The Vampire Diaries Clip: Is Stefan Really Gone?

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Stefan is gone. And I don't mean geographically.

So Damon says to Elena in the following sneak peek, which is taken from Thursday's new episode of The Vampire Diaries. But is he right about his blood-thirsty brother? Stefan did kill Andie on the season three premiere, after all, a fact Elena is now aware of.

What is Elena's counter argument? Check out the clip now and be sure to tune in Thursday night for more. Like we needed to tell you that...

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"Ok I know that Damon killed Lexi but the way that was because he was protecting stefan and himself like san has said..." Are we watching the same show? Damon killed and murdered Lexie, for himself. So no one thought it was him who was killing everyone, even though it was. Damon was selfish. Don't try and sugar coat what he did. It was evil. Stefan watched his best friend die. Much like what Stefan did was evil. However, Damon's was worse. "What Stefan did to Andy was out of spite." Seriously. Are we watching the same show? It was because Klaus was going to kill Damon if he didn't stop following them. There was no spite. It was sick and twisted but it was to protect Damon. Of course it wasn't a good thing, but it was definitely not for his personal benefit, unlike Damon's murder. It was, once again, to protect Damon, Elena and everyone else at Mystic Falls. "He could have done something else to get the message home..." Of course he could have. He could have simply told Damon to leave him be. But would that work? Hell no. Seeing he did tell Damon to let him go, but Damon simply brushed it off and said no. He needed to do something that was disgusting and twisted that would make Damon believe he was gone. It couldn't have been a stranger seeing as Damon had known he was killing strangers for 2 months and was still looking for Stefan. He had to kill someone they knew so that Damon would truly think that there was no Stefan. It was wrong but it made more sense than the shit Damon pulled in season 1. What Stefan did was not good, in fact it was awful, however the double standards here are amazing. Damon kills someone, it's fine, hot even. Stefan kills someone, his head is needed on a stick. "He killed someone that grounded Damon, made him more human. Under the anger, Damon liked Andy." Okay. This is the last time I will say it. Damon did not love, care and barely even like Andie. I don't think you realise, he compelled her, used her and fed on her. That was it. It was actually an abusive relationship. He destroyed her brain for his benefit. Brainwash. Nothing romantic. She definitely did not make him more human. I think it is safe to say Elena and Damon's general journey in season 2 did that. Not Andie. Speaking of grounding and making more human however, what about Lexie? Lexie meant a hell of a lot more to Stefan than Andie did to Damon. Lexie actually did ground Stefan, the flashbacks are proof of that. He did care and love her (as a friend of course). In fact, Stefan killing Andie isn't even equivalent to Damon killing Lexie. For them to be equal, I'm guessing Stefan would have to kill Alaric (in which I would throw something at the TV) because Alaric seems to be Damon's closest friend. And even then it wouldn't match. Damon killed people that stefan grew close to, cuz he thought that Stefan was trying to steal Katherine, but he found out that Katherine compelled him and that it wasn't real. "Damon killed people that stefan grew close to, cuz he thought that Stefan was trying to steal Katherine, but he found out that Katherine compelled him and that it wasn't real." Oh that excuses all the shit Damon pulled in season 1 then, okay. It would because he was insecure about Katherine. Therefore him killing Lexie, responsible for Vickie, abusing and manipulating Caroline, attempting to kill Bonnie and every other innocent life he killed should be excused. Look, even as a Stefan fan I can admit when he is in the wrong. Like right now for example. What he did to Andie was wrong and all the other innocent people was very wrong. Much like what Damon did in season 1 and bits of season 2.

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I don't really think of Stefan being permanently gone. Klaus is messing with
Stefan's mind that's causing him to act evil under his stupid own rules. I would mostly want Klaus to be dead already and get the hell out of Mystic Falls cause he's done already enough mischief that it's pissing me off. I hope that Stefan will return to his normal self later on in the season or else it's another fact that makes the show topsy turvy. Episode 1 was sure a big season blowout. XD =) =P


Ok I know that Damon killed Lexi but the way that was because he was protecting stefan and himself like san has said... What Stefan did to Andy was out of spite. He could have done something else to get the message home... He killed someone that grounded Damon, made him more human. Under the anger, Damon liked Andy. Damon killed people that stefan grew close to, cuz he thought that Stefan was trying to steal Katherine, but he found out that Katherine compelled him and that it wasn't real. I kinda hate stefan right now and I hope that elena doesn't take him back with open arms when he comes back. Maybe she chooses him eventually, but not at first....


Damon killed Lexi and Jeremy, yet Stefan gets shit on? I hate fangirls.


Damon and Elena should end up together. I think they would make a really cute couple. The percentage of Stefan coming back is 52%. The percentage of Damon and Elena ending up together is 67%. If Stefan does come back Damon will end up dead.


let me refresh u about Lexie's death. Damon killed her by using a stake to her heart in front of Stefan and Elena. so who's worse? Lexie didn't do anything to be dead like that. she's the lovelinest vampire i'd ever watched! and she's his brother's best friend! she's the girl who came to Stefan's rescue when he's desperate. Damon knew all that but he didn't regret doing that at all. it's not a matter of being fair!! who killed who? i know Stefan did think a lot before doing that to Andie. but he had to. Poor Stefan!


I think people need to stop hating on anyone. Everyone has their own thought process. So what if Elena thinks that finding Stefan is more important than Andie dying? She was never close to Andie and although Damon liked Andie, it's not like he truly cared about her. Elena doesn't need to sympathize with everyone. She has her own life issues and has the right to focus on them. Plus, Stefan did call her. And don't tell me you didn't feel the incredible amount of love during that phone scene. I cried for both of them. Yes, Damon killed Lexi. Damon was mean, bad, borderline evil (nowhere near Klaus, but borderline). He's changed. It doesn't excuse what he's done in the past, but he's trying to be better. Right now he's bitter, so it makes sense that he would try to convince Elena that Stefan is gone. He only saw the Ripper and not Stefan. And Stefan? Well, just like Damon, there's no excuse to killing, but if Damon can be forgiven, then why can't Stefan? Right now he shouldn't be forgiven, but give the man a break. He's diverting Klaus from killing Damon, Elena and everyone else at Mystic Falls. Put that on yourself, who would you sacrifice? Your loved ones? Or random strangers? And don't give the "I wouldn't sacrifice anyone" argument because that's not even an option here. So there's my 2 cents on this. Stop hating. They're fictional characters. In fact, start using movies/series to broaden your thought process. Try to understand why people might think the way they do and not the way you do.


Damon killing Lexie was SO much worse than Stefan killing Andie. Damon did it for selfish reasons, Stefan did it for selfless reasons. Of course killing is wrong in all cases, if you're going to compare the two, what Damon did was a lot worse. Lexie happened to be Stefan's greatest, dearest and best friend for over 100 years. Andie? She was Damon's toy and he did rape her. He compelled her to love him, and she was just a distraction for whenever she got bored. It was brainwash. Hell, in just episode 19 he was about to kill her himself. He was upset at her death, sure, but I think he was more upset about what Stefan had become. I don't think he ever truly cared for Andie. There was no connection. Then the actual reasons behind the killings were a lot different too. Stefan had to kill Andie, so that Damon would stop looking for him, therefore protecting him from death aka KLAUS. Damon killed Lexie so that the council wouldn't think it was him who had killed all of the humans (even though it was). Both of them are wrong. I am by no means saying what Stefan has been doing is right, but if you're going to compare and contrast the actions/parallel of Damon killing Lexie and Stefan killing Andie; Damon was worse.


Damon killing Lexi was strategic. He did it to gain the council's trust and protect his and Stefan's secret. What did killing Andie get Stefan?


I get that Stefan feels incredibly guilty for what he is doing what Klaus is making him do but was any of it really necessary? The excuse is that he is doing all this to keep his loved ones(Damon and Elena) safe, but is it justified to kill all these people just to save two? The whole reason he agreed to work with Klaus was to save Damon, but his brother had lived for over 100 years. Although I am a huge Damon and Dalena fan even I dont think that poor girl Stefan killed in last seasons finale to prove his loyalty to Klaus deserved to die in Damon's place let alone all the people he killed over the summer. And dont even get me started on Andie. There was absolutely no need to kill her just to ensure Dalena stopped looking for him.

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