The Vampire Diaries Sneak Preview: Allies, Enemies and the Return of Bonnie

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We aren't done with Chicago yet, Vampire Diaries fans.

After taking viewers on a tour of The Windy City in the 1920s last night - read my review of "The End of the Affair" HERE - this CW favorite airs "Disturbing Behavior" next Thursday, an episode that finds Klaus still in Chicago and still pressing Gloria for help with a spell.


  • A surprisingly ally comes to the aid of Stefan.
  • Damon confronts a new enemy in Mystic Falls.
  • Caroline continues to struggle with the ramifications of her dad's torture.
  • Bonnie returns and has an unusual encounter.

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For now, they are currently running away from the cop who showed up at the end of the episode asking stefan where they might be aka Sebastian Roche. But who is pulling the cop's string we will find out soon.


Also i love DELENA! Damon and Elena are better together... Plus Ian Somerhalder and Nina are dating in real life so ahhh they should try


OMFG! Season 3 isnt showing in little old New Zealand yet, so thank god for You Tube.The series is good so far. But whats bugging me is that i dont know who Klaus and Rebekah are running away from.
Help anymone...


i love stephan and rebecca together! team stecca


elena and stefan are still together? wowz i mean im a stelena fan but i thought they broke up


Guys i seriously need to know from who is klaus , along with rebecca running from ? its DRIVING ME CRAZYYY


so stefan is nw the key to making hybrids,wow gud turning points.can't wait to see the episode,bt i tink dt witch is gonna help stef,klaus is just trying to destroy stefan,after all wat he's been making stefan to do,nw he's going to perform rituals on him,plz he should leave him,the guy is goin thru alot,he's away frm his gf,brother,his home,his old lyf,bt dat's nt enuf for klaus.In the meantime,i kinda feel bad 4 damon,y did all d girls chose stef over him,wonder wat's so spcl abt stefan and i also dnt believe that it's over btw stefan and elena,wat he told her was actually right,he's just trying to protect her and if u dnt luv or care abt sum1,y would u protect them,he just hv to let her go for nw,she should be matured enuf to undstnd,bt damn the girl is madly in luv wit him,she's so crazy abt him,she won't undstnd any of dis.

Uncle jackass

Warning Speculated spoilers ahead.... In Chicago... Just as Stefan predicted, Klaus realised with seconds that the key to creating his hybrid army lies in Stefan's memory and so quicker than you can say Bromance, lies the betrayal. And Gloria apologies for what she has to do but she paralyses Stefan onto a ritual table to recover those memories. Klaus, being your typical 1920's curly mustache men, runs away to get Bex dress for success while leaving his captor the seconds to escape the over-elaborate setup. I.e.) its Katherine to the rescue who probably maims Gloria. They discuss their plans. Later onwards Stefan and Bex make out. Meanwhile In Bon Temps (whoops.. Mystic Falls)... Elena and Katherine do what they do best which is to constantly confess their undying love for Stefan which is starting to irritate the hell out of Damon. Alaric lectures Damon about diplomacy. Caroline's dad or somebody that resembles him, pisses Damon and he takes nice bite. On the ghost front, Bonnie is back while Jeremy has a stronger connection to Anna and Vicki. On the emotional front, both Elena and Caroline discuss their respective partners. This results in Caroline making out with Tyler. Elena eventually finds out what Damon did and lectures him, but Damon retorts with the season 1 homage: "I don't know what's happen between you and my brother. But let's get one thing straight. I am not Stefan!!!"


So Gloria is performing some ritual on Stephan. Damon bits and/0r kills some dude; probably Caroline's dad. Katherine will be helping Stephan.


i tink bonnie wil do wateva it takes to get stefan back,coz he's been so nice to her,who is d ally dt come's to stefan's aid,why is damon facing up with so many enemies,plz they should leave bela lugosi alone.Can't wait.

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