90210 Spoilers: Who is Coupling Up?

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Two characters on 90210 will soon be a "bona fide couple," according to a reliable source. Stop reading right now if you don't wish to discover their identities, which are...

Adrianna and Dixon!

No other details are available at this time, but the latest E! News Spoiler Chat simply states that Dixon will get together with a girl whose name "starts and ends with A." Not hard to decipher that clue, is it?

We can't imagine this going over well with Silver, but what about with you, TV Fanatics? Sound off on the Dixon and Adrianna pairing (Dianna?) below and/or in our 90210 forum!

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Mhgreen3000..... I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on the whole silver ade topic lol and it's been a pleasure debating with you too!


@mjtt As someone who has a close relative who is bi-polar I can attest that to mess with someone's medicine is extremely dangerous as well as a criminal offense. Since Ade made the decision to do that, she would have taken on all the consequences from her actions including if Silver died. As far as Navid those, he did admit that he cheated on her and listed the reasons why. To be honest Navid should have left Ade long before he did, he stuck it out with her through the baby drama, her drug addiction, her dropping him for Teddy, her flirtation with Javier, etc. When he needed her to be there for him when he was dealing with his father she wasn't, however Silver was. I'm not saying that it was right for Silver and Navid to do what they did, all I'm saying is that I can understand why it happened and that what Ade did was hundred times worse. At the very least Silver dated Navid. Ade dropped Navid for a quick booty call from Teddy. If anything Ade just needs to be by herself for a long time. I still say that Dixon and Silver should be the endgame, they are a better couple hands down than Ade and Dixon, after the initial "wow" factor of them being together it would get boring fast. BTW, I appreciate a respectful debate for a change online, most people fall into calling each other names, etc over things they disagree on, on TV shows. I have to admit that you did raise some good points and did so without resorting to that kind of thing.


@ mhgreen 3000....... I hate the fact that people say ade almost "killed silver" killing silver was never ade's intention all she wanted was for her to behave like a insane person so navid cud leave "Not because she wanted to kill Silver!" She wud never do that. Secondly silver never spared a thought when she slept wit ade's bf knowing ade is a recovering drug addict who cud relapse at the devasting news of her bf cheating on her wit her best friend Silver did just not care. Thirdly navid wasn't just sum guy ade dated 4 3 months this is a guy she dated 4 3 years! (On and off again) the 1st guy who truly loved her, who got her clean form drugs,who held her hand while she gave birth, who proposed to her etc. That's why she went off the rails. You pointed out that ade pushed Navid away well that didn't give him the right to cheat on her he shud of broke wit her 1st!Silverr is a self righteous,sluty,back stabbing bitch!!


@mjtt, Umm... I'm sorry but none of what you said can justify Adrianna almost killing Silver by switching her Bi-Polar medicine? Had it not been for Dixon she'd probably be dead. Ade would probably be in jail or a mental institution if this was anywhere close to real life. I'll stack up any and everything you said about Silver against all the bad stuff that Adrianna did. You forgot to mention that Navid only cheated with Silver when Ade was doing every and anything she possibly could to drive him away,along with manipulating her manager, and pretending like Javier's songs where hers, not to mention being extremely self centered and pretentious all throughout last season. Was it wrong of Silver to mess with Navid, sure, but at least it's understandable. The things Ade did last season revealed her to be a truly horrible character.


Watever mhgreen3000 Silver is a SLUT!!!! Wat kind of "best friend" sleeps wit her best friends bf while they still dating. Like I cudn't stand the fact that after navid broke up wit ade, silver was like all comforting and wen ade figured out that it must of been bcoz of another girl silver was all no navid wud never do that to u...(Disgusting) Silver is a Lying Slutt dnt knw y ade wants to be her froiend again


As a Sixon fan, I don't understand why everyone is so excited for Dixon and Ade to get together. People like to bring up bad stuff about Silver but also conveniently forget that Ade is the person who ran Navid through the dirt, dropped him for Teddy, got back with him only after she got dropped, stole a dead man's songs, tried to turn searching for her baby into a publicity stunt, and then switched someone's bi-polar medicine which possibly could have lead to that person's death. Um...I'm trying to see how she is so much better than Silver for Dixon here. If this was anywhere close to real life he would run away from her and never look back.


They wud b a very cute couple and a good match! But what I'm most excited about is silver's and navid's reaction hmmmmmm can't wait!


Dixon and Adrianna have that next big couple feel. I just saw a channel starting for them on youtube too. Did anyone notice the cunt blocking vs cock blocking they had going on in epi. 4x05? On one end Ade is working and Dixon and Ivy are well chatting minding thier own business and Adrianna sticks herself in the middle of that and ends up taking his attention. Then the final scene Ade is trying to be a friend to Liam, Dixon shows up ecstatic about what she did for him and literally unexpectedly swept her off her feet. otp them and please give us real love w/ them.


I just don't get why everyone likes Sixon so much. She's been treating him like crap since the middle of season 1. His feelings mean NOTHING to her. If Dixon does reunite with Silver, the only thing he'll be proving is that he has no self-respect.


@Zoey, Part of Season 2 was will they are won't they get together in regards to Dixon, in fact the first 4 episodes of Season 2 was Silver attempting to win back Dixon and in fact the second to last episode of Season 2 hinted at them getting back together as they got stuck in a closet and kissed. I'll admit that Season 3 didn't really have anything for them but they also only had maybe two scenes together the entire season. Dixon was just the "good" guy character who happened to help people in their time of need as a plot device and Jessica Stroup may as well have been playing an entirely different character because no one recognized her. While I'm a Sixon shipper I do have to say that I think Navid belongs with Ade in the end because of all the history the history they have together. No I don't mind Dixon getting with Ade in the short term but I think long term he and Silver should be together. Those characters, in my opinion, have the best chemistry on the show. Type in silverdixon and youtube, there is a whole channel that shows their scenes from every episode, and no it's not mine lol, you can see for yourself that what I'm saying is pretty close to correct about them.


I'm gonna kill Dixon.


I too get ornery.

Naomi [kicking table]