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There is NO way, despite what the producers claim, that Emily Deschanel's pregnancy wasn't a critical factor in making Brennan pregnant on Bones. But we'll have to wait a lot longer to meet her alter ego's baby.

The actress gave birth to son Henry on September 21.

For Temperance, the due date isn't coming until April.

In the Waiting Room

We'll see Bones pregnant on the November 3 premiere. Her as a mom? Much later.

The writers have already decided on the sex of baby B-squared, but won't divulge. They have provided one interesting tidbit regarding its birth, however. You won't believe the setting for his/her arrival.

"Brennan is going to be in prison when she goes into labor," executive producer Stephen Nathan told TV Guide. "Booth and Brennan are investigating a prison escape when they get locked in."

After last year's elevator adventure, somehow that works.

What do you think? Will it be a boy or a girl? And are you excited for the idea of a pregnant Brennan lasting nearly the whole season? Sound off on these Bones developments below in the comments.

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This is one of my favorite shows on TV and I cannot wait for this season's opener. I think that it's awesome that they are letting Booth and Brennan have a baby together and I cannot wait to see how they handle being parents together.


I meant november. And best not beast lol :) these iPhones!


I am so excited for the show to be on in April:) I can't wait to see how booth and brennan take care of this baby! I will continue to watch bones even though if it gets bad, because they are good actors nd they deserve ( views ). Bones is the beat show and I will never stop watching it! ;)


i think it will be a girl.
as for the prison? that is soooooo them, i mean since when did anything happen with them the normal way? i love this show!


i don't really mind if the baby is either a girl or boy.. maybe its a twin! i just hope that the baby would have brennan's lovely eyes.. :)

Sue ann

I am ready for this show to be gone. Don't give it a thought from week to week unless you have a piece about it. I re-watch the DVD's of seasons 1-4 ... Except for the episode about the boneless Chinese bride. That one gives me the yips. I'm over this show. Sad. It used to be really good. I expect that Bones will have a girl, so that everyone can ooh and ah over the prospect of a future romance between Angela's son and Temperance's daughter. It would also eliminate some competition between the fathers over whose son is better, faster at doing each new thing, etc. Less conflict.


Congrats to Emily! As for B-squared I think it will be a girl. I can't wait for Nov 3rd


I can't wait till it starts! November 3rd seems so far away! And April seems even farther! I love this show!

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