Grimm Review: Brewing with the Enemy

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I had assumed Grimm’s pilot would be a little harder to follow than this.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting a Fringe-esque universe with branching storylines, utter confusion and more alt-words than you can shake a stick at. I was, however, expecting Grimm to delve more into the mythology that’s taking shape, in particular with Nick’s family. But the premiere did offer a fun, focused, and well-paced romp through a fairy tale, quickly streamlining and integrating the story into an easy to follow procedural case.

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The characters are well drawn and fun, tool. Nick is believable as a leading man and shares chemistry with the entire cast, especially Eddie and Hank. That does lead me to my one biggest complaint about the episode: the ease at which the characters take a “just-go-with-it” attitude.

Of course, in a show like this, some things just have to be accepted, but Hank doesn’t question Nick more than once with all of the random suspects and locations he parades by. Nick doesn’t wonder, nor does he barely freak out, at seeing these creatures. Seriously, we all know you’re a cop, but you can be scared of terrifying looking things, Nick. The TV Fanatic critic Nick certainly cringed a few times.

Nick even drops his suspicions about Eddie almost instantly after he cracks a few jokes. Your aunt just told you you’re supposed to slay these things! Getting a beer with the enemy is probably the last thing she wants.

For all of those quibbles the ending did leave me wondering and wanting to know more. I’m glad to see Aunt Marie will be sticking around for more than one episode as Kate Burton is a fun actress to watch and I hope with that comes more story about Nick’s home life.

While Grimm is certainly well placed on Friday nights, it’s hard not to wonder if the show is still too niche for NBC’s flavor of broadcast (however minimal its footprint might be at this point). While Supernatural’s ratings are beginning to wane, only time will tell if those potentially fatigued viewers will migrate over to Grimm or if Chuck’s audience will stick around.

All speculation aside, Grimm offers a fun and darker take on fairy tales compared to its closest competitor, ABC’s Once Upon A Time, which might end up working for them.

Other thoughts:

  • I will never be able to listen to Sweet Dreams the same way after listening to Red Riding Hood get torn to shreds. I will have it on repeat for far too long.
  • For as dark as the show is, there’s still a sense of whimsy and lightness with the bright colors and environments.


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Good introduction but pilots should be better than this.


So far I like the show and found it to be believable (insofar as any fairy tale is believable). The lead character's partner followed him almost without question - which for me was logical in that they've had a long history of working together and so they trusted one another. The sub-culture was believable in that Nick was totally new, and was entering a culture long established - which we see as Eddy (the werewolf thingy) says something like "bro - you mean to tell me you don't already know all of this? You must be new." The performances may be a little wooden just yet but the blazing potential is there, as the writers work hard to flesh out the characters more - much like a lot of great shows.


Not bad. I like that the show looks as if it will present the Grimms' stories more closely to the original spirit of their 'tales. The "disney" versions are for children. When I first read some of the originals I was shocked. Suffice it to say that they were not child-friendly. I always enjoy Silas Weir Mitchell. He is to oddball characters what Michael Massee is to villainous characters. I hope he sticks around for more than one season.


I really liked this show. Funny in parts, dark in others. I can't wait to see how the stories are brought to life. Plus who gets to have a werewolf sidekick? How sweet would that be. I hope this one sticks around.


Loved the show! It was hysterical when the wolf was driving and hanging out the window. I see a lot of potential.


I'm not that impressed with the pilot, but still the darker way to present such kind of fairy tale made it up for me..the mix of gore and funny is good too..and I must say that despite of the failed translation of German names, it didn't disappointed me that much..Overall not bad...


i love the show.i set the premise for an interesting storyline.i hope it gets good rating and stay going to keep watching


I expected more and I'm kinda disappointed. I basically already now how this will turn out: every show there is a new case which he ofc will always be able to solve and the monsters try to stop him. It's just so been there done that. Every other show is like that and it doesn't really "help" that they have Grimm's fairytales mixed into it. I love their books, but that's exactly why I don't really like the show. What also really bothered me were the names of the monsters. Whereas "Hexenbiest" (Witchbeast) was somewhat fitting and even makes sense in German, "Blutbad" or in its plural "Blutbaden" was just plain ridiculous. I literally laughed out loud and couldn't take this show serious at all after it. Blutbad means bloodbath and whereas I see that those wolves might be creating lots of bloodbaths it's not really a name for a monster, its a name for what they do. But what was even more ridiculous was the "plural explanation" Blutbads would have made more sense than Blutbaden now that they've already taken this slippery slope. But Blutbaden?! What is that even supposed to mean? The plural of Blutbad would be Blutbäder (Blutbaeder) and nothing else. Yes, I do know this is a show, but if they had just gotten a consultant for the German language they would have been able to come up with names that make actual sense and are way scarier that what they came up with now. And since it's a show about German fairytales they should have really done their research.


I sorta liked the premiere. It's a bit too dark - both figuratively and literally. The lead guy, almost-Brandon-Routh, is kinda wooden, I'm not feeling his character. For this show to work, they have to not take themselves SO seriously. Which is where the saviour of the show comes in. Silas Weir Mitchell as the reformed wolf pretty much owned the show. He was the most interesting character by a mile. Then we have the aunt, who was also quite compelling. The show has a lot of potential. I do like how they went straight into the story without stringing everyone along - which leaves lots of time as the series goes along to work with the mythology. The previews looked promising, and there's a lot of directions that they can take this as the lead guy learns more about his powers.


When a show gets as much hype as Grimm did, it needs to be better than the hype. Grimm wasn't. I like the actors, but I found the pilot boring and uninteresting. I may watch a few more episodes to see if it finds its way, but right now I'm just disappointed.

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