Dexter Review: Gotta Have Faith

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Hmmm... do you think season six of Dexter has a specific theme in mind? Religion perhaps?

Following a season premiere that reset the life of our favorite serial killer, and asked him to consider his belief system, "Once Upon a Time" focused even further on the concepts of faith and God and how these can tie into a man's actions.

It's an interesting, tricky storyline to navigate and it's understandable that any new father - let alone one with a personal tale such as Dexter's - would be forced to wonder what he'll pass down to his son. I'd just prefer a more subtle approach to such a grand narrative as religion.

Travis and Professor Gellar

Through two episodes, we've witnessed a shot of Jesus on a cross; listened as a nun asked Dexter what he believed in; and been introduced to Travis and Professor Gellar, along with Mos Def's Brother Sam, characters who are all very clearly shaped by their faith in a higher power.

That's fine and all, but it's also a great deal of telling and an absence of showing. I'd like more than just hearing others talk about God over and over, while Dexter sits back and wonders how his Dark Passenger fits into everything.

Maybe it doesn't. Maybe Dexter is an atheist or an agnostic. Would that be so bad for Harrison? As long as his father gives him a bubble bath every night and reads him a story, the kid will likely turn out okay.

The flipside of the season so far is that at least Dexter is no longer worrying about his own role in the universe. He's embraced who he truly is and has stopped caring about what others consider to be "normal." He clearly doesn't fit that description and it grew tiresome season after season for Dexter to think he ever could. I like this version of Dexter Morgan a lot better. Just be true to yourself, Dex. That's as important a lesson as any to teach your child.

Just leave out the part about collecting blood samples from each of your victims.

Elsewhere, the show has often struggled with its supporting characters, with the exception of Deb. I care a little bit about her and her wayward love life, though I wasn't a fan of how she handled Quinn's proposal here. Why not be honest and say she was just promoted to Lieutenant and there's no way she can take on both that role and the role of a fiancee/wife simultaneously? It would have at least bought her some time to truly ponder Quinn's desire for more.

I wish I could say I felt sorry for Batista for getting passed over, or that I'm invested in his interactions with Maria... but I don't and I'm not. Nothing about either of these people ever really clicked with me.

I watch Dexter solely for Dexter and I also like my Dexter as part of a cat-and-mouse game. I like it when he hunts and when he's on the run and when he's doing all he can to stay one step ahead of the police or whatever Big Bad the show is featuring that season. There's only so much reflection I can take, which is why the start of season six feels a bit slow.

But Travis and Gellar's mission, whatever the heck that is, will soon collide with Dexter's world and we'll be off and sprinting. How do I know? I guess it's a matter of faith.


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The main season plot line is beginning to become more interesting. I really like when shows pick up a thing like religion and making it evil. The random choice of a victim is unique too, as it's never really been done. Colin Hanks really has the creepy nature down.
I love that Dexter has gone back to is old roots with killing people! He's such a convincing liar! Season 5 lacked in the killing department for Dexter's sociopathic needs! He's already knocked off 4 people this season! Hoo-rah! As for his moment with Harrison, they're really compassionate. I love Dexter as a dad.
I don't understand why Debra couldn't just say "yes" to the proposal and the job. It's not like she'd get married the next day. She can be engaged to Quinn years at a time before the actual wedding itself. I didn't like Quinn at first, but he's grown on me since. He really deserves better after that. However, it's obvious that they'll get back together by seasons end. As for the job, it's a great opportunity. I understand that she's meant to be loyal to her fellow cops, but her life is setting itself up to be quite great. Embrace it!
As for LaGuerta, I'm gonna miss seeing her as much in the police department. I really loved when she was leading it. Sucks that she was promoted. I hate her boss so much. He's been a dick since season one.
I wish we could see more Batista, as I rather enjoy his character. It sucks that he didn't get the job. I know that by seasons end he'll get the job though. I liked him with LaGuerta and miss them together. They were promising. Why did they even split? I honestly can't remember.
Finally, as for Masuka. He's such a little pervert! Haha, I love his comedic quips. I love his assistant (played by Brea Grant)! She's really got the job down.


I think the series is much stronger now that Dex is simply back to killing people, and not obsessing over his role in life. If he could figure out how to kill off the ghost of his father things might really improve. Anyone notice that the Captain (now Deputy Chief) finally got an office (before he always walked on the main department set.) I guess that means we'll see more of him this season.


This season seems a little better than last, but when Clyde Phillips decided to leave the show is when it started going downhill. For a show to be successful all through its run it needs a showrunner thats treats the show like his baby. I.e. shawn ryan/the shield, kurt sutter/s.o.a, david chase & simon/sopranos&wire,etc..... I really hope they decide to wrap things up soon b/c Dexter had been one of my all time favs & if it just puts out a couple more crappy seasons it will really hurt its legacy!


Last season just threw me way off the Dexter train. They just fused season 1 and 2 into season 4. You had Lumen who was like Lila, and Quinn who was like Doakes. Now this season, he is just doing the same old shit, and now we have to deal with the introduction of random serial killers. This show was going in such a good direction, sucks that they ruined it with the Cop out season finale of last season. The acting by that Hanks guy and Mos Def is soo bad, and the story line is just so contrite. Have you guys lowered your standards THAT much.... Dexter is plot hole fucking city!


I like where the sub-plots seem to be going. Deb, Quinn, Brother Sam, Travis, etc. all are ok with me. I will be especially happy if Quinn gets angry at Deb for her rejection and starts investigating Dexter again. Having said that, I agree that I watch Dexter for Dexter and we haven't seen his usual genius ways in tracking his victims and staying one step ahead. The first few seasons, we watched Dexter work to make everything perfect, always feeling like Dexter was one step away from making a mistake and being caught. On the episode last night, his victim just appeared to us in his kill room. The viewer has no idea how he got there or what Dexter did to get him. That's a little weak. I do like the general feel of this season much more than anything I saw last season.


I agree that it is a little slow start but I have found that is the way Dexter starts out slowly picking up the pace which is one of the many reasons I love this show.

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