Glee Spoilers: Songs, Tribute Episode to Come!

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A familiar face, in a new position, will soon return to Glee.

This was one of the most significant announcements made by Ryan Murphy and company during a set visit by reporters this week, as the show celebrated its 300th musical number. But it was far from the only spoiler revealed.

What else can Gleeks look forward to in the coming weeks?

More Glee Project contestants. Damian McGinty debuts on Tuesday as foreign exchange student Rory, while Lindsay Pearce will appear again on episode eight as Rachel’s rival Harmony; and Samuel Larson will debut in January.

A single tribute episode. It will air in the spring and Murphy says it's been in the works for two years. Who might the episode honor? Take your best guess!

Many more Broadway numbers.

A mash-up of Adele. The aforementioned 300th number will actually feature the new William McKinley glee club, will be sang on November 15 and will be a medley of "Rumor Hast It" and "Someone Like You."

Other covers that will be included in the near future are:

  • Last Friday Night
  • Candyman
  • Waiting for A Girl Like You
  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Tonight
  • Uptown Girl
  • A Boy Like That
  • America
  • Hot For Teacher
  • You and I (Medley)
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another (Medley)
  • Oklahoma
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The beatles really need a tribute I mean there the number one band of all time evan look on wikipedia there the best selling recording artists


i can think of one person for the tribute episode that no one has mentioned yet......... Barbara Streisand herself.
ms. rachel berry has said, on multiple occasions that the famous Broadway star is her idol so i would not be surprised if it were to be her. elton is a good guess and one i did not think of if i am to be honest, but even though we have been treated to more story lines centering rachel, why not cap it off with bringing her idol to lima?


I think it will be an Elton John tribute. They haven't done any Elton yet. Also on the Glee Project when Damian sang that Elton song Ryan said he always wanted to use it, but never knew how.


I hope it's a Taylor Swift tribute! I find it really odd that they haven't covered her yet. And I really want Brittany to sing Super Bass! :D


Ok, 3 beatles songs xD


@brina155 hey, in fact, there have been 2 beatles songs, I wanna hold your hand and Hello, goodbye!
I'd die too if they did a beatles tribute episode, but I guess it'll be a Bruce Springsteen episode


they also did Blackbird, that's Beatles too, when Kurt's bird died. it's from Beatles's White Album.
sorry, i am a bit of Beatles's fanatic. ;-)


Maybe a Beatles ep for the tribute? I'd die. They've only ever done one Beatles song (Kurt's I Wanna Hold Your Hand) and it was the Across the Universe (the move musical) version of IWHYH, not the original version.


Oh my gosh I've been waiting for them to do Elton john since the beginning!!! I hope some come soon it doesn't even need to be a tribute just get some Elton going soon!


might the tribute ep be for Elton John, there was so much talk about him among the glee creators and actors that it has to come to sth about him. even Mr. John himself expressed his love for the show and enthusiasm about any way to be a part of it.

Glee Quotes

You know, a great big fat person once stood on this stage and told a group of a dozen or so nerds in hideous disco outfits that glee, by its very definition, is about opening yourself up to joy. Now it's no secret that for a long time I thought that was a load of hooey. As far as I could see the glee club was nothing but a place where a bunch of cowardly losers go to sing their troubles away and delude themselves into thinking that they live in a world that cares one iota about their hopes and dreams, totally divorced from the harsh reality that in the real world there's not much more to hope for than disappointment, heartbreak, and failure. And you know what. I was exactly right. Thats exactly what glee club is. But I was wrong about the cowardly part. What I finally realized, now that I'm well into my late thirties, it takes a lot of bravery to look around you and see the world not as it is but as it should be. A world where the quarterback becomes best friends with the gay kid, and the girl with the big nose ends up on Broadway. Finding the courage to open up your heart and sing about it. That's what glee club is. And for the longest time I thought that was silly, and now I think it's just about the bravest thing that anyone could do.


Glee Club is officially over. Thank you guys. It’s been an honor.