Chuck Casts a Charlie's Angel as Sarah's Mom

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This seems about right, doesn't it?

A former Charlie's Angel will come on board the final season of Chuck in the role of Sarah's mother, as multiple sources confirm that Cheryl Ladd has landed the part of Emma.

Look for her to debut on this season’s eighth episode, likely airing some time in January, and for mother and daughter to have not seen each other in five years.

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Before heading to NBC, will appear in an October episode of NCIS as a love interest for David McCallum’s Ducky.

Chuck, meanwhile, premieres its final season on October 28.


The best idea yet for the new Charlies Angels show to get Cheryl Ladd to make an appearance. She should be in a few more episodes to show the new ones how its done, you need something to get viewers, fantastic idea to have the prior angels make an appearance and give the new ones advise, sorry, but the 3 cast in this new show just don't have the sexy glam that the prior angels did, Cheryl Ladd, Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jackie Smith,

Uncle jackass

Works for me.

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