Dina Meyer Heads Back to Beverly Hills

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Dina Meyer is on her way back to Beverly Hills.

The actress - who played California University professor Lucinda Nicholson on the original 90210 and who may have been one of the first women ever crushed on by a certain TV Fanatic Editor-in-Chief - has landed a key role on the new CW version of this drama.

But not, alas, as the same character.

Lucinda Nicholson

Michael Ausiello confirms that Meyer will portray a modeling agent who works with Liam later on this season. She will appear in at least one episode next month.

The actress has also enjoyed stints on Scoundrels, CSI and NCIS.

90210 is on hiatus for a week and then returns on November 1 with a Halloween-themed episode previewed HERE.


Why isn't she playing the same character? It's been like 10 years a person could change professions and attitudes by that time!


they should have made her the same character.


The expanded 90210 universe has a history of having actors playing multiple roles in different durations so I'm not surprise they're not having her play her old character. Here's some of those who had the opportunity to play several characters in the 90210 world: Laura Leighton (one for Melrose Place, one on BH90210), Greg Vaughan (two on BH90210), Linda Grey (played the same role on MP and Models Inc, then on 90210 she played Ethan's grandmother), Jessica Lucas (one each for 90210 and MP 2.0) among others. Justin Deeley's the latest addition to that special circle :)


I remember her and I think that they could have used her (past) character for this season with a reference made about Brandon. Although, I can't see how they could have used her character again, unless it was pleads towards Naomi for her money. Then again, it probably would have been wasted on Annie.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.