True Blood Season 5 Spoilers: New Faeries, New Characters

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We already know who is coming back, in some capacity, for season five of True Blood. But who will join this character in Bon Temps?

Producer Raelle Tucker offered a lot of insight into next summer via a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, teasing a number of arrivals and upcoming storylines. To wit:

Sucking on Sookie
  • We'll meet "a very significant, strong, mysterious woman at the center of one of our main stories next year,” says Tucker. “It may be someone you’ve heard of before.”
  • The show will visit the fairy world again - a dropped storyline that angered us in the most recent True Blood Round Table - as the season "will explore more fairies, new fairies, fairies in a way you haven’t really seen fairies."
  • The wolf that growled at Sam to conclude season four will be identified.
  • Russell Edgington? He'll return, Tucker confirmed:"It’s safe to assume the king of Mississippi is not gone for good.” 
  • Sookie will remain single.
  • The consequences of Bill and Eric teaming up to kill Nan "are going to chase them for a while next year.”

@ Warla, I don't think they have announced either way... (Quinn or no Quinn)


"Sookie will remain single"...does that mean no appearance of John Quinn?


What's with all of the Tara bashing??? Not just here, but elsewhere as well! I like Tara and I am excited to see what they do with her character next season. I also think people need to FINALLY accept that True Blood and the CH books are two very different beasts! Enough already!


first off i hate terra and i want to see more were wolf shifters fight and carry on. I also wonder why renae came back to tell arlien about his ghost of the past? Zombies would be nice too or maybe gargoyles or somethin... I keep hearing about some new strong female vamp coming in, i think its the majisters bodygaurd from st season who ripped out that random vamps fangs....


No one let Russell out. The spells being done shook things up. Even buried in concrete he was being moved to come out to the sun and he was finally able to break free. IF they keep the major plot lines in the books Quinn WILL be in season 5 (yum!) and Im hoping tara will be a vamp. What about Newlin? Think hes really a vamp or since it was halloween he was just screwing with jason?


1..I'm glad to see the Mississippi king is back.
2..this is the south we do have alot more blacks down here,and we don't sound like Tara.
3.where are the were panthers at they just disappeared.
4. Bump Skokie we want to see more of SAMs new girl...


I am thinking Dominic Purcell would be a perfect fit for the character of Quinn! Looking forward to season 5.


@Poisonouus If they're trying to be realistic the south doesn't actually have that much diversity. yea you've got centers where there's a bit of a mix but that probably wouldn't happen in some hodunk little town like Bon Temps. And they seriously deviated from the books but that's what keeps those who have read the books guessing.


I doubt Pam let out Russell, she may hate Sookie but Russell would be more pissed off at Eric than at Sookie, plus he wouldn't kill Sookie bc she has fairy blood and is valuable. The wolf could be debbie pelt's sister, who is in the books as well. Quinn from the books is a tiger not a wolf so chances are it's not him. I'd love to see him in the series though.


I was wondering when auditions are being held and how to apply? I would love to at least try and be on True Blood.

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