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The November 14 episode of Gossip Girl promises to raise the emotional stakes even higher as the gang heads to the theater. Talk about drama ... in the literal sense and otherwise!

Sleep No More, the provocative live show that contains elements of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, will be prominently featured in the episode, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“It took months to get it together,” Josh Safran says. “It was incredible to use their space, their actors ... the whole thing. We like to do a masked ball every year, and this just dials it up many notches."

The CW series' executive producer continues: "We were very much attuned to keep Sleep No More‘s secrets. At the same time, they were extremely helpful in letting us utilize stuff that they maybe normally wouldn’t. We shot there for two days - several of the rooms, different floors.”

That's awesome and all ... but what does it mean for the Gossip Girl characters?

Birthday Blair

Sleep No More, known for its dark tone and unconventional approach, serves as the perfect backdrop for the show to weave a twistier story as the fifth season nears its halfway point. Safran says:

“Unlike our previous masquerade balls, there’s blood; it’s darker. There’s Lady Macbeth, there’s Macbeth. It’s a little more twisted than usual, and that episode also holds many surprising, romantic twists."

"It’s sort of a big, sexy, blood, everything-comes-to-a-head kind of an episode.”

Having young adult characters meant a new opportunity to go to a dark place.

“They’re older. Now we can go to these dark places,” he says. “The episode is still very fun, by the way. In fact, in some ways, it’s probably even more fun than a usual masquerade ball for us because it’s all of these characters connecting and missing each other. It’s really sort of allowed us a broader range of emotions for the characters in a weird way."

"They’re dealing with adult issues. It’s sort of a big turning point episode for everybody.”

Including, he says for, Gossip Girl herself.

“I don’t mean as a person, I mean as an idea,” he clarifies. “[But] Gossip Girl becomes a part of the plot in a major way that episode. Even if you haven’t [seen Sleep No More], it’s fun if you’re just a fan of Gossip Girl because they really kind of all perfectly-matched worlds.”

Safran was tight-lipped about the baby drama to come that week, but did address this: “Another thing that’s going to happen is that the audience is not going to have to wait that much longer to discover whether Ivy can pull off playing Charlie for too long. In November, her identity will come out, but it might come out in a surprising way."

"Diana’s definitely a part of it, but she sort of sets it in motion more than causes it herself.”

Specifically, and last but not least, “like masked balls in the past, there are multiple kisses - between multiple people” in the episode. “Like, quadratic couples, I’d say,” he teases.

Could that have something to do with THE kiss we've heard about?

Discuss all these developments in the comments below!

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he/she is saying this bucaese there are 2 songs that are not hers (superstar and i just wanna dance) and people are saying that it's Leighton Meester's new songs but this is the only one (Body Control) that is real :)


Awww, why I enjoy talking with you too! May we keep exchanging views for long, whatever the outcome of the show would be!


I totally agree with 'peaceloveandchair' lol Gossip Girls really going downhill the passion and scandal of the show is just not there anymore!!!! Chuck and Blair are the main characters of the show yet I agree that this whole Louis thing is getting annoying and the fact that he has to bribe someone to get Chuck out of the picture is really childish I mean if he trusted Blair he wouldn't have to go to that lengths to keep Chuck away which since the season began Chuck didn't try to get back with Blair! I am really disappointed in the fact that Louis is the father of Blair's baby or at least that's how it looks even though I hoped that wouldn't be the case, if he is indeed the father that would just spoil the whole series of GG on the whole because as from the 1st season it was always Blair and Chuck and even for a series change is good but that would just be a bit drastic! Blair did not seem nervous enough about the test results and why would it be so easy for Louis of all people to find the paternity test and confront Blair??? If it was Chucks baby I think it would of been more of a scandal as the truth is revealed other than Louis maybe trying to keep it a secret with Blair so they could live happily ever after! If that's the case then the scrip writers of GG really don't know what to write anymore because they make Louis this sweet, trustworthy guy that stands up for Blair ans tries to see the good in her yet in the end his madly in love with her but gets hurt in the end! Please stop dragging GG!!!! You people are already making us miss a week!!!! We need to see real action, heartache, scandal and romance not the delusion of a perfect romance or relationship! With Chuck and Blair there were different things happening in their relationship yet with Blair and Louis its so boring and predictable I need some GG excitement its bad enough I wait a whole week for it yet its not OMFG moments as before they hardly show any real intermacy in the scenes anymore as they did in season 1 and 2 that actually showed how the different partners connected with each other now everything they do on the show is boring like really please do something on GG that will blow us away cause I'm near the point of giving up on this show and since season 1 I've been glued to the internet, always reading about GG, watching any preview I can find, checking out the fashion and pictures of the new scenes yet I hardly do that these days cause I'm so disappointed at howt hings are playing out!!!!! DO SOMETHING FAST or we'll lose a lot of viewers since season 5 started I've never had a OMFG moment which is sad!!!


I'm sad to say that GG is really going downhill. I'M BORED. Where are Chuck and Blair????? Their passionate love and undeniable, irrevocable chemistry has made the show for the past four seasons. The writers are dragging on this whole Louis thing and it is dull. And the whole Dan thing is ridiculous, I'm glad that's finally coming to and end (or so it seems) Where is S & B time? Come on writers! Where's the passion, the scandal, the heat, the romance, the betrayal, the parties, the extravagance, the magical brilliance of Gossip Girl that once pulled me in and had me HOOKED on the show? I'm still holding out hope that it's going to get better... but right now I'm very disappointed this season in what it has become thus far. Chuck's character is the only one that I feel is actually going anywhere. He's carrying the show right now, and he hardly even has any scenes!


If Dan is MacBeth, I can see his publicist as Lady McBeth; after all, it was her who pushed MacBeth to do those things, and when it comes to Allison, her token line to push Dan is always, "Dan, if they're really your friends, they'll support you crushing them all in the name of fame and money."


@Uncle Jackass I really liked reading your analysis.
Perhaps the Macbeth reference has more to do with Blair as Lady Macbeth. Louis (who is getting more untrusting and sneaky by the second) become change for the negative... you might argue that Dan has also become crueler as he's fallen for Blair (IE: the book). After all, it's Lady Macbeth's greed and obsession with royalty that drives Macbeth to become evil. I wonder if Louis does something to hurt Chuck, and Blair finds out about it, leaving her devastated. Another important note: In Macbeth, Lady Macbeth has haunting dreams in which her hands are covered in blood. She's ultimately driven crazy and kills herself. This adds to my thought about a miscarriage. I know a lot of people are down on Serena, and I get it, but I still have hope for her. Part of me wants to see Serena be the person to help Blair when her downfall happens, because, lets face it, there are so many "teams" and "shippers" right now, that the primary and center-focus relationship of the show seems to be the one least spoken about: Blair and Serena's friendship. No relationship has suffered from more break-ups, make-ups, and betrayal than those two. Who knows which couples are "endgame," but one thing we do know will be endgame, regardless of where the cards fall for them romantically? S and B.


I said this in another post, but I wanted to add it here, too:
This may sound kind of morbid, but what if the episode ends in Blair having a miscarriage after she kisses whoever she kisses? They keep saying that the Nov 14th episode is dark, maybe that is what happens. My theory is that Blair kisses Chuck (or Dan) by accident, Louis sees it, blows up, Blair is so shaken up and upset that she miscarries the baby. Or, perhaps she doesn't kiss anyone at all and Louis thinks he sees her kiss Chuck/Dan and he blows up... either way, I think that's where it's going. Now, as for Serena. As much as I loved and adored Serena and Dan in the first season, the magic between them is just gone. They kind of solidified that tonight when she said he was the love of her life, and he dismissed it-- like she didn't know what she was talking about. She was broken hearted that she wasn't the love of Dan's life. But guess what- I remember Nate saying that she was the love of his a long, long time ago. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw that circle back this season... and I don't think I'd mind seeing them together, either.


It seems like very likely if they are going with a Macbeth theme. Macbeth himself is good but ultimately becomes evil when he choices to destroy the wife and children of his opposition thinking this will make Lady Macbeth all the more happier. So what not assume that Macbeth is Louise who is a prince after all up for kingship. Perhaps he will find it necessary to destroy Chuck, Dan, Serena....to keep Blair which will untimely allow Blair to see the evil she has herself done by lying to him and to others.


@pty, @kookakicha and @ace took the words right out of my mouth. We may all have very stark, contrasting views about certain topics, but when all is said and done, each and every one of us wouldn't be here if we didn't feel passionate about Gossip Girl. Whether it's a heated debate or mellow conversation, we are all here to speak our minds and indulge in the great benefits that our society gives us, which is freedom of expression. I speak for myself when I say this, but some of the feedback I've received here at TVFanatic have pissed me off to no end and others have made me the happiest person alive. If anything, it has made me grateful for this chance to connect with people who I never, in a million years, would have thought I would come to like (here's looking at you @kookakicha) and others who I can easily see myself being friends with. So, forgive me if I do take this a little too seriously.


@ Uncle Jackass: I think you are doing just fine, that can happen to anybody, in fact I think it happened to another commentator a while ago (the Audrey-Katherine thing). As for the actors personal life, I only believe what I read or see from certified media as E!, People, Hello! On the forums there were published the photos of Penn and Zoe so that's how I know (they were kissing in the pics so it's difficult to argue that). @ Forwood and Chair (aka Jov): well I wasn't sure if I wanted to get into this or not but since others have answered you I have to say I could take offense for what you said, after all I tend to read the forums here and I know you are one of the users of the Chuck and Blair 2.0 thread and I know the fans there are as passionate, analytical and think alot about Chuck and Blair like us that we haven't registered in TV Fanatic but we post in the articles of the homepage, or like other shippers. As a fellow Chuck and Blair shipper, I was kinda surprised by your comment.

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