The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 80

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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest was given no choice this week. We had to go cheesy.

After combing through the numerous responses to this edition's photo, we had to award the top prize to TVDAllison. That user rubbed our funny bone in just the right, pun-tastic way, as evidenced by the submission below.

Thanks so much to everyone who played and please come back to do so every week!

Klaus/Stefan Caption Pic

Stefan: Fangs for the drink. Are you ready to party?
Klaus:: Let's raise the woof!!!


Stefan: and I thought Damon was an alcoholic...


KLAUS: Now, you see? I can't drink this.. IT HASN'T GOT AN UMBRELLA! It's not a fun drink anymore.


KLAUS: Let's make a toast! What should we drink for? You shagging my sister? Maybe for saving my doppelgänger? I KNOW! Let's drink for YOU... being THE BEST FRIEND EVER!


Stefan: So, I kind of have an embarrassing confession to make. I banged Rebecca.
Klaus: Rebecca, as in my sister? That's not embarrassing!
Stefan: No, Rebecca, as in Black.
Klaus: I need a drink.


Klaus: You either drink this or you can swipe your metro-card back home!


Klaus:...and this is why everyone is Team Dalena...


Stefan: Just so you know... I'm not wearing any underwear.


STEFAN: Dude, I wouldn't drink THAT... Damon was playing with that bottle a while ago.


Klaus : I have never... Banged Rebecca.
Stefan : This one's not fair...


Stef: *Thinking: I know the risk, but I have to know him.*

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