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Just when you thought that everyone in Beverly Hills was finally headed in the right direction, life threw them a curveball this week. But you still had to give them the "Benefit of the Doubt," didn't you? Even though some of what they went through bordered on ridiculous.

For starters, I think Raj finally realized that Ivy intended to stick around for the long haul. I'm not quite sure he had grasped that concept yet until she said she'd do anything to raise money for his drug treatment. The look he gave her was one of amazement. Well, duh Raj, she did marry you after all. In sickness and health and all that.

In the blink of an eye a massive talent show was whipped up... and with Dixon headlining no less! When that little nugget was brought up by Silver, I just about puked in my mouth. Really?!?

Kellie Pickler Arrives on 90210

Thank God Adrianna saved the day. And found herself in the process. The girl certainly has a set of pipes on her and it was good to hear her use them again. I was getting tired of her playing the sad little barmaid, offering unsolicited advice.

I liked the way she confronted Dixon about his drug problem. It takes a junkie to know a junkie and she didn't fall for his line of horse crap. But, honestly, how much junk did Dixon do that caused his nose to already have been gushing blood?

Naomi couldn't stand the fact that Austin was trying to outshine her in the talent show by bringing his cousin Sally to sing. Kellie Pickler did a great job but she laid that Southern accent on a bit too thick. Easy, girl.

In the end, Naomi won the contest but lost Max in the process. That pissed me off because I liked Max and don't really care for Austin. To see those two being set up as a future couple is going to be torturous. Was it sick of me that I enjoyed seeing Naomi looking slightly crazed like an old '20s Baby Jane with streaked mascara running down her face when Max walked off? And that the best part of the magic act was the tiny pony?

Annie, all of sudden, became the hot commodity in town. Again, the vomit was almost induced when that Patrick guy claimed to have fallen for her. Honest and like no else he'd ever met? What? First of all, he looked to be about Annie's dad's age and the references to leather proved it. Secondly, the chemistry between them was so not there that it was hysterical to hear the dude claiming to have the hots for her.

Silver remained on her high horse about Navid's unwanted nefarious dealings with his Uncle Amal. And Leila's nonchalant bitchiness was what finally caused him to kick Amal to the curb and in the process go undercover for the cops. All of a sudden he was in a Law & Order episode. Good luck with that.

Even more ludicrous was bug-eyed Brandy Norwood (aka Marissa Harris-Young) giving Silver love advice. Excuse me, but wasn't she a Congresswoman running an election? All of a sudden she was involved in a volunteer's life? Like I said earlier... ridiculous. Maybe her brother could give advice, though, at least making love advice with a camera and an attention-starved future reality star.

Liam realized how much of a himbo he is not. Not comfortable with modeling, he sure got comfortable quickly when he saw that check. So what if he's pimping himself out like Annie? As Adrianna said, if you need the money, give the people what they want. And apparently that's a billboard of Liam's awesome abs in the middle of Hollywood. Worked for me.

90210 takes next week off, but I can't wait to see how things get even sillier next time around. Watch the official preview HERE.


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Nothing really caught my attention this season so far.. useless guest stars, lame storylines, sigh..


Loved this episode! I'm glad max is gone, i liked him last season but now he bores me! I miss annie and liam so much!


Very ridiculous Sls. Raj mad a funny. Don't want Naomi with Austin.


ade and dixon seem to strange to me!! still like a seaond behind (damn you australian television) yay for youtube tho. and the max/naomi plot line was my favourite. WHY?! did you ruin it. and WHY?! did you ruin Lannie? no point watching now.


I would love to see another Max and Naomi reunion, once Austin has moved on maybe. I'd also love to see a more assertive/aggressive Max decide that he can't live without Naomi, march up to her and kiss her, while saying FU to Austin and fighting for her. Or maybe Naomi saying "OH HELL NO!" getting in her car and heading to Cal Tech.... While I can understand why Max left.. IMO it should have been Austin saying "sorry I can't be ok with you having feelings for Max" and bowed out, but since he has no class he continued with his mind games. Even if they do get together, I don't see the same chemistry she had with Max. Any Austin romance will the same old lazy a@@ writing style that you would see in any sitcom. K done ranting--for a while--missing Max already : - (


I have to agree, about Naomi,it's like she is taking two steps back and I can't see why she would bother with Austin at all. I thought she had had enough of being used and abused by Mr. Cannon. I have this feeling that Austin and Naomi won't actually get together tho. My theory is that Austin gets off on mind games and while Naomi was with Max, he enjoyed watching her squirm, but now that she is available he might not be that interested. If they do get together,she'd better grow a thicker skin and compare notes with Holly because Austin doesn't strike me as "BF material" and will kick her to the curb just like Holly.


Did anyone else notice how incredibly hot Ivy is in the beginning of the episode? Like she has an incredible body!


So frustrated that they ruined Max and Naomi like that. Just when you thought that Naomi's character has grown in that department, she falls into the temptations of Austin. You can really tell how much she loves Max and I don't get why that had to be ruined. Naomi and Austin won't even come close to what Naomi was with Max. They just destroyed a really good couple.


Adrianna was superb... her singing made me forget what a bore she has been in this season.


I can't stand Naomi and Max together, honestly, she should get with Austin, I think he can be a really sweet guy, like when he confessed his true feelings to Naomi ! And Adrianna, gosh I love her voice ! And she has really matured, I'm glad ! Her scenes with Dixon were so sweet. Liam never changes, he's always so awkward, but that's why I love him lol ! And I think Ivy and Raj are great together, it might seem weird but Ivy is my favourite character on the show, I like the fact that she's not all about make-up, clothes and everything, she's different !

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