Gossip Girl Scoop: Will Louis Undermine Chuck?

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Looks like Chuck offering Louis his blessing in the Season 4 finale of Gossip Girl didn't entirely convince the Prince that there's nothing to worry about. According to a teaser reported by TV Line:

"Blair’s influence will start rubbing off on her future husband. The word around the UES is that Prince Louis will go to extremely sneaky lengths to ensure that Chuck stays out of his bride’s life."

How will he accomplish that exactly - and why would he even feel he has to?

Mr. Louis Waldorf

Is Louis more of a schemer than we thought?

The Prince clearly has money, power and connections, but we've yet to really see him play the game his future wife knows so well. How do you think he'll ostracize Chuck - and how will Mr. Bass respond?

On an unrelated note, TV Line notes that Charlie/Ivy's BF Max will reappear in the not too distant future. Rumor has it that when he does come back, it will be "in a big way during November sweeps."

Sounds like the fraudulent Ivy is about to be outed ...

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C&B forever. :) Chuck and Blair are magnetic. and they'll end up together


Hugo Becker as a person in freaking HOT! Google him, you'll see! As Louis though, no. He seems to look better with some facial hair and in a bad-boy roll.


Guys, Louis is a nice guy- the perfect one but not Blair's one. Chuck is the one!!!! For example in Sex and the City the Russian was perfect but not the one foe Carie. Mister Big was-is-will be the one forever(even if he was unhealthy), so is Chuck for Blair. Love you Chair!!!!!


smexy hugo becker in that suit.. memoirs of an invisible dan actually allowed me to start to like chuck again, dan and monkey helped... as for the fight scene, can't really see either louis or chuck having a punch up.. made they'll play cards for blair.. p.s this whole thing about blair BELONGING to someone - maybe because i'm slightly feminisitic but this is too much like being a posession and i don't like the term. i liked Blouis but realistically there's no way the wedding will take place because there's always a scandel involved. chuck and blair... i'm still not sure it's the right timing yet.. i do hope they will become friends again. though chair fans would be ecstatic if it were to happen again. dair? i think it will take some time for blair to forgive dan even tho it's competely ridiculous that she only focused on the fact that dan wrote they had sex - did she not realise that the other scenes patented her perhaps as a powerful wonderful woman who dan cares very much about? i also think and i only just saw it in this episode that blair has used dan to her advantage every time - much the same as S had and i think she's lying becuase she does care about dan - the only reason she said she didn't and that there was no us was because she was trying to get louis to believe her.. p.s she tends to blame dan for her mistakes.. 1) blair slept with chuck before her engagement with louis, 2) when she wanted to run away with dan and louis came back to get her she blamed dan for not stoppin her when all he wanted to do was take care of her. 3) she used dan to get away from louis' sister, 4) she relies on dan when she can't talk to serena and i could go on. I also want to point out that dan is not a creeper, i can't see how he can be, i would have said chuck was before this season, thinking he owns her and never letting her move on.. obviously this has changed this season as we have already seen chuck letting go of blair and persuading louis twice he finally has her and should be happy. also i never saw dan as having an obsession with serena.. he always liked her but was too shy to admit it until he fell in love with her. i liked s when she was being independant and stood up to evil blair (s1)... now i think S is selfish and stupid and doesn't care about dan or blair or nate.. where as chuck, dan and blair are now my fav characters this season. i'm also loving ivy so far and look forward to her scenes. i don't trust diana and nate is stupid for doing so, she's totally going to screw him over. i also wonder if diana is helping GG or trying to expose her? do you think we'll see GG this season? i sure hope so. erm.. also loving duck scenes - i love their bromance because chuck needs a real friend and i think Dan could be really good for him. nate is just annoying me at the moment as is Serena. still wondering who the father is but it's got to be chuck's right? also i'm sure i;m not the only one but it seems the writer's have been leaving out dair scenes... like when blair texted dan to meet her right now and then the fake kiss happened.. what actually happened? also balir's face when she read that line.. she didn't seem too angry at the time, kind of bemused actually. i found it hilarious that s and b only read their storyline lines where as surpirisingly chuck read the entire book and reflected the writing on himself. wheras i found it sad he died in the book i think it was a good summary - don't kill me chair fans but i almost hope that chuck had died when in the motorcycle accident.. now, i'm glad he didn't and i like he's not chasing after blair - of course i think they will always be linked, and perhaps as an avid dair fan i think their friendship should be mended first before jumping into another relationship. maybe blair needs some time alone to figure out what's best for her and her baby. i hope that chuck and dan will both be there for her. now as i'm an avid dair shipper i will say i'm enjoying chuck's scenes finally!! i never though i'd say it again but his character is SO much better this season.


team charles.


@ Kookakicha Supporter
I've come here to see if Lady CarolinandTyler has decided to reply and instead I find myself having a supporter.
It warms my heart!
I was truly shocked when I read her comment :-P


You are ridiculous. How did Kookakicha cause any problems? What kind of 'sickening' trouble did she cause? Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, including Kookakicha's!
Also, how can anybody possibly feel "sick" after reading a petty comment by a fellow GG fan, you drama queen? You must have a very weak stomach aye?
This forum has only one position for dramas, which belongs to Gossip Girl, NOT YOU.


Im excited to see this showdown between Chuck and Louis. We all know who will win, as in get the girl in the end and who we are all rooting for; CHUCK!!!!!!Louis may be the fiance, but in terms of what the viewers know about the show, he really isnt competition at all. Blair belongs with Chuck. This has been a fact since season one. No one has change that and no one ever will. And that includes Dan. Another reason why Dair will never happen or will never be the endgame couple is because Louis is having a problem with Chuck, a guy who gave him the blessing to marry Blair, rather than having a problem with a guy who wrote an entire NOVEL about his love for his fiance. Dan is no competition once again.


Meh, we all know anyone who tries to play Chuck's game always ends up losing. Carry on now!


Max might out Ivy, but I'm betting he and Serena hook up :)

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