenda that she (Rader) was being forced to investigate?? Rader wanted to resign but Pope did not want her to quit so why would Rader want to quit if she is the mole...It's just NOT Rader... If not Gabriel, or Pope, then we'd have to look at Commander Taylor, who got the shaft when the new Chief Delk died. But I don't think it's him... MIGHT it Be Buzz?? He looks annoyed pretty often and Brenda puts him into uncomfortable situations...he's the weakest actor so maybe it's a good way to get rid of him too. (Just teasing).


I agree with Soozie except it's not the actor but the writers who always want to make the actual heroine, being Brenda into the victim. I certainly would not have watched th show from the beginning if it had been portrayed that way. It's too bad that they can't end it like the did "In Plain Sight" instead of with they way they are now doing it. It's very said and depressing.


I still think its Cap.Rader. They both hate each other.Rader makes it look like she is on Brendas side i this whold law sute, BUT i just think by some of the things she has said in the past that he is the snitch.


I love Fritz and I know this is only a tv show, but I can't stand Brenda, she is a 2 faced user and I don't know why the writers of the show make her look like a wonder woman and Fritz like a dummy. I want him to tell her to shut her gigantic mouth and stop lying everytime she opens that big mouth.
I wish the wrighters would have Fritz tell her off and walk out on Miss know it all. I can't stand her, and it's making me not even like her as an actor. I don't even want to watch other movies she has been in. HERES HOPING FRITZ LEAVES HER AT THE END. Guess i get to cought up in these shows. Sometimes i even have to turn the channal.


I think that it's Chief Pope. Firstly, Brenda helps up the success rates of the LAPD and also helps Pope look good as she solves the cases. But Brenda has a mind of her own which makes me think that he becomes rather indignant and offended as Brenda successfully pisses people off as she goes. (and he gets the brunt of it).
Pope also realizes that Brenda is drafted for Chief at the same time as she is and becomes extremely angry, but then happy as he fantasizes that she wouldn't ever draft her because "no one in their right mind would hire you." That shows how mean and quite despicable he is.
Also, Brenda is his ex-wife and he has always been quietly hurt and angry with her since. And he also seems to have a short fuse and short patience span. He is bitter and rather jealous.
Pope also continued to have Raydor haunt Brenda long before Goldman's second lawsuit.


I don't understand why after an actor has played a part for so long, and has devoted fans that made the show a hit. That actor always wants something horrible to happen to the character. I like the way In Plain Sight ended. Life goes on.....


Will Corey Reynolds still choose not to be apart ofthe Closer spin off forthe summer 2012.


I am up in the air about fritz and pope. It could be either one.


It's Commander Taylor! Come on. She has caught him eavesdropping 100 times, and he's never gotten over Pope bringing her in over him, and loosing out when the new chief dropped dead.


Are we sure Delk is really dead. Could Brenda, Fritz and Raydor be making a corruption case against Pope, with Goodman's help? Maybe there is no mole.

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