Grey's Anatomy Review: We've Got Males!

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Man, oh man. The latest installment of Grey’s Anatomy gave viewers an hour of testosterone and hot docs. The men of Seattle Grace took over with their uneven deck building skills and left us lady-less while a human stampede took over the ER.

Time to put away your power saw, grab a drink and discuss "What Is It About Men”. 

Hunt, Sloan and Webber

The Human Stampede. Love. This is the only word I have to explain this week’s big case. Not only did it make for some good laughs, but it was dead on. I have been someone who has rushed through the masses of hundreds of thousands at San Diego Comic-Con and getting crushed in the crowd was definitely something I feared. Plus, how could you not love Webber’s patient with the fake cuts and gashes?

Bailey & Her Boys. Well, look who’s back. Welcome home to Seattle, Jason George. Here is hoping you stick around to battle it out with Eli for Bailey’s heart. 

Eli Returns!

Super Sexy Sloan Is Back! First of all, he may be the most gorgeous DILF out there... I’m just saying. Mark was definitely back on his game; spitting out zingers, being jealous and accidentally getting Sophia to roll over for the first time. How could you not laugh when he was yelling for Avery to get in the car?

Bromances Everywhere. The boys gathered at the Dream House to work on the deck, and although it was very cliche, it was a great time. Beers and building with the men of Seattle Grace? I’ll take it. Grey’s brought the funny back and it was awesome.

Mark and Derek Image

Also I have to admit, the budding friendship between Jackson and Alex is pretty enjoyable. These are two characters who haven’t really had any good guy friends throughout the series, it’s about time they have. 

Other Thoughts...

  • Nice reference to the Ice and Fire series. That’s two shows this week with shout outs to George R.R. Martin (Castle talked Game of Thrones on Monday). Good books - definitely worth checking out. 
  • Mayfield in 22 = Priceless.
  • Even though I pretty much stared at the screen the whole hour to soak in all the hotness, I definitely missed Meredith and Cristina. They truly are the backbone of this show.
Dr. J. Avery
So GA twisted things up with this episode. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Do you prefer the girls sharing the screen or were the guys a refreshing change? Sound off below and let us know what you thought of the latest installment. And don’t forget to check back for the returning Grey’s Anatomy Round Table on Friday afternoon!


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Great episode, brilliant to see one without Merediths whingy face, she really is surlus to requirments.


Great to see an episode without Merediths whingy face all over it, she really is surplus to requirments.


I need a girl dat is hot but i dont have the money to get him.? Help help me.


I dont have money help me wit some.


Boring episode, the only nice scene was at the beginning when Alex and Jackson did an "elbow bump".


Dear Shonda Rimes,
It's not "Dothraki Princess." It's Dothraki Kalisi, or Targaryen Princess. Or just plain Denaris. If you're gonna geek out, get it right. :)


As much as I enjoyed this episode, I missed the input from the female characters, such as Meredith and Cristina.


wah! first time I found out All of GA male characters are good looking, try to do other all-boy ep again


I'm waiting for some hot make-up-sex, too... Sex used to make everything better between the two! Shonda did good there, she made Derek the hurt husband and jerk, but after a while, the fans sort of get where he is coming from.
Just adds to the complexity of his character, like the story line here. Where is the round table? =(


Oh and an afterthought, according to the time/date under my last comment we are in Saturday (it's Sunday were I live in this world) and no 'Round Table'.

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