Grey's Anatomy Episode Preview: All About Sex!

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Grey's Anatomy featured yet another unusual surgery this week, along with the appearance of Catherine Jackson and the hospitalization of little Zola.

So, what can fans expect next Thursday night? Sex. Sex. And more sex. Really, just watch the official promo for "Poker Face."

Okay, the episode won't just focus on couples getting their intercourse on. ABC also teases the following developments to come:

  • Meredith will give guidance to April regarding Bailey's clinical trial.
  • Callie will grow annoyed by Arizona and Mark's new bond.
  • Alex and Teddy will work together on alternative surgical methods for a patient.
  • Cristina will struggle with a spinal procedure.

A provcoative insight! Just what we need!


@ sue: I partially agree with u that they don't have much outside life anyway...but since shonda has made it meredith's 'dream' to have a kid, it would b really weird if she just gave up! To me, let mer & der have the kid already!!! I wish shonda would give a little less teasing & more really good stuff! Our fav characters aren't going 2 be here much longer if GA keeps dragging like this... :(:(


How many people really want Derek and Meredith to get zola back, or for that matter a baby. I just don't get why a kid is what they need. They are surgeons with very little outside life from the hospital. That basically is there only life. Please Shonda get over all of them having babies and adopting scenerios, and get back to what GA has always been about, surgical cases, and all of the other drama of the co workers and and patients. I do think there is entirely to many characters on the show there wasn't that many when the show started, I really think some should be dropped, just my opinion.


reading ahead on private practice, it mentions a neonatal surgeon leaves seatle grace and goes to private practice. hope its not arizona who leaves just when the two of them got together.


Where are the sneak peeks for this episode all very quiet about anything happening week.


I think this episode will be a lot of MerDer and Crowen not getting busy with their loved one cos other things will get in the way, pagers and Webber!
I also am waiting for Mer to feel the wrath of Bailey again, and she'll be stuck in OBGYN cos she is the surgeon without surgeries. I'm just hoping we will not be seeing Lexie being Der's resident all the time, it's too easy a solution and Der needs to miss Mer in surgery more. I too am hoping that Mer will have to get back to neuro. Maybe DIY Der could drop a hammer on his hand.Then Der and shadow Shepherd can't operate on a big neuro case, and Mer steps in :))) LOL


My prediction is that down the road, there will be some big neuro trauma or something that requires TWO surgeons, and no other neuro fellow will be available, so Derek will ask Mer to scrub in, as she's got experience. Then he'll either start working with her again, or at least admit that she shouldn't give up neuro all together, but instead work with shadow shepherd or something. As for next week, yay MerDer love! About damned time, Shonda!!


voglio pensare che la ninna nanna cantata a Zola abbia sciolto anche Derek e abbiano poi fatto sesso,altrimenti non si spiegherebbe questo suo repentino cambiamenti.Ipotizzo: la puntata si apre con loro due a letto,abbracciati lasciandoci immaginare cosa sia successo ,ho il sospetto che scene hot tra di loro non me vedremo più,tenerezza e amore sì ma baci appassionati saranno ,poveri noi,solo dolci ricordi.Siete d'accordo?


I think OBGYN is probably the only one of two surgical specialties left that hasn't blacklisted Mer or doesn't have a resident already delcaring it. Neuro is run by Derek, so he's not letting up anytime soon, given that it was her punishment. It begs the question, however, where's Shadow Shepherd? Plastics is filled up with Avery. Peds Surg is Karev. Yang has cardio. Bailey is blacklisting Mer from Gen Surg, though the Chief couldn't mentor her? There's always Callie as she seems sympathetic to Mer... at least I think. Kepner is an up-and-coming trauma surgeon, at least from Hunt's view. So until Derek relents, Mer's surgical choices for specialities seem severely limited to OBGYN and ortho.


So looks like Mer starts in OBGYN this week with the pink scrubs in the previews, well least she did what she said and left Neuro for awhile, still going to hold out hope Der beg's for her to come back onto his service eventually. Neuro has been a rotating door so far this season and well no one is as talented as Mer.
As for the kiss or is that "no kissing in the hospital" or "oh we could do something else" all for show in front of the social worker damn well hope not, but hip hip hooray some mcdreaminess this week, better stay that way. Hopefully Lexi let slip that it was Mer's catch on the so called Butterfly tumour and he is congratulating her on a good catch. Or are the writer's putting in the chance for them to uninterrupted SEX for the last time before Zola come's back into their lives and they find that SEX will go out the window when she arrive's. Ohhh all the conspiracy theories.
The Owen/Cris scene in the on call room with Richard above them freaking hilarious, all in all looks like a hot sexy episode this week :-)

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