The Vampire Diaries Review: The Nick of Time

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I'm not sure who I feel worse for after watching "The End of the Affair." Elena, Caroline or Klaus?

Okay, it's definitely Elena. The man she loves and would chase to the end of the world has told her to leave him alone; her mere existence is all that stands between relative peace and an army of Hybrids; and viewers even learned that the only reason Stefan fell for her may have been because he was forced to forget the woman who could truly be his soulmate.

Still, we learned a lot about Klaus this week and the intel painted a picture of a tortured, lonely, scared Original who hasn't been killing merely for the sake of killing.

Stefan in Chicago

Klaus is petrified. He's been on the run for centuries. He's been under orders to create Hybrids and I'm guessing it's not for his own personal army. Does that excuse all of his murderous behavior? Of course not. But let's remember the state Damon was in when we first met him. And the past of Stefan that gets unraveled every week.

There's always context to even the most evil of actions and Klaus' appears to be centered around the mysterious man who showed up for a few seconds near the end of this episode, asking after Stefan's forgotten friends. Is he a vampire? Maybe. A werewolf... such as Klaus' biological father? I say yes.

One thing is for certain: Sebastian Roche (Supernatural, Fringe) is an actor familiar with the non-human.

I also take issue with how the show keeps upping the bad guy ante. There was Katherine... and then Klaus... and then now random new guy. Granted, each villain has brought with him or her a different angle; and we need new blood to keep spinning the story in various directions. But it's a bit irritating to continually learn that there's always someone else out there. Nothing ever gets resolved as much as the plot in general gets altered.

Have we finally met the true string puller? I doubt it.

Ripper Road Trip Pic

Let's return to Katherine for a moment: perpetual props to Nina Dobrev for expertly pulling off such contrasting characters, but I'm sick of this one. She's become more of a plot device than an actual person, showing up from time to to time because she serves the purpose of writers in some way. That was never more evident than it was here, as she randomly called Damon with full knowledge of Stefan's whereabouts just because... she's made a lot of contacts over the years? That's pretty thin, Vampire Diaries.

Figure out a direction for Katherine or kill her for good.

Those small frustrations aside, the flashbacks were as fun and engrossing as ever and they culminated in a fascinating new trio. Stefan remembers! Throughout the first few episodes of the season, it was difficult to believe he had returned to his full-on Ripper ways or truly wanted to be a sidekick to Klaus. But with these memories flowing through him now, with the knowledge that he really was close to Klaus and in love with Rebecca, we may truly see a different side to Stefan. His loyalties aren't so clear anymore.

Hence my original sympathy for Elena and hence my one-word reaction to this development: GULP.

Elsewhere, there's not really much to say about the Caroline storyline. It sucks that her father is anti-vampire and it's great that her mother has done a 180 on the subject. It's also nice to see her and Tyler grow so close. I'm assuming Liz's actions will cause a serious divide within the council, but that's for another day. For now, the focus was so squarely on Chicago that this B story felt almost like a Z story. It was rushed through, which is a shame considering it was actually the cliffhanger from a week ago.

Closing thoughts:

  • Have we ever gone an episode without seeing Elena waking up?
  • You want a partner in crime? Forget Stefan. I'm so much more fun. One of my favorite Damon lines in awhile, considering he said when he was near death.
  • When I'm done with him, he won't wanna go back. Seriously, what is Klaus' plan for Stefan?!?
  • I'd watch an entire series based around Klaus and Stefan's life in the 1920s. Call it The Real House-Originals of Chicago.
  • Check out the official CW promo for next week's episode HERE!


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Is it just me .....the only ppl who dislike the show right now and this episode inparticular the last remaining stelena shippers? I'm getting that vibe. Lol. Anyways, Caroline can cry cuz Its understandable and hope she does it on Tylers shoulder ;). I missed Kat and thunk she's slightly underused. Love luv luv Rebecca and Stefan, she has a nice backbone and her n Stefan are crazy hawt. Delena is slow but steady, such a better build then the alternative. Slow and steady wins the race.....great episode and season IMO


This is getting ridiculous. I want the old Stefan back, Claus to disappear (along with his slutty sister), and things to get back to Mystic Falls. I don't care about what happened in Chicago, or about Stefan and Rebecca's relationship. I want my vampire family to come home!!


An excellent episode, as always. I must admit that I didn't care much for Klaus ever since his introduction. I saw him as a cliched evil manipulative a$$ and I've been calling for the series to kill off since he finally appeared on screen. However, Klaus has been redeeming himself all of season 3, becoming deeper as a character, and along with everyone else getting more of a history, he's not that boring "I do bad things for no reason because I'm just evil! RAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!" character anymore.


AMAZING episode. this season keeps me guessing and the plot twists are really keeping me entertained. i love katherine, hope she sticks around more. next week's ep looks good! can't wait to see it, and bonnie's back (finally). loved the flashbacks of the 20s and Delena's roadtrip and klaus' backstory. love this show!


I loved this episode and felt it was long due. I agree that there is always a bigger badder and its annoying. Kat is after stefan and I don't think she is helping elena, just herself. I think that necklace and stefan loving rebecca was a nice twist. I found it believable and all around good. I do think stefan would take to elena that way because he loves her and is trying to protect her. And after all he did she is getting too close to being discovered. Emotionally, this will help her grow. and it will help her better understand damon...and stefan. Damon was evil so she can help him 'try'. and she won't look at stefan as she was just a child/innocent. she will see him for what he is. In the end this will be better for them, and damon will help her accept them as they are because of his struggle. I like this because damon is who he is...abet trying to be good. The added tension with rebecca will make a nice road change. and also add someone else for kat to be jealous of. In the end a nice mix for stefan to work out of, indulge in and grow from. It will be neat to see how his perception of her and their love will be in the future. also mixing up the main characters and their love lives.


@kimberly I completely agree with ur post.


really interesting stuff here, but I really LOVE Katherine. And the reason she's in Chicago isn't b/c she's there for Elena, it's b/c she stalks Stefan. lmao Flashback anyone? XD


This episode defiantly has some amazing twists, elenas necklace was originally an originals, this new guy, and I agree Katherine shouldnt even be considered a villain anymore. All she does now is help Elena


One of the best episodes yet. Love that Stefan finally told Elena off!!! I like where theyrr taking him. I really love Rebecca already and think they seem hotter then him and elena. Stefan said the line of the series in reference to him and Elena ....."it will never be the same". No shipping here but its painfully obvious that these two wont be ending up together. Gotta admit they make a snooz fest of a pair. Loved caroline and tyler right now. Have a feeling damon will finally get his girl in the end.


What Jov said. Amen, sister.

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