Gossip Girl Photo Preview: "The Big Sleep No More"

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We've already heard plenty about the November 14 episode of Gossip Girl, a.k.a. the semi-annual mask-themed episode of the CW series. Now we have an official synopsis and photos for you.

The Upper East Siders attend a performance of Punchdrunk’s provocative NYC theater experience, “Sleep No More,” which translates to masks, anonymity and some surprising romantic twists.

Meanwhile, Diana sets her sights on Serena in her continuing quest to ruin Gossip Girl, and Dan is on his book tour, but things aren’t exactly as they appear to Lonely Boy's friends and family.

Nate and Diana Pic

Anytime the show introduces the element of disguise (which it does with surprising frequency), that raises the sexual tension and duplicity to even higher levels ... for a show already built on both.

Will Chuck and Blair kiss? Will Gossip Girl be exposed? Will Charlie be exposed? Will we finally learn the true identity of the man who fathered the future son or daughter of Blair Cornelia Waldorf?

Whatever happens, executive producer Josh Safran promises it will be significant - and potentially dark. "They’re dealing with adult issues. It’s sort of a big turning point episode for everybody.”

Click to enlarge photos from the episode and leave comments below ...

Cute Charlie Pic
Ivy or Charlie
At Sleep No More
Diana Payne Pic
Diana's New Minion
Diana Wants Serena

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@the reason I agree. And also making Blair being in denial about her feelings for dan will be immature and repetitive because she already did that with chuck.the dair storyline is starting to get boring every episode dair fans try to look and see if shes denying her feelings for Dan. It's been 10 episodes already and if Blair felt something for Dan she would of shown it in 4x18 u can't drag her out in denial for this long. Dair fans are just a bunch 12 year olds.

Uncle jackass

Okay creepy news from the aftermath of Halloween. The Creepy Louis is back in future in Queen / Blair's life by episode 8: "All these pretty little sources" So to summerise the speculated and deduced spoilers: 1.) Louis IS the father of the baby and Blair is still pregnant. (I know it speculated she lost her baby in epi #7 Sleep no more from a Blood spoiler + commentary about Blair not looking pregnant in those episode pics). 2.) Serena may have hosted the Hen's night for Blair in episode 7 resulting in Blair's drunken venture and future arrest by polic, but the besties are still friends by the end of the episode. So much that both Serena and Charlie are hosting the baby shower by episode 8 for Blair and Louis. 3.) Georgina either returns in episode 8 or 9? Some Dan, Blair, and Georgina interaction will occur outside in the cold. 4.) Derena Re-union Tour 2011? Ans: Probably not. More spoiler scene pics with Serena and Charlie's Ex Max upcoming. 5.) Is episode 7 "Sleep No More" the 100th aniversary episode of Gossip Girl? Research tells me that it's the 96th episode. So the answer is no. 6.) As said by Ausiello: "Blair’s wedding shower is coming up, and two people will be conspicuously MIA from the invite list!" Who? Chuck and Dan will be MIA due to pissing off Louis from what they did with Blair in the previous episode. A suspect a kiss for Chuck and a slap for Dan. So this conclude: No Chair, definitely no Dair, and more Blouis! Trick or treat? P.S The title comes from the classic American lullaby "Hush a little baby" and the lyrics words are "All these pretty horses." From either the Southern African American or revised lyrics the definition of the words differ from the stakeholder.


I agree with you R


To "R" Yes, Blair and Serena are best friends. But they are also known to be the worst of enemies once in a while. Case in Point: Serena sleeping with Nate.
The sexual attraction was there and the feelings were there too. In fact, it's kinda like the Dan and Blair thing where Nate fell in love with Serena (so did Dan with Blair). Serena skirted around the issue for a bit, but gave in. Blair clearly didn't give in, but I think it's wrong of you to use the Blair/Serena friendship as a con for Dan/Blair. It's UES. Anything can happen. Serena's bitch fit and self-glamorization is not going to stop anything.


@quina- Dan was not the ONLY one there for Blair, he was her LAST RESORT. 1) She obviously couldn't go to Chuck about her problem that involved him. 2) Serena was across the country in LA. 3) Clearly, she couldn't tell Louis that she cheated. 4) Nate is Chuck's BFF. 5) She didn't want Dorota to judge her. Who does that leave? Dan, she went to him because she was lonely, and they're nothing but FRIENDS in her eyes. And if a soulmate means someone you go to when you have no other options, then Penn can have Blair as a soulmate because it's not worth it.


I agree with R.


Can some1 tell me who was the woman in the picture diana was burning is diana family to the basses or chucks sister that's why she hates them her and ivy need to step away from nate


The one thing I'm loving is that whe every1 turns theyr back on dan the only person who still supports him is chuck that bromance is amazing and dan was there for chuck when he was at a low point


For what (R) wrote um aren't u forgetting serena never careod about what blair felt when she went after nate dan & serena only dated lik a year blar and nate dated since kindergarden yat serena didn't care


Utg I hate ivy she needs to go nate should be w serena & blair needs to forgive dan already he was the only 1 there when she needed her friends what they hav is real theyr soulmates

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