Gossip Girl Spoilers: Will Chuck and Blair Kiss?

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This week's Gossip Girl gave us plenty to discuss in the waiting period before the show resumes November 7. See our official review and Round Table for a full breakdown of "The Fasting and the Furious."

Specifically, the future of Chuck and Blair - always a popular Gossip Girl topic, however you feel about them - has grown even more hotly debated than usual with the former couple at a crucial juncture.

So what's on tap for Chair, and will it lead to a full-blown reconciliation?

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According to E! Online, Chuck does apologize for something very big, but this scene may not have the outcome you're hoping for "unless you're a Dan + Blair or Louis + Blair or Dorota + Blair shipper."

Furthermore, it's not that the apology itself is epic, "but rather it's an apology about something that happened in the past that was epic." What do you think it is, and how will Blair respond to this?

Also, someone will go therapy with Chuck. Guesses on who?

Blair’s wedding shower is coming up, meanwhile, and two people will be conspicuously MIA from the shower invite list. Guesses on who got the cold shoulder from Ms. Waldorf's big event?

Meanwhile, TV Line continues to tease THE kiss coming up ... the major kiss so hot it will be followed by a [spoiler alert]. Well, we know know that the person on the receiving end of it is Blair.

And we now know that it’s followed by a ... **a*.

There are a number of good four-letter words we can think of to complete that sentence. Fill in the blanks and tell us who you think kisses Blair in the comments section below!

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I don't think the writers will have Blair go from kissing Louis to kissing Dan unless they want to go off air. The Dan and Blair friendship may have been one of the better SL, but Dan's creepy crush on Blair has been the most insufferable. The huge drop in viewers since their paring in The Townie (ratings went from 2.06 to 1.58 in the following episode and steadily declined after that) should have been enough warrant. Yes, the dreadful bunch of SL involving guest stars have driven it down as well, but I don't believe they were the only reasons. Dan and Blair have never and will never bring the level of fascination that Chair or even the old Derena fan base brought, which made Gossip Girl as wildly successful as it is today. IMO it's a matter of chemistry because the more the characters are drawn to each other, the more the audience is drawn to that couple. That is why people root for SB, CB, DS. As much as Dan thinks he's in love with Blair, she doesn't reciprocate which is the reason they fall flat, to me. The same went for Blair and Nate and goes for Blair and Louis. She is too attached to Chuck and him to her.


@kimmie do u ship dair or use to?


The writers must be talking about how Chuck is apologizing for not telling Blair he loves her when he should have. Season two was epic in a sense that this was part of their connection and dynamic. Love Chair. They will never be able to let each other go. I hope Dair fans stop dreaming for the impossible. She will always love Chuck and love him the most


It has to be a chair kiss! Dan and blair are so boring and she has rejected him loads like he needs to get over it. I really hope its chucks baby because they belong together. I only watch GG because of blair and chuck without them the show is nothing...


I agree. The fact that Serena is Blair's best friend and Blair is already caught between two guys should be enough to see Dair is not happening. Why can't one opposite sex relationship on this show never turn sexual? I like that fact that Blair and Dan are good friends. They have a unique relationship that no other two characters have on the show.


@Gracy I know a lot people who end up getting married to the people they dated in high school in real life and also Blair dated Nate in hich school not chuck. She dated chuck when she started college. Btw growing up has nothing to do with who u date. Nathan from one tree hill dated Haley in high school and they ended up together( and I know a lot of other tv couples that did) so what your saying is irrelevant.


@LuckyBastarda -don't give up on DAIR! Every episode of this season has had a scene revealing Dan's intense love for Blair. I really think the writers are showing slowly unraveling Dair and will do something romantic with the pair. Chair is so boring an old. Plus, the writers (specifically Josh) have eluded to the pairing in their comments. First, they said that Dan and Blair would have a connection that surprised them both, then last season Josh might a comment making the point that there are people we fall in love with and people we love and end up with in the end, and the writers have pointed out that this season is all about growing up. If Blair goes back to Chuck, that will be the opposite of growing up, and the same storylines will happen all over again. I am really hoping and believing that the writers will dare to DAIR. I think it is the only logical place to go in the story.


@ QueenNoBS: You are welcome! Also, can anyone here explain the last Twitter from GG writers? Some say they figure it out but they are not explaining it, something about who is gonna end up with who and a time jump? Please, help!


**a* hmmmm scam? slap? deal? clap? plan? snap? tear? shag? @lucky bastarda dair was never gonna happen so move on


UUUGGGHHH: I need a nap. It's: Chuck will probably apologize about the Hotel thing as part of his therapy. She will accept the APOLOGY, but that's it.

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