Bones Producers Tease Best Episode EVER, Another Finder Crossover & More

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On a conference call today, Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan of Bones teased the new season beginning next week (Thursday, November 3), as well as the return of The Finder and some other fun items.

First on the agenda? What to do with those four bonus episodes.

The seventh season was originally supposed to entail 13 installments due to Emily Deschanel's maternity leave, but when Hanson and Nathan said they could make four more, Fox ordered them.

The question is when those extra Bones episodes will air.

“They do want to do ultimately 17 episodes, and how it airs is up to Fox,” Nathan said during today's call. “They could air before what we consider to be our last episode even. We have no idea.”

While plenty of Bones episodes are of the standalone variety - enjoyable, open-and-shut cases without heavy narratives or major character details that would cause continuity issues, it's still dicey.

Pinocchio in the Planter Picture

“We don't quite know where to pleae these four in our universe,” Hanson said of the predicament. “If they air all in a row, it’d be odd because they would not contain meaningful character arcs.”

Adding them in here and there during the season carries its own risks, as well. Hanson says that for now ... there's basically no answer, but he's confident Fox will figure this out in due time.

Things Hanson is more confident about? The upcoming episode with Booth and his grandfather, played by Ralph Waite (also Gibbs' dad on NCIS) “is maybe one of the best episodes ever.” 

The show's creator calls it an "amazing performance by David Boreanaz" that he's dying for us to see, and he can count us among those excited to see this Booth-centric character arc.

As for the obligatory baby question, who's going to take care of it in the second half of this season while mom and dad are off ... you know, doing their Booth and Brennan thing in the field?

“We think we have a pretty good idea for who should take care of the baby,” Nathan said. “That’s after the first six [pre-hiatus episodes], but it’ll be a lot of fun.” Theories are welcome below.

Regarding the Bones spinoff debuting in midseason, John Francis Daley’s crossover to The Finder isn't the only such event planned. Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) is also off to Florida to assist Walter.

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I love the show, but let's be honest, the new material from the last two seasons doesn't stack up with the older episodes. I dontknow know how to get the idea out there to the producers, but a thought on a good two- part episode... Brennen is provided a small bone belonging to Colonel Fawcett, who the team tries to locate in the amazon. Fawcett was a well known and respected explorer lost in amazon while looking for the fabled "lost city of Z".


I love Bones, I've watched it since the beginning, Last season was not my favorite, but everything gets better. as long as the series has a season finale, I am happy. That is all I want for all of my favorite shows, is to have a series finale. Every show that lasts longer than 4 seasons, deserves to have a series finale. they should also be able to pull the plug on a long running show when the creators want to, not when a tv station decides to cancel it. Once a series lasts longer than 4 season, I think it should get cancellation immunity.


now, just as an opinion, it's really pathetic, all of it... its childish so squeal all the time and even more childish to go on a website, read an article you're not interested in even a bit and go on saying to the world to cancel the show... that's what kids with extremely bad educational and family problems do.
If noone here knows how to have a normal conversation, then help the world and stay quiet.


Add me as yet another non fan who used to be all over the Fox boards as a fan who could not get enough of B&B and the gang. Why do the ex-fans read the articles, maybe because we can. Maybe because we have earned the right, oh wait a minute I live in America, I HAVE the right to express my opinion. HH and SN were the arrogant end for the show for this fan. After six seasons of MY support, I have the right to post to any Bone's fansite I care to. I gave 128 hours of my life to sit infront of a TV and watch a show and give them some ratings, so yes, I think I will sign on here and chime in. I think Bones fans live in a small fantasy world. I belonged to the shipper world of Bones for years. But reality kicked in after the last two seasons. Any true fan of this show, that has watched it since the first episode would be a liar to come on here and post that Bones is the quality show it was in 2005 and 2006. The writing is embarassing and worst of all script approval goes through SN and HH. That tells me they have lost the focus for this show. It is painful to watch it right now. It is healthy in the TV industry for a long running show to get a reality check with it's most loyal fanbase once in a while. Keeps them focused. There is an extrodinary amount of old Bones fans that longer care to even voice an opinion, they have just left. Shame on HH and SN for season six, and have the nerve to not even give the fans a peek at how it all came to be. I would have loved to see Ange and Brennan have the first talk about the pregnancy. I would have loved to see a conversation with B&B after the big news. I left because we get another time jump with no hope of see the moments that mattered after six years of dancing the romance dance. The ultimate "dis" for the fans.


To Dave & No Longer a Fan & the many others that want to demmen the shows return, I agree with Katrinaq; DO NOT WATCH IT!!! But to comment on a show you no longer care for is in poor taste. Why are you even on the BONES website? Perhaps it is because that is the only way you can have your "voice" heard. Now do me a favor, if you all dislike the show so much, just turn the channel!


If you don't like the show... Don't watch it. There are other people here that do. If you are so over it David... Then why are you still reading about it. Get over yourself. I'm with you Katrina. So looking forward to this season and this "Booth-centric" episode. Hope BONES lasts at least 10 years on the air.


Whoa- before people jump on David, we was honest and to the point. Really what is the point of saying that you felt like season 6 was a waste, or not your fav or horribly written or the characters had no chemistry? (besides the obvious and the fact that it is all true.) Your point is as a fan you want it to change or let the producers of the show know they have missed the mark. At least David knows when he has reached his limit and is letting them know that after six season...............why ask for our theory on anything? I don't know if the writer of the article is asking or SNathan is asking for our 'theory' on who should be taking care of baby Booth, but the bottom line for many many of the orginal fans of this show is this; HH, SN and ED and DB (all listed producers on this show) You did'nt care to show us anything that pertained to this relationship starting, sooooooooo, why even bother showing if the baby is being watched. We saw a hug after an emotional chat about religious takes on VNM death scene We saw a smooch at the bowling alley and Max grinning Oh yeah we say a grin between Bones and Angela- WOW mind blowing (Sarcasim implied) We now know we will see nothing of the notfications of any friends or family We won't see Booth's son at all til after the baby is born We know that Brennan does not take Booth on a dr. appointment that pertains to the gender of the baby being learned. (that is totally stupid script writing) And I am betting we won't see a labor scene, they just will show pictures of the kid on Booths desk next to Parkers. Just have Booth and Brennan at work every day with the same old jokes and piles of slimey bodies that get transported to the Jeffersonian and waalaa!!!!!! You have the show Bones. David's issues are that of many of us. Write a show for an adult that has devoted six years to watching the characters learn from their past and we would watch. At 35 I will voice my true thoughts about Bones instead of acting like a 10 year old, type out the word, 'squeal' in some form because they have seen a picture of Booth in his boxers cooking breakfast. Phssssssst.


God i can't wait!!! love this show. @Katrina i agree the last season was not my fav and some eps i didn't like at all, but i love the show, and the next season is promising to be the best yet not that B&B are finally together!! (it's been a long coming)


@David: If you're over it, don't watch it! It's that simple. There are millions of viewers that LOVE this show ;)
I personally was disappointed with most of season 6 (there were only like 5 episodes that i enjoyed, and yes the ending was definitely 1 of them) but i've loved the other five seasons and have been very fond of each character. This is why I'll continue to watch it till it ends! Can't wait for next thursday!!! 8 more days!! Yes, Booth's grandpa is finally coming back! I'm really looking forward to this Booth-centric episode!
Just sad that this season has only 17 episodes.


My theory?
End the damn show. I'm over it.

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Brennan: I can be a duck.
Booth: Yeah. You know we had been chasing each other for a long time. Chasing each other through wars and serial killers and ghosts and snakes. And now chasing you has been the smartest thing that I have ever done in my life. And being chased by you has been my greatest joy. But now, we, uh, we don't have to chase each other anymore because we caught each other.

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