Vampire Diaries Clip: Welcome to Stefan's Second Personality Home!

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On Thursday's new episode of The Vampire Diaries, Elena and Damon take a trip to Chicago.

But they don't attend a game at Wrigley Field. Or see a play in the Apollo Theater. Heck, they don't even stop for a meal at any of the city's famous restaurants (I recommend Alinea).

Instead, the duo visits Stefan's former apartment, where Damon refers to the former Stefan as a "cocky ripper douche" and Elena tries to maintain her composure in the face of a disturbing discovery. Check out the official promo for "The End of the Affair" now and then watch this clip:

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technicaly am sowii 4wot i wl sed myb sum cn gt upset buh is 4 d best..... Actualy stalena ov d vampire diaries dat 2character r d thing dat is keeping me goin through, dey r even mre consider, stafen is a character i bliv dat cn play in any role, he can b a real ripper mrdan dat ov nicklause, he can even act lyk an original families, he drain blood lyk reality, u guys shuld concetrate nd c d beauty ov d 2 species..... He awe nd undeniable




Oh my gawd!!! You mean th only goody good vampire of all time had a personality and passion all along? By george. lol. Just non of the above around elena. I don't wanna see cute and boring its a vampire tv show and I want delena


lou even if he had a lot of girlfriends does it really mean he loved them all,sometimes u can find a man with alot of girlfrnds but you will be suprised to see dat he didn't love any of them,i knw its disheartening,he should have told her all of dis but take it from me sometimes telling the truth does moreharm than good even thou honesty is the best policy,bt he wasn't like that anymore wen he met elena,and 1 question u should ask urself is what makes him do all of dis stuff's?Guess the answer is human blood,it drives him crazy,making him do anything,say anything.Am sorry if what i said upsets u.


I understand her reaction I mean she is his girlfriend and she isn't really happy to know about his exes BUT he is 162 yearsold, he has had a LOT of girlfriends, so she just has to move on.


why would elena be shocked about dis,i knw its shocking bt i expect her to imagine the worst wen he told her back then he was a monster,even worse than damon,coz he was feeling guilty for wat he did to his father and his brother,he had to turned it off,it was the only way he can survive.But i think we should all focus abt wat matters nw-he's a different person,he made a choice to be good,stefan is good nd wil always b no matter wat,remember wat emily told him"even in death ur heart is pure stefan,i sense that about u"that mean even as a vampire he's or will be good.

Uncle jackass

I too have split personality too. I Ship Delena (I wait endlessly), but my own personality is closer to Stefan. So, inevitably I respect Stefena fans. I suspect Elena won't waiver just yet... I think the self reflection is on episode 4 "Disturbing Behaviour" "Caroline~Candice Accola struggles with her own emotional issues, even as she tries to help Elena~Nina Dobrev face her feelings". For the righteous action of Elena she probably decide not to waiver despite any feelings she has forged for Damon. I can respect that but at the same time I'm not happy.


Cannot wait to see Stefan's second personality!!!! Maybe Elena will be scared of stefan and go for Damon!

Anna maria

weird what I wrote didn't go! I said: ♥ them, delena forever!

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