Holley Fain Cast as McSteamy Love Interest on Grey's Anatomy

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Fans of Mark and Lexie may want to be sitting down before reading this.

Holley Fain, who once guest starred on Gossip Girl as the manipulative wife of Nate's cousin Trip, is coming to Grey's Anatomy this season - and she'll be romancing Mark Sloan.

She'll be a "recurring love interest" for McSteamy, according to TV Line.

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Fain’s character, who debuts in mid-November, works as an ophthalmologist at another Seattle-area hospital. Her boss there will be played by Ernie Hudson of Ghostbusters fame.

She should certainly shake things up at SGMWH. In addition to Gossip Girl, Fain's credits also include stints on The Good Wife, Memphis Beat and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Are you excited Mark is potentially getting a girlfriend? Tell us in the comments below.

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She's gorgeous. So happy for McSteamy getting some love. But yeah, I do get that this storyline including Jackson will all lead down to the inevitable Mexie reunion. Oh the joy! Can they speed it up already. :))


@Emilyn It's not discrimination saying Mark and Lexie are in different moments of their lives BECAUSE the age. He wanted a family before Callie get pregnant and Lexie it's starting her life now, and SAID she didn't want that. Please do not use the word discrimination in everything now, as we can't say things that are true (my boyfriend is 8 years old me, and I'm so Lexie-Mark team)


I am sure that this "love interest" of Mark will not last long, this is just to make Lexie jealous and make her realize her true feelings for Mark and the fact that she'll never love anyone else but Mark Mark and Lexie belong together, they have a history together and obviously still love each other...


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wtf are they doing to Mark and Lexie!


It wouldn't make sense to continue on with Mark minus a love life. He's had to grow up cos he's a dad, so I hope he's not gonna revert to onenight stands. That'll be what's hard for Lexie, if this appears to be a proper relationship for Mark


This is all a plot Device to get lexie jealous good god, she not going to become a regular. Also the age thing again seriously. age discrimination is just as bad as Discriminating about Race, Gender or anything else. I do find it funny that people brush that off as nothing. It's still Discrimination.
It should really stop seeing as we are in 2011 and your offending others who are in age gap relationships. This is fiction but if we are taken it out of fiction in to real life, look at Katherine McPhee who married a 43 year old when she was 23. the whole they are sick and nasty, not to mention he needs someone his own age crap because of their age difference is such bull. Mark Fell in love with Lexie not her age, if we are going that way then by rights Meredith shouldn't be with Derek. I don't see them being the same age, they have to have at least a five age gap so maybe they shouldn't be together either? No of course they should because it's just mark and lexie that people point out. @Cindy, i'm sorry to say it isn't showing at all. I do find it odd that you are basically bashing Eric Dane's age, looks. Calling him old in not to many words are you serious? Mark has said countless times as have others he needs someone young, this is lexie. @uyeah ... Yeah she so into Jackson that as soon as she see's mark kissing another women she doesn't even give her "Boyfriend" a second look. Yeah she's so into Jackson. LMAO. this is a plot device used all the time, they are in a triangle. Mark did his growth last season it's now "Like Shonda said" Lexie's turn for growth. this isn't about mark getting a girlfriend because i doubt she'll last 5 episodes it's to keep the triangle moving, to get lexie to have growth and to finally be where mark is in life. This move shouldn't be so hard to figure it out.


Hopefully this will mean that Mark will actually move on from Lexie. The couple was really cute but the age difference was a bit of a problem. Lexie is still so young and there's still so much ahead of her. Mark, on the other hand, is settling down and it would be good for him, for both of them, if he finally got a girlfriend. :) Age appropriate relationship!


The only satisfaction I can get out of this is that hopefully it will make Lexie realize that she loves him!!


I am all for Mark having an age-appropriate relationship. The ten year age difference between Eric Dane and Chyler Leigh is really starting to show. You do realize that Holly is a whole 8 months older than Chyler don't you


So Mark is going to have a love interest...whoo hoo...I couldn't care less. He became boring the minute they put him in the baby drama debacle.

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