Gossip Girl Photo Preview: "The Big Sleep No More"

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We've already heard plenty about the November 14 episode of Gossip Girl, a.k.a. the semi-annual mask-themed episode of the CW series. Now we have an official synopsis and photos for you.

The Upper East Siders attend a performance of Punchdrunk’s provocative NYC theater experience, “Sleep No More,” which translates to masks, anonymity and some surprising romantic twists.

Meanwhile, Diana sets her sights on Serena in her continuing quest to ruin Gossip Girl, and Dan is on his book tour, but things aren’t exactly as they appear to Lonely Boy's friends and family.

Nate and Diana Pic

Anytime the show introduces the element of disguise (which it does with surprising frequency), that raises the sexual tension and duplicity to even higher levels ... for a show already built on both.

Will Chuck and Blair kiss? Will Gossip Girl be exposed? Will Charlie be exposed? Will we finally learn the true identity of the man who fathered the future son or daughter of Blair Cornelia Waldorf?

Whatever happens, executive producer Josh Safran promises it will be significant - and potentially dark. "They’re dealing with adult issues. It’s sort of a big turning point episode for everybody.”

Click to enlarge photos from the episode and leave comments below ...

Cute Charlie Pic
Ivy or Charlie
At Sleep No More
Diana Payne Pic
Diana's New Minion
Diana Wants Serena
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I think in the end it will be Chair and Derena. So I really hope they kiss. I have a feeling that Blair will miscarry, and Chuck will be the only one who can get her through it. I love Chair, but I am constantly between Derena and Serenate.


here's how I see this shipping war and I'm gonna even completely rule out my chair fan stuff because it's actually kind of irrelevant at the moment. to be honest, there are many reasons I don't want dair to happen but one it particular I think hasn't come up when people discuss this shipping war is the LOVE THAT SERENA AND BLAIR have for each other. I've loved that they're best friends from the very beginning and it's pretty obvious that dair would ruin them. I don't want to see there friendship ruined just because people want to see dair. The scene at the end of the last episode was so beautiful and honest between them and I don't want that to ever go away. honestly I think that whenever dair fans fantasize about their ship they forget the fact that Dan and Serena were romantically involved for a while and Blair and serena are obviously best friends. anyway just wanted to say that


Even if the kiss is between Dan and Blair, and I'm not ruling it out, she will reject him. If it is them, this will be the realization Dan needs that Blair will not return these feelings.


Chair definitely has chemistry and I hope the kiss is between them, but Derena have lots of chemistry too, which I feel we saw in the last episode. But it won't be Derena anyways, because Blair is for sure involved.


I just read an article in Hollywood life, they interviewed Kelly Rutherford in a FURLA event and asked about GG and the couples, when asked about DS she talked about how the show surprised them and keeps them in suspense but is somewhat realistic. And when asked about which couples she prefer she said she likes Chuck and Blair a lot and for the rest she doesn't know but we'll see how it goes and etc.


I don't want to start a war like a chuck and blair one or a Blair vs Serena...... Sorry I don't like Dair in a romantic way :/ their more better as friends I reckon or as friemies :) and I find it annoying and noticed how if chck or Blair lost someone (romantically) they would go back to each other. Chuck with Eva and then had sex Blair on top of a piano. Blair with Louis when she came back from Paris she was full on jealous.Chuck and Rina after that Blair kissed Dan and wanted Chuck again it's like their both racha second choice or back up or rebound which is werid and annoying me :/ not dissing Chair but really either stay together or not :) sorry again. I gues I'm also just satin all this because in proberly the only one that likes Louis for Blair not saying I didn't like Chuck for Blair but I want Blair to be the princess of Monico and have a baby that's the hire of Monico even tho I know deep down it's chucks :/ bass baby hahaha . I sometimes miss Nate and Blair :) haha


@ marco: it was Elizabeth Hurley in the 90's, I'm almost sure (I need to see the episode again) but I remember very well that she used to be a brunette in the 90's by the time she was dating Hugh Grant, and she had that kind of haircut (btw the famous Versace dress she wore in the movie premier of Four Weddings and a Funeral is among the 100 memorable dress book that just came up). @ melbe: I really don't think it was Chuck since they saw each other in the book presentation, in the scene with Serena and none of them acted weird towards each other, which would be the logical consequence if Chuck had gone to the apartment to ask her if the book was true. Besides Chuck was the one more conscious of the book's nature.


here: Im DAIR fan, I love them together. But i know writers are gonna go for Chair (I thinks it´s boring and old, we all know how that storyline goes). The one showing at Blairs appartment in the memories of invisible Dan will be Chuck (to bad) he went just to ask Blair if she really slept with Dan. I hope it doesnt turn this way but im afraid that the writters always stick to the chuck and Blair story, even if they know that DAIR has potential. Anyways I´m gonna say this: Please let DAIR be.


@pty i think it might be a prequel on either that night serena left which i don't think they should really do as well all know what happen already, unless theres more but if they r going to do a prequeal they should do the first gossip girl blast. :) btw do u know who that chick in the photo may be?


Hey I got help from someone who also posts here and I think I have the answer, that the 100 episode is going to be inspired by events in the Pilot (1.01) and the Wild Brunch (1.02). What do you guys think?