Dexter Review: A Fatal One Night Stand

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Dexter took a rather big leap in logic to close out "A Horse of a Different Color" this week.

Considering his tutelage at the warped hands of Professor Gellar, along with the fear that man clearly instills in him, it seems hard to believe that Travis would just stand admiringly outside of his most recent crime scene. He might as well have sent the Miami PD a text message with his name and address.

Unusual Crime Scene

Moreover... he has sex with the door open in the house he shares with Gellar? And these two are somehow able to construct such an elaborate, booby-trapped crime scene on public property?!?

I know, I know: it's no fun to question developments in such a manner. Dexter tells the story of a serial killer masquerading as a blood splatter specialist; it's not exactly aiming for realism. Still, it shouldn't be too much to ask for rational storytelling within the contexts of that world - and this episode stretched those limits a lot in order to bring the Doomsday Killer(s) into contact with the Miami PD.

Still, at least that contact has been made.

As I wrote about last week, the early parts of season six have felt like multiple shows in one. Deb has been adjusting to life as the boss, Dexter has been tacking the topic of religion with his new, car/soul-fixing pal Brother Sam, Gellar and Travis have been up to no good. There hasn't been a lot of flow or overlap to these storylines.

So I'm at least hopeful this conclusion, along with Batista and Quinn's (high) detective work that identified Gellar for the nut job that he is, brings various characters into contact with each other and ratchets up the action. I'm pretty sick of Dexter just pondering life. Give me some suspense!

A reflective Dexter Morgan is a boring Dexter Morgan, especially when he's making observations that just seem silly. Upon arriving at the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse crime scene - sorry, Anderson, tableau - his narration voiced shock that a killer could also have faith. But in what world is Dexter residing?!? There have been countless killers with faith through the years, as religion has been abused or misunderstood in endless ways.

The show is doing all it can to bludgeon home the fact that Dexter is at a crossroads as a father, but I don't care very much. I'm excited for him to pursue Travis. I want him to spring into action. He might as well bed Jamie, too. She's very attractive and clearly very into him. Sorry, but no nanny is that attentive.

Is Dexter also setting up sparks between Deb and her new detective? I hope not. I'm enjoying her role as a fouled-mouth Lieutenant and don't need to see yet another failed romantic escapade involving this character. There's plenty to do behind that desk, Debra. Keep your pants on. Or your fancy suit on, I should say.

What did everyone else think of "A Horse of a Different Color?"


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So when did Dexter become like the SAW movies? This season has been fairly awful thus far. This show has been on a decline for sometime. I guess I'll just go back and watch season 1 and 2 and remember what it once was. It's actually painful to watch now.


It's actually quite common for criminals to return to the scene of the crime in order to admire their work. You see it very frequently, e.g., with arsonists. They just can't seem to help themselves.


Does anyone know the name of the song playing in Angel's car as he and Quinn are passing the joint back and forth?


I'd like for next season to have a few trashbags being found and the FBI reopens the case of the Bay Harbor Butcher. Ramon Prado be elected new Assistant D.A. after his early retirement 2 years ago. They could say he went back to finish Law School with his new time to follow in his brother's footsteps. The FBI would take over the Bay Harbor Butcher duties once again which would leave Miami Metro without a serial killer. Not to worry, because during this time, the Jordan Chase Organization would file a formal lawsuit against Miami Metro for spreading false rumors about their deceased leader. Col. Matthews will tell the crew that the Jordan Chase Organization is pressing them to find the "vigilante turned serial killer" who killed Jordan Chase and his friends and to find out if in fact Jordan Chase was really guilty of the rumors Miami Metro has spread. Miami Metro will be under fire because (1) The Bay Harbor Butcher is still alive after closing the case 4 years ago and (2) The Jordan Chase Organization will be slandering them for not finding Chase's killer. Eventually, Ramon Prado himself will slander Miami Metro for not finding Freebo the man responsible for Oscar's death. Dexter will have the FBI looking for the Bay Harbor Butcher, Miami Metro looking for the Vigilantes and Ramon Prado looking for Oscar's murderer. All while LaGuarda takes a personal interest in the FBI's case and Lt. Deborah begins to hate herself for letting the Vigilantes walk away. Not only that, but Quinn will finally be able to tie the pieces together. He saw Dexter ad Lumen with trashbags similar to the Bay Harbor Butcher's all during the time a supposed male and female vigilantes were taking down Chase and his buddies.... It would be the BEST SEASON OF DEXTER EVER. ...too bad it won't happen.

C f ohara

Poor Masuka, talk about biting the hand that feeds or in this case girlfriend auctioned it off online. I wouldn't ask her to go buy Tyco with ya money anytime soon, might go to the doctor and get lipo with ya money.
Matt I agree with you on Travis standing there like his dad playing Gump. also did Dexter not have a camera in his hand? Maybe he snaps a pic in the next episode but I would have thought that would have been impulse numero uno.
Deb continued to shine. Like when she complained how she didn't feel like herself in the new clothes, but in the same breath grabbed a Bud Heavy out of Dex's fridge and instantly was transformed back to our beloved bitch. The new detective from Chi-town better be careful with lines like "you look like you're going to a hoedown" otherwise there's gonna be a "bro-down" on the ground cupping his bits and pieces. Not sure if anyone has ever died from crotch asphyxiation but that was a great line, bettered only by when she dropped the F-bomb in the hospital waiting room.
Poor Harrison. I can handle all the blood and gore, but shoe a crying little Harrison and I melted. Feel better little buddy.

Uncle jackass

I thought this episode was the turning point in what was becoming a lack-lustre season. But yes I agree that Travis 'returning to the scene of the crime' wasn't exactly clever. But I suppose he proved that he wasn't exactly a bright egg. Given that his "master" peeks into his daily life it was assumed that he was the Darth Moron to his Sith Lord. The introduction (with his name) of Professor Gellar seemed far more interesting. To me, he might just be the Professor Moriarty to Dexter's Sherlock holmes persona. As for the side plots, I'm too hoping Deb doesn't start a romance between the new Detective. I rather prefer a reverse Doakes/Deb dynamic from season 1. How was the Batista and Quinn's bromance? Reminded me of an adult version of Chuck and Nate from Gossip Girl. Seems like we all need a bromance. Dexter's spiritual journey was somewhat mediocre at the best of times. But the scene with him asking for guidance from God via the Coffee machine that wouldn't spit out the cup? I've been there... the water cooler doesn't talk me except with a burb.

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