Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "What Is It About Men"

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Welcome to another Grey's Anatomy Round Table discussion!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down last week's episode, "What Is It About Men," in detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff writers Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have gathered for a Round Table Q&A to further discuss the many goings on at Seattle Grace/Mercy West:


What was your favorite scene/quote from “What Is It About Men?”

Courtney: Tie between Sloan being a daddy to baby Sophia and when he showed up at the dream house to take back Jackson from Derek. Either way, Eric Dane stole the show for me.

Sean: “Get in the car, Avery!” It was a great line followed by a humorous moment of Sloan and Derek fighting over Avery. So, which one gets to take him to prom?

Christina: I loved all of the Sophia and McSteamy scenes. Like Courtney said in her review, he's a total DILF! Sophia is definitely cute, too.  

Grey's Anatomy Round Table - depreciated -

The boys front and center – a fun twist or kind of lame without the ladies?

Courtney: I actually really liked the focus on the guys for a change. Although building the deck to take out aggression was a little cliché, it was a nice change of pace. It gave a chance to show the guys with “their person” like we see with Meredith and Cristina.

Sean: It could have been fun, but it wasn’t really anything wildly exciting. I did like having the boys front and center, but it felt more like a female’s perspective on the “guy’s world.” I mean I know guys love power tools and using their hands, but really? Bonding over a deck? Me, Man! Me, Angry! Me, Build! I agree with Courtney that it was just a little too cliché.

Christina: I'm biting the bullet and going with the latter. Although it was a nice refreshing change, I missed the girls terribly. It really just isn't the same without Mer and Cristina.

Favorite bromance? Sloan/Derek, Owen/Derek, or Jackson/Alex.

Courtney: Although the scene with Jackson and Alex in the kitchen with the panties was pretty awesome, I’m going with the never fail McDreamy/McSteamy bromance. Sometimes I forget how long their history is together. That Addison was one lucky girl! Owen taking Sophia so the two could talk? Classic. Even better? Ben’s comment that they are trying to decide who gets to take Jackson to the prom.

Sean: Jackson and Alex. Not only do they get along and even rag on each other a bit, the two just seem natural together. Their personalities, even though drastically different, just seem to click and it makes for great screen time. Mayfield in 22, anyone?

Christina: Sloan/Derek! It's certainly easy to forget the history between these two guys. Much has changed since the Addie days, and their bromance is still going on strong.

Hunt, O.

Owen is the new chief. Do you like his punching the patient style or should someone else have been named the Chief of Surgery?

Courtney: Although what Owen did in the ER was unprofessional, it was sort of justified. His staff was at risk and he tried to take care of the problem. Owen will do just fine as the Chief, although I wouldn’t have been disappointed if a woman had taken the throne. I’m looking at you Miranda Bailey.

Sean: He’s got a strong hook to break that giant’s jaw, and I love the way he handled the situation. Should he punch someone every time there is a problem? No, but I think he’s going to bring a different vibe to the position. I believe he’ll be able to stick it out, much like Kepner is slowly adjusting to her role.

Christina: Sure, punching a patient might not have been the right thing to do, but Owen did it for the right reasons. Just as Kepner is easing up to the Chief Resident position, I think that Owen will also be great as the Chief of Surgery. His style is different, and maybe that's what SGMW needs.

Derek points out that Sloan hasn’t been getting any action from the ladies lately. Who should his next love interest be?

Courtney: In a perfect world, Jackson would see Lexie is meant for Sloan and the two would get back together. But since that doesn’t seem to be happening ... I’m going with bringing someone in from outside the hospital. The guy needs a love interest like yesterday. Either have him meet a new girl at Joe’s bar (I miss that place!) or send him back to his old ways of being McSteamy and give him some hot docs and nurses to have fun with.

Sean: He does seem tightly wound doesn’t he? For a guys episode, he should definitely have been getting laid and even spilling details. Okay, okay, he was on dad duty. Of course, he really has that soft spot for Lexie, but I’d love to see a new love interest that isn’t already in the hospital. McSteamy needs to get back to being McSteamy.

Christina: I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Forget about Jackson. Bring back Slexie!


Bring back Merder

Natalie pino

1. All the scenes were funny. they had me laughing outloud. But if i ihad to choose it has to be "Avery get in the car" or "there are bears out here" when alex said that.
2. i liked it. they had to have some humor in the show. All it has been was depressing and dramaa. we all needed a good laugh.
3. I liked all of them this episode, But my favorite had to be Derek and Mark. They started out together from the beginning and they made it threw everything and there still friends.
4. Its okay, i dont mind that he is chief but it is unrrealistic punching people out in hospitals i think. but i like him as chief. Cause it Webber cracks me up not being chief.
5. I think there will be a woman eventually for Sloan but idk who it will be. One of Dereks sister or Lexie.


1.Liked the whole thing so choosing one scene is hard. 'Get in the car,Avery' was probably my favorite line though.Classic.I smell a tshirt in the makes.So long 'I cut the lvat wire' a greys fan who likes most of the guys more it was a welcome reprieve that should be repeated.A bit cliche,but fun nonetheless.I didnt miss the girls one bit.They needed it desperately,they were merely props for a while.
3.All of the above.dusting off the McTwins was looong overdue.I like Owen when he has guy time.avery & alex are 2 of my faves and I like their fratboybromance.
4.I like Owen.He rocks in this role,I look forward to him making it his own.He's back to the badass we were introduced to.He's unorthodox,should be fun.He needed something new.
5.I love Mark.I like the daddy role on him because we see the side that most people fail to realize has always been there.They could get somebody outside the hospital,and he can do the cliche thing that is quintessentially mcsteamy, and use sofia to pick up chicks.


Favorite bromance? Sloan/Derek, Owen/Derek, or Jackson/Alex.
It was obvious that Shonda at some stage in this episode would want bare chested men on view, not surprised she chose Avery. Not convinced Avery and karev have a bromance though.
But Der was all defensive when Mark showed up to reclaim Avery, Der didn't like being yelled at. But Mark soon turned on Avery when he thought Avery used Der so he could get the lead on a surgery. Der was looking just a bit smug about this IMO.
But I'm glad Shonda had the sense to let us know that Der is missing Mer. I got the impression he missed her in surgery, and he feels he can't get her back on his service. Hope this gets sorted out in 8.06, I need McDreamy moments, not Der avoiding being with Mer Owen is the new chief. Do you like his punching the patient style or should someone else have been named the Chief of Surgery?
To have such a turn over in the chief of surgery job isn't good for the hospital. Not convinced that Owen is gonna be able to duck all the meetings and paper work his job does entail cos he hasn't got an office. Long term, perhaps S9 should see a new c.ofs arrive to stir up things. Will Owen really want this job long term? I'm not convinced. Derek points out that Sloan hasn’t been getting any action from the ladies lately. Who should his next love interest be?
Mark is gonna find someone very soon, not many single lady docs other than Kepner, so maybe a nurse???


I see Sloan getting involved with one of Dereck's sister who are going to show up this season! A heart-breaking Shepard! Some though chick! I love the whole Slexie story during season 5, but they finished them in season 6! It is a little bit Pedophile ! Okay she is over 18 but It doesn't fit! I don't see her with with avery but no more Slexie! Marc needs some adult to get into an adult relationship, my pick was Torres but they've went with the gay story don't know why but writers choice! Lexie should go for a mature Intern! Chief! I like the whole role for Owen, character evolving, but after he and Christina leave I see Bailey getting her CHAIR(if U remember the scene from season 3)!


1. Favorite quote was Alex's - "You know there are bears out here?" ROTFL. Love him!
2. I liked the episode. I especially enjoyed Richard's scenes with Alex. To me Richard will always be the Chief.
3. I loved the morning scene with Avery, Alex and April. That was hilarious. I don't get the Mark/Derek thing at all. Mark screwed his wife in his own bed. What man would forgive that?
4. Hate Owen. He's so over the top all the time.
5. I find Mark boring and annoying at best, and sticking a baby in his arms doesn't help. He was fun as the hospital man-whore. But he's way, way too old for Lexi, and the whole stalker thing is stupid. Lexi should stick with Avery, and I have NO interest in seeing Mark with anyone.


Totally agree with these reviews. Bring back slexie!!!!!!

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