Blue Bloods Review: Who Will Pay?

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When an ex-cop tried to rob a bank, Danny broke the rules and put himself in the middle of the hostage negotiations on Blue Bloods this week, as "Critical Condition" gave us another incidence of Danny going rogue. Has this become a theme and should he face more consequences?

Those were the questions I asked as I watched this episode. Last week, Danny ran an unauthorized stake out. This week, he entered a hostage situation. Granted, the Captain on duty let him go, but he was meant to leave with the wounded man.

Danny Reagan on the Job

I didn't blame Danny for going back in. He knew the man and thought he had the best chance of talking him down. Plus, it would have been difficult to walk out knowing he'd be leaving another hostage behind. But Danny continues to bend or break the rules whenever he believes it necessary. At what point does that really come back to bite him?

Or will Frank suffer the consequences of Danny's actions as the press seemed to think he was giving his son preferential treatment?

Linda's anger and subsequent breakdown were completely understandable. She's a cop's wife but she normally doesn't have to watch him walk into harms way. And she knows that the rules that he's flaunting are meant to keep him safe. Sometimes it must feel as though Danny is more interested in playing hero than making sure he comes back home to her and their boys.

In other Reagan news, Jamie got a new partner: Louisa Sousa played by Monica Raymund, who I loved on Lie to Me and am thrilled to see her in a recurring role here. Louisa appears to be the gung ho cop out to make an arrest... who will come up against Jamie's more intellectual law and order approach to the job.

My favorite scene of the night came in the very beginning. Frank put two in the chest and one in the head of the target before asking Erin how her ex was. Hmmmm. How do you think he really feels about the guy?

I loved the chemistry between Erin and Frank. They're one of the great father/daughter relationships on TV and it's definitely the family bonds that makes Blue Bloods one of the most enjoyable cop shows on the air.


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I love the family essence of this show. You get some NYC, cops, family..and it's pretty believable. Danny and Linda don't always get along, and I love the father/daughter relationship with Erin and Frank. Please keep this show on, it's a keeper.


I really enjoy this show.. Tom Selleck is such an Icon to watch. the family aspect is so great in this show, a breath of fresh air. Donnie wahlberg is a fantastic actor, i would have to say better than his brother Mark. How mark gets bigger movie roles is beyond me. I have no doubt this show will be one for years to come.


Blue Bloods is awesome. The Erin and Frank scene was my favorite too. So glad they kept the family as the main focus again this season. The show seems a little faster paced now too.


Enjoyed the show very much. The acting is fantastic. A wonderful story. You can't beat Tom Selleck or Donnie Wahlberg. Keep up the good work and stay on for a long time.


Aren't Danny and Jackie homicide detectives? What are they doing having any part in a bank hostage situation? Also, jesus, people, let's see some trigger discipline, eh? Although Monica Raymund's quick draw of her ASP was pretty sexy.


Danny breaks the rules again and walks - what a surprise!
Lets focus on someone else for a change instead of this show hog. As for old grampa - might as well write him out - he adds nothing!


Bored with the episode. Danny's becoming ridiculous. Jamie and Louisa-sexual tension eye-roll!

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