Gossip Girl Spoilers: Will Chuck and Blair Kiss?

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This week's Gossip Girl gave us plenty to discuss in the waiting period before the show resumes November 7. See our official review and Round Table for a full breakdown of "The Fasting and the Furious."

Specifically, the future of Chuck and Blair - always a popular Gossip Girl topic, however you feel about them - has grown even more hotly debated than usual with the former couple at a crucial juncture.

So what's on tap for Chair, and will it lead to a full-blown reconciliation?

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According to E! Online, Chuck does apologize for something very big, but this scene may not have the outcome you're hoping for "unless you're a Dan + Blair or Louis + Blair or Dorota + Blair shipper."

Furthermore, it's not that the apology itself is epic, "but rather it's an apology about something that happened in the past that was epic." What do you think it is, and how will Blair respond to this?

Also, someone will go therapy with Chuck. Guesses on who?

Blair’s wedding shower is coming up, meanwhile, and two people will be conspicuously MIA from the shower invite list. Guesses on who got the cold shoulder from Ms. Waldorf's big event?

Meanwhile, TV Line continues to tease THE kiss coming up ... the major kiss so hot it will be followed by a [spoiler alert]. Well, we know know that the person on the receiving end of it is Blair.

And we now know that it’s followed by a ... **a*.

There are a number of good four-letter words we can think of to complete that sentence. Fill in the blanks and tell us who you think kisses Blair in the comments section below!

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Uncle jackass

Okay, new spoilers from Ask Ausiello are up:

Question: OK, stop teasing and start spilling: What will Gossip Girl‘s 100th episode be about? —Diane
Ausiello: To quote a certain song from the seminal 1984 comedy classic The Muppets Take Manhattan, somebody’s getting, somebody’s getting, somebody’s getting, somebody’s getting, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody’s getting marrrrieeeed — and that someone is Blair. And the groom? Why it’s none other than Prince Louis. “The big event in the 100th episode is Blair’s wedding,� confirms exec producer Josh Safran, adding that the royal nups will be “big and lavish and twist and juicy.� The milestone hour will also reward longtime fans in that it will include “a lot of callbacks and echoes to the pilot. It was important for me to pay homage and respect [to our first episode]. There are a lot of Easter eggs. I think it’s going to be really beautiful.�
Question: Any scoop on Blair’s royal wedding on Gossip Girl? —Carrie
Safran says the 100th episode is as much about Blair as it is Serena. “The central relationship has always been the two of them,� says Safran. “Blair’s getting married and her best friend is her maid of honor — that’s a core dynamic we’re playing with.�
Question: I need to know more about the Gossip Girl kiss that awaits Blair. Is it followed by a clap, slap, or snap? And while you’re at it, how about a hint about whom she’ll be kissing? —Emily
Ausiello: I’m definitely not spoiling whom she kisses. You’ll have to watch the Sleep No More-themed Nov. 14 episode for that reveal. I will, however, confirm that the smooch is followed by a slap.

Uncle jackass

@pty, I will admit this continuity stuff is confusing me. Therefore, I'm trying to logic out the circumstances of events. It's for my sanity if anything else. As for the 2000 movie for Matt Damon, I seem to partially remember it. It was apparently based on a book.


@ Uncle Jackass: you don't know about the movie "All the pretty horses" starring Matt Damon and Penelope Cruz? And also, I'm 100% sure the wedding shower in episode 8 is a totally different event from the bachelorette party in a later episode.


I would really hate it if Dair happens. I mean common yeah they do have chemistry, but as friends, or frennemies, not freakin lovers!!!!! Blair and Dan holding hands, kiss, have sex?!?!? Ugh cannot imagine


PLEASE SAY THAT CHUCK AND BLAIR DO NOT KISS! I want some REAL DAIR action!!! The newest leaked photos of Dan and Blair filming together make me hopeful! I will not stop daring to DAIR!

Uncle jackass

Okay creepy news from the aftermath of Halloween. The Creepy Louis is back in future in Queen / Blair's life by episode 8: "All these pretty little sources" So to summerise the speculated and deduced spoilers: 1.) Louis IS the father of the baby and Blair is still pregnant. (I know it speculated she lost her baby in epi #7 Sleep no more from a Blood spoiler + commentary about Blair not looking pregnant in those episode pics). 2.) Serena may have hosted the Hen's night for Blair in episode 7 resulting in Blair's drunken venture and future arrest by polic, but the besties are still friends by the end of the episode. So much that both Serena and Charlie are hosting the baby shower by episode 8 for Blair and Louis. 3.) Georgina either returns in episode 8 or 9? Some Dan, Blair, and Georgina interaction will occur outside in the cold. 4.) Derena Re-union Tour 2011? Ans: Probably not. More spoiler scene pics with Serena and Charlie's Ex Max upcoming. 5.) Is episode 7 "Sleep No More" the 100th aniversary episode of Gossip Girl? Research tells me that it's the 96th episode. So the answer is no. 6.) As said by Ausiello: "Blair’s wedding shower is coming up, and two people will be conspicuously MIA from the invite list!" Who? Chuck and Dan will be MIA due to pissing off Louis from what they did with Blair in the previous episode. A suspect a kiss for Chuck and a slap for Dan. So this conclude: No Chair, definitely no Dair, and more Blouis! Trick or treat? P.S The title comes from the classic American lullaby "Hush a little baby" and the lyrics words are "All these pretty horses." From either the Southern African American or revised lyrics the definition of the words differ from the stakeholder.


maybe it is a passionate kiss followed by a SNAP of a camera lense that would get gossip girl talking and start the end of louis and blair or maybe a CLAP from blair cause louis couldn't kiss her with passion even if it was written on his lips, but all jokes aside even if it is followed by a slap it's still going to be worth it so step up to the plate chuck and take one for the team.


a kiss so hot followed by a *SL_P*? I guess.


"a kiss so hot..." that right there tells you that the kiss will be between chuck and blair. louis and blair's relationship is so boring that you could never call a kiss between them "hot". maybe chaste or sweet but definitely not hot. and dan doesn't have even a quarter of the chemistry with blair that chuck does.



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