Who is Getting Married on 90210?

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Major, unexpected 90210 spoiler alert: A main character will reportedly get married on season four, and you're unlikely to guess who it will be.

According to Perez Hilton - yes, Perez Hilton - Teddy will get hitched to the new character played Ryan Rottman, who we reported last month would appear this fall as a gay rights activist.
Teddy on the Beach

The nuptials will allegedly take place in Las Vegas, and we can confirm the series recently shot an installment there (rumored to be the eighth of the season). Producer Patti Carr, meanwhile, has said Rottman will be featured in a "great storyline."

We'll update this rumor as more information becomes available, but it would make sense as a way to write Trevor Donovan out of the series. What do you think, fans?

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I really wish they'd keep things simple on 90210. Stop with the crazy storylines. Furthermore, PLEASE kill the Annie+Liam relationship. They need to move on, otherwise I'll be moving on...to a better show.


Someone from the 90210 production staff tweeted Perez that his story about Teddy is not entirely true so let's see it really pans out.


Hahahaha! How Brenda Walsh of him! In the original, Brenda Walsh only knew a guy for 2 weeks before getting engaged. XD If this is true, I look forward to it. I'm going to miss Teddy on the show and I hope that the character has a good life once he's off the show. Hopefully he'll be back for guest appearances. Hopefully the guy is Ian. I liked him with Ian.


I may not Teddy's biggest fan, but I can't deny that he's the most well-developed character on this show. He's also been a great role model for homosexuals. I fail to understand why he's being written off while useless characters like Navid and Ivy are sticking around.

Gaby ee

Teddy getting married?? That is too random. How long has he even known that guy before they get hitched? After all, the wedding is in episode 8. This just sounds like a terrible idea, unless they play if off as just some drunken night in Vegas.


Yay. Happy ending for Teddy!


And he's known this guy how long? Seriously? Like he breaks up with Marco and now he's going to be engaged to some guy we haven't met yet and they marry in the 8th episode in?! I like that they're doing closure but they're doing it the wrong way! They should have Teddy leave with this guy and after the midseason break (preferably near the finale) he comes back and is engaged and invites everyone to his wedding! Unless that would be to close to the season 3 ending with Ivy and Raj. Btw is Ivy still a season regular? I haven't heard anything about her for a while! Either way I still think it's stupid that Teddy is no longer season regular!


Wedding? They're promoting this gay stuff a bit too much. ;-/


Poor spoiler alert if a photo of Teddy accompanies the headline on your home page... We don't all want to read spoilers! Sadly I think 90210 has lost touch with reality. I thought the original BH90210 story lines got too out of hand, but 90210 takes the biscuit - getting this bizarre when it's only season 4


NIce! That's some closer! Probably to stand up against his greta supportive family! The right way to send him bye,bye . . .

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