Gossip Girl Spoilers: Will Chuck and Blair Kiss?

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This week's Gossip Girl gave us plenty to discuss in the waiting period before the show resumes November 7. See our official review and Round Table for a full breakdown of "The Fasting and the Furious."

Specifically, the future of Chuck and Blair - always a popular Gossip Girl topic, however you feel about them - has grown even more hotly debated than usual with the former couple at a crucial juncture.

So what's on tap for Chair, and will it lead to a full-blown reconciliation?

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According to E! Online, Chuck does apologize for something very big, but this scene may not have the outcome you're hoping for "unless you're a Dan + Blair or Louis + Blair or Dorota + Blair shipper."

Furthermore, it's not that the apology itself is epic, "but rather it's an apology about something that happened in the past that was epic." What do you think it is, and how will Blair respond to this?

Also, someone will go therapy with Chuck. Guesses on who?

Blair’s wedding shower is coming up, meanwhile, and two people will be conspicuously MIA from the shower invite list. Guesses on who got the cold shoulder from Ms. Waldorf's big event?

Meanwhile, TV Line continues to tease THE kiss coming up ... the major kiss so hot it will be followed by a [spoiler alert]. Well, we know know that the person on the receiving end of it is Blair.

And we now know that it’s followed by a ... **a*.

There are a number of good four-letter words we can think of to complete that sentence. Fill in the blanks and tell us who you think kisses Blair in the comments section below!

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"Chuck will probably apologize about the Hotel thing as part of his therapy. She will accept the therapy, but that's it." BUT WHAT I MEANT WAS:
"Chuck will probably apologize about the Hotel thing as part of his APOLOGY. She will accept the therapy, but that's it." SORRY.


Chuck will probably apologize about the Hotel thing as part of his therapy. She will accept the therapy, but that's it. Lily will go to therapy with Chuck. She's all the family he has left so... yeah, that'll be good. The kiss will be between BLAIR AND CHUCK and it will end with a slap. She will slap him because he just "can't come in, apologize and expect me to be waiting for you smiling with open arms. You hurt me, Chuck. Really hurt me, and that's nothing that I can forgive or forget overnight just because you said you were sorry. I'm with Louis now, we are having a baby and you need to let go. For real"... or something like that. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL THIS WAS WRITTEN BY A VERY BORED, EXTREMELY ANNOYED WATCHER THAT CANNOT BEAR ANOTHER EPISODE OF THE CHAIR CHARADE ANYMORE. PS: And if this is Leighton's last season (someone said that she was leaving in 2012) the only REAL POSIBILITY is that he will leave for good with the Prince. There's no other way around it. Too bad the writers are ruinning Dair... it sounded so promising. Oh, well! I'm just hoping now that the CW puts Gossip Girl out of it's misery by now...


@PTY: thankyou! Just saw the pics for myself, can't wait!


I don't get people. Blair has always wanted to play this part. Remember the Duke in season 2 ? Before she knew his title she wanted nothing to do with him but when she found out she magically fell in love. Same goes for Louis in Paris. Anyway, for the people who no longer watch, stop being creepy on the spoiler site.


So I had to type the link because my computer is giving me troubles and I'm on my cell but basically there are pics of a night filming, I guess it was last night, it seems Blair was in her bachelorette party, as per reports she was drinking, smoking and yelling "I love NY" and gets arrested, some said she had a tiara but I didn't see it, Chuck and Dan were there too with the limo, rumor is she lost the baby, she's in a downward spiral and the kid was of Louis, and Chuck and Dan are trying to help her. Pics from afar showed her and there's one closer with Leighton looking tired, other shows Dan from afar, other from afar shows Chuck and Dan, others show Chuck near the limo. They're on the gossipgirls site too.


probably not but "followed by a shag" fits perfectly ahaha


@PTY; copy paste is the way to go! :o


Chuck and Blair kiss yayyy!!! Bring it on.


im a huge chair fan and would love for them to be together, however at the moment i like them apart. theyre maturing and experimenting, which i s very interesting to watch. i like th blair/dan FRIENDSHIP but thats as far as it should go with them. chair will be together at the end of this season and even if the baby isnt chucks, whose to say it will even be born. this is gossip girl, they tried to make us think dan was trapped with a georgina sparks baby!!!


@pty Please spill or link!!

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