True Blood Season 5 Spoilers: New Faeries, New Characters

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We already know who is coming back, in some capacity, for season five of True Blood. But who will join this character in Bon Temps?

Producer Raelle Tucker offered a lot of insight into next summer via a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, teasing a number of arrivals and upcoming storylines. To wit:

Sucking on Sookie
  • We'll meet "a very significant, strong, mysterious woman at the center of one of our main stories next year,” says Tucker. “It may be someone you’ve heard of before.”
  • The show will visit the fairy world again - a dropped storyline that angered us in the most recent True Blood Round Table - as the season "will explore more fairies, new fairies, fairies in a way you haven’t really seen fairies."
  • The wolf that growled at Sam to conclude season four will be identified.
  • Russell Edgington? He'll return, Tucker confirmed:"It’s safe to assume the king of Mississippi is not gone for good.” 
  • Sookie will remain single.
  • The consequences of Bill and Eric teaming up to kill Nan "are going to chase them for a while next year.”

As long as there are nude scenes I don't care. Lol


Tara is my favourite character! I love her bad ass side but also her 'weak' side; the only reason she got the part was because the writers thought she showed taras vulnerable side. I hope they bring her back. I would have thought that cus Sookie has had Bill and Eric's blood they would sense her pain. Russell cannot sense Sookies pain as he drank her blood not the other way around. BRING TARA BACK!!!


@LeAnne Tara was shot remember? pretty sure she is dead or damn close


whan is true blood season5 commeing out to hbo


and i was so pleased tht marnie was FINALLY dead lol


well, i just google-imaged john quinn wasnt happy with the results. Hahahaha ima idiot


Sookie needs to be single. She needs time to be by herself and get into the dating scene. I think a wilder Sookie would be great and might make her discover more of her powers. Plus, we need Eric and Bill to be the jealous exs; it always good when someone is jealous, especially ones that can ripe "Sookie's dates" heart out. And we need Alcide to bring out more of the wolf personality to get Sookie to come on his side of the bed.She can play the sweet Southern belle role but she wants nothing to do with good guys.


Sookie is going to remain sinlge? BOOORING!


I really hope they stick to the last book and get Sookie and Eric back together for good,I don't care how long it takes they need to end up together.


It sucks that Eric and Sookie will not get together next season...but i hope they keep it by the book and they get married in the final season.

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