The Vampire Diaries Producer Goes Inside TONIGHT's Season Premiere!

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We've already watched one scene from tonight's season premiere of The Vampire Diaries. Are you ready for a few more?

In the following video, producer Julie Plec goes inside "The Birthday," explaining where various characters stand, while we are then treated to shots and conversations of those characters on the episode. What do we learn?

Jeremy will share the secret of seeing his ex-girlfriends; Caroline and Tyler will be trying to remain friends, despite their "sexual tension;" and, as Plec puts it, Stefan is with Klaus, who is "running the show... and Klaus is bad!"

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does this runs in the doppelganper bloodline to love 2 brothers coz definately there must be something behind it even thou we dnt really knw for sure whether katherine had ever luved damon coz at d beginning of season 2 she said she's never loved him and at the end she said she did,and also is there any rivalry curse placed on the salvatore brothers like damon said in season 1 coz i dnt get why they must always luv the same girl.


Too bloody last show. This show is constant action packed. Love it but not so much gore. Less gore and more suspense. I like elana just the way she is and hope to see her with Damon.


why i find elena annoying just when i see her? .. :D even thou storyline for this season is freaking interesting, i still wanna see more katherine

Uncle jackass

@Forwood & Chair (aka Jov, I'm not sure if they'll fizzle out like the whole Blake Lively/Penn Pagdley saga. But as for the characters it seems for all intensive purposes that Delena won't actually be occurring anytime soon. At least by very definition it seems that it'll be full of angst and separation. Recent spoilers from Julie Plec state although Elena is questioning her feelings for both Stefan and Damon it is more of a character/soul searching question of why she feels the way she feels. In comparison to the books it appears they've deviated completely off course, but the one feature that they have remained truthful to is that Damon and Elena don't actually consummate their love for each other. The analogy is that keep pushing and pulling away from each other never to meet in the same center.


I'm so excited about the forwood scene's !!!


Can't wait for tonight's episode. It's been forever and this preview is just juicy with exciting material. If Damon & Elena ever get together in a relationship, I do hope the writers do a good job of it. I agree with Jov that Sookie and Eric's pairing was awkward & cringe-worthy, but I think it's just the way the TB writers chose to portray it. Certainly, in the books, the E&S relationship was multi-dimensional and both characters developed through it.


Im predicting right now that Damon and Elena having an actual relationship will sizzle out via Eric and Sookie hookup. Everyone loves Eric and Damon since they are sexy killer badasses filled with sarcasm. Sookie and Elena are good girls who want to do the right thing, which means both men would have to change to adjust to that. That change is what makes their characters just plain boring. Eric turned into a neutered manchild and every sex scene with Sookie made me facepalm. It was awkward and cringe worthy. Some couples are just not meant to be. We are suppose to love their chemistry and odd connection, but not really root for happy ending because it kills their purposes and reason to love them in the first place. Just my two cents.

Gaby ee

FINALLY we will have more episodes! It's been forever. I'm so excited for the new storylines and can't wait to watch.

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