Castle To Be Taken Hostage!

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Castle celebrated Halloween a week early, airing an episode last night that focused on ghost wrangling and ghost wrangler killing. It was one of the more fun adventures of the season.

On Halloween night itself, meanwhile, the ABC hit will present something even scarier than the possibility of apparitions floating about: an entire hour of Rick and Kate apart! What brings on this nightmare? A hostage situation in which Castle and Martha at the center of the crime.

Look for Breaking Bad's Dean Norris to guest star and for Beckett to have major problems leaving Castle's fate in someone else's hands. Watch the official teaser now:


Yep they have a really good chance in this ep to put some emphasis and ramp up the Caskette relationship in a positive way. Lets hope they don't stuff it up.
I need coffee ......


i can image how scared Beckett would be!! sans Castle, she'll be confused, emotional...another challenge to their relationship!!

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