Body of Proof Review: The Hidden Truth

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Body of Proof featured us a connection between the living and the dead in "Point of Origin" as a deceased woman's search prodded Peter to open up about his past.

This was a tough case for Peter. First, he saved Jenna from the fire... only to find out there was a second person he didn't save. The look on his face when he discovered the latter said a lot about this man. Others told him he'd already done more than most people would have by saving Jenna, but Peter obviously felt like he let a man die.

When Peter learned that Jenna had been searching for her birth parents, the parallel hit a little too close to home. Then, to know that hours before her death her birth father literally slammed the door on her, it was almost too much for him.

Dana Delany as Megan Hunt

Daniel Robinson was a man with a lot to hide, but wouldn't it have been simpler and certainly kinder to just tell Jenna his story and send her on her way? It seemed the more he fought her and made a scene, the more he'd risk his wife finding out about his hidden past. Elsewhere...

Peter and Megan's growing friendship: I appreciated the way they've brought these two along. Peter shared his story about having been adopted and how he regretted burying the information about his birth parents. Megan hinted at her own issues with her father. I look forward to the eventual moment when she tells Peter about her father's suicide.

And did you notice how Megan's first reaction was to hug Peter once he was released from the hospital, or how quickly she jumped to his defense with the arson investigator? Yes, these two have come a long way.

Kate and Megan's war: I hope they've put this one to bed as I've grown tired of the constant bickering over Kate dating Megan's ex. I'm sure issues will come up from time to time but could we not make it such a focal point of their relationship every week? It would be great if they could truly move forward.

Curtis and Ethan: Looked like the office finally got wind of Kate's romance with Megan's ex and everyone weighed in. I loved Curtis's reaction:

On her decision to date your ex, I think she's wrong. Like Michael Jordan playing baseball wrong. | permalink

I agreed with Curtis. Kate made a bad decision getting involved with Tod but then again, you don't choose who you fall in love with. Of course I really don't think it will last, but we'll have to wait and see.

This episode was one of my favorites of the new season. Mining the show's characters pasts definitely adds more depth, a trend that will hopefully continue as Body of Proof moves along.


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I seriously thought that it was a rerun due to the "fight" that Dana Delany and Jeri Ryan's characters have due to the dating ex-husband issue. So much so, that I had to look the episode up and see the original air date. Other than that, it was good to know more about Peter. And I agree with the previous comment, good enough show to watch it but not enough to buy it on DVD (at least not yet).


So glad we finally got to learn more about Peter. He's intriguing and highly underused. I also look forward to the day when Peter and Megan are close enough that she tells him about her father.


I really like the premise of the show BUT a medical examiner going out to a crime scene in a dress and 4 inch spike heels is ridiculous. This show needs to be more realistic. The issue with Megan and Kate has gone on long enough. Let's move on.

Sue ann

They made so much point of discussing the relationship between Jeri Ryan's character and Dana Delany's character's ex-husband that I spent the first half hour wondering whether this episode was left over from last year, and had been held back for political reasons. (That sometimes happens to a program which deals with death or fire, when something ugly has happened in the country.) I say that because they had already moved on beyond this point in the previous episodes, and this was stepping so far back that it sounded and looked like last year. I knew it was not a rerun, as I have seen every episode. It is not reasonable that Curtis and Ethan did not already know about the relationship. They cannot possibly have missed the fighting. No one else did. If this episode was supposed to be run at this point in the series, then it is ridiculous. If it is leftover from a previously-planned spot when it was not run, it should have been revised. It was exceedingly off-putting. The story itself was OK. It was telegraphed fairly early on that there was a fireman villain, but I wasn't precisely expecting it to be the younger one. It is slightly less predictable than having it be the older one, but I already saw this, in Ron Howard's movie Backdraft, and probably fifty other shows in the last fifty years. Surely they can do better. I did indeed notice the way that Megan ran to Peter when he emerged from the hospital. It has been obvious for some episodes that they have some feelings for each other. I do think that a doctor would have been a bit more aware of his injuries, though, and not hurt him the way she did. About the only surprise in this entire episode was the brief story line of the other daughter of the birth father. It was an interesting twist that she said that she had always wanted a sister. I'm a big fan of Dana Delany, and I will continue to watch this show, but I am not buying it on DVD. It just is not good enough to spend that money on. THey need to step it up. And I still say that doing autopsies in those shoes is ludicrous.

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Megan: Kate has a new boyfriend. My ex-husband.
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