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It was a good run for Lynn Reed with two E's. Briana Brown's arc on Homeland only lasted two episodes, but Lynn's story in last week's "Grace" and in tonight's "Clean Skin" was so emotional - and impactful on Carrie - that it will surely linger throughout the season.

Between her suspenseful and successful attempt at recovering the Prince's phone logs, her parents' awkward interaction with Carrie following Lynn's death, and, of course the murder sequence itself, Lynn helped move a lot of the puzzle pieces around in the early stages of Homeland. For that, we should be thankful.

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In terms of suspense, the only thing on television this fall that matched the gut-wrenching moments leading up to Lynn's murder was the last few episodes of Breaking Bad. I know many predicated she'd meet her demise, but I didn't expect it to take place when it did.

The show's ability to create those moments of fright and surprise is what has made it so good here in the early going. I noticed that Lynn might have been spotted playing with the Prince's phone, and I realized the Prince's henchman was giving her the stink eye, but it was still a punch to the stomach when the unnamed assassin put Lynn down like she was a nobody.

Again, that's one of the aspects that separates Homeland from most of the mundane dramas on TV right now. The fact that we care that Lynn Reed was killed makes the drama more exciting. Not only because we got to know the character over the past two episodes, but because her death is directly related to Carrie's well-being.

That is a well-being that is not in good shape at this point. Let's face it, she wasn't allowed to protect her asset because she's not allowed to say that it has to do with Abu Nazir; her own mentor torpedoes her briefing about the Prince coming to the States to fund terrorism because he said it happens every year; and then her asset gets murdered immediately following Carrie telling her that she had the aforementioned protection watching her.

Everything fell apart. Her woman on the inside was killed and the Prince did not look like he was guilty of jaywalking, let alone funding terrorism. But then there was a glimmer of hope. There was the realization that it was the henchman running the show. Whew, what a roller coaster for this girl.

"Clean Skin" focused a lot less on the mind frame of Nick Brody, but what we did see was just as interesting as ever. The guy is obviously still messed up - as evidenced by the bizarre sex scene between him and his wife - but he took the time to make nice with daughter Dana.

Teen angst is not something new to television, nor is it something enjoyed by most viewers, but here it seems to work. Dana's problems are proven to be justified when she reveals that she knew her mom was in a relationship with Mike. Honestly, it was refreshing to see her speak so straight with her mom when she told her she knew.

It made things much clearer for the viewer as to why Dana was a brat to her mother, but it definitely muddied the waters of the Brody family. There are certainly a lot of issues to deal with, and that is without any of them knowing that their father is a terrorist.

Homeland put out another gem of an episode this week, and with the Prince's henchman selling that necklace in order to finance that random dude's new home in the United States, I would say some of the best is yet to come. I'm extremely excited to see what happens next. What did you all think of "Clean Skin?" And where do you see it going from here?


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Love the show. There are scenes that are so unbelievably subtle and honest. For example, after her one night stand, Carrie reaches her apartment, realizes she's late and takes her "bath" at the sink and what she does with the wash cloth was shocking. Wiping away the night in one quick stroke. Done. Toss wash cloth. When she makes her embarrassing pass at her mentor just to smooth over her dishonesty on the job, I cringed, but it rang true. Nothing really matters in her life. Nothing, but catching the guys she never had a chance to catch on 9/11. Her illness keeps her from having an honest and loving bond with anything or anyone. Including her own body. No nutrition, no food in her apartment, no cares, who cares, whatever, put a ring on it to keep men away and have those who do come near believe she's married and just a one night stand. I'd love for her personal life to get her. If some "nice" guy figures her out and tries to become a part of her life. This show is very exciting to watch because you care about so many characters. THe lover tossed aside as soon as the husband was found alive, the teenager who is sickened by her mother's dishonesty, the mentor who loves Carrie but can't go there-again...I'm even caring about the nutty wiretap dude who she bosses around like a five year old. Their work relationship is unusual, but the way they treat each other is honest. The writers are incredible. Kudos for the "real" scene in which the teenager yells at her mother for sleeping with someone else. I loooove this show. It's very exciting and full of real surprises. Finally, something to look forward to in the 'ol tv line up now that the Sopranos are gone.


About the best thing on cable at the moment! Makes Boardwalk Empire look like the over-produced/funded trash that it is.

Uncle jackass

@xsdf4r, Thanks for the compliments!! I take being Jackass quite seriously. Of course, it is strange that you haven't watched Ringer yet. According to Wiki, the majority of "others" that haven't watched Ringer yet are Cananda, UK and France. But in the US and Australia, they have "fast tracked" them. As for the spoilers reference, it is analogous to the musical pedagogy of "Sight reading," whereby a person can instantly perceive notes from reading. The large majority, irrelevant if they want to read spoilers, will perceive the content from glimpse reading.


I didn't watch Ringer yet. You really _are_ a jackass!
On the other hand you give a "Spoilers ahead, you have been warned...." for an event on the episode that is being reviewed here...very thoughtful of you, thanks a lot. I'm curious: who do you think reads a review for an episode they have not seen yet and doesn't expect to see spoilers?


I'm loving this show. It hasn't been predictable yet, and I love Nick Brody as much as I fear him. If he is a terrorist in waiting, I hope that Carrie can turn him back and use him against Abu Nazir.

Uncle jackass

And I though a lot of shows would start with cliches, but I think the last month I have been surprised: 1.) Jenna was killed in Ringer. 2.) Nick a main cast from the Secret Circle was killed. 3.) Spoilers ahead, you have been warned.... Lynn Reed (Scabby Abby from Smallville) was killed not due to her cover being blown, but due to GREED from a single bodyguard. Like Wall Street, Greed is good and it makes the world go round and round. Apparently, if random chance allowed, Jack Bauer would have died ages ago.

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