A Paranormal Preview: Castle and Beckett to Go Ghost Hunting

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Caskett fans were frightened by the sight of another woman locking lips with their favorite author this week - review HERE - but this ABC hit will tackle an even scarier topic on October 24:


Indeed, the Castle episode "Demons" will find Castle and Beckett looking into the murder of a well-known ghost hunter who was killed while investigating paranormal activity at a famous mansion. As you might expect, Castle gets awfully excited by the case, wondering if the supernatural is actually involved. Beckett? Not so much. View the official preview now:


This is going to be so much fun! The Castle halloween episodes are always such a scream.


This episode will be awesome! I ain't afraid of no ghost. Love when Castle asks Beckett to say "Who you gonna call?" just once. Too funny. Don't cross the streams...


Any episode where Nathan Fillion gets to panic and scream like a girl must be a good one :-)

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Castle Quotes

Castle: The fact that you even think that breaks my heart. I would walk into a tornado for you, Kate.
Beckett: And I would die if I lost you.

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