Homeland Review: Smartly Selfish

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It wasn't that much more evident than in the first three episodes of Homeland, but Carrie Matheson was certainly out for her own self interest this week, which was why the clever title of "Semper I" made so much sense.

Our favorite CIA analyst was finally starting to gain some steam on Abu Nazir and the case of the stolen necklace, picking up what seemed like trust and confidence from her team in Washington, but she just couldn't help herself.

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The warrant on her surveillance ran out so she was relegated to the old stake-out technique, which is what forced her into the precarious situation of following Brody into the Veterans' support meeting.

Is she completely self-serving? Maybe. Does she act this way in an effort to hurt those around her? Absolutely not. She thinks what she is doing is the best for both herself and the country. Is there a mix of psychosis in there as well? Most likely yes, which makes it all the more interesting as we watch it unfold.

I really had no idea what her plan was when she walked into that church basement, and frankly, I'm not sure she did either. What resulted, though, was maybe the most interesting interaction of the season thus far.

Was Carrie putting on a complete front? Was Brody? Were they both? Was there some sort of strange, creepy chemistry between them? Or was that just part of the act?

Will this lead into more meetings between the two main characters? I sure hope so. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are doing such a remarkable job on this series that we would be so lucky to get more scenes with them both. Not to mention all of the twists and turns the plot could take with Carrie and Brody interacting so often.

Before the two of them meet up again, I'm sure Carrie will spend most of her time looking for the man with the money, who she already put a red line through, as viewers know. Honestly, how good is that professor at picking up tails?* I also loved they had a code for "put the American flag on the house immediately!" It wasn't "hide," "run," or "kill yourself so they don't torture you into telling them information." It was "put the American flag on the house immediately."

*Upon second viewing I realized that it was someone else who picked up on the tail, who then notified the woman in the house.  Her signal of the flag was to the professor, who realized he shouldn't pull into the driveway...My bad.

The fact that the CIA has come to a dead end with the professor should give us ample time to get to know him better, while learning what Abu Nazir's plan is. I'm really looking forward to that viewpoint.

If I have one issue at this early point in the series, it is my lack of interest in Jessica and her Mike problem. Whenever the two of them get together for chats, I almost tune out. Then again, that situation lead to Brody's reaction, which was awesome. RIP, deer.

Lewis brings such a quiet strength to this role, as was exemplified in his scene with Mike in the car. I didn't know whether or not Brody was aware his wife was cheating with Mike, but the tone in his voice had me trembling in fear.

Do you know who is not trembling in fear? Carrie Matheson. The woman is a stone-cold stunner, and nobody is going to stop her from figuring this whole thing out. She made a lot of strides in "Semper I" and I can't wait to find out what happens next on Homeland. What about you?


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Uncle jackass

@PrincessD, Seems like the logical deduction; as well as Brody's speech in episode 3 to the press about what his 'torturers' told him about thoughts about his wife having affair at the earliest convenience. It was a good exposition that he might have those same thoughts for 8 yrs imprisoned.


@Uncle Jackass I think the first time they had that barbeque in the pilot, he saw Jessica and mike talking near the kitchen sink, through the window. he definitely must have suspected something there

Uncle jackass

Absolutely agree with your review. There was fantastic chemistry between Carrie and Brody at the end of the episode. It's great when you can get two fine actors to create chemistry from only 1 previous meeting. I also couldn't quite tell if the characters had genuine attraction or suspicion of each other. Carrie was clearly 'taking a peek,' during her Big Brother stint whereas I think Brody is naturally quick thinking. But I am a bit confused. When did Brody figure out that Jessica and Mike were having an affair?


I also noticed a creepy chemistry between the two of them. next weeks promo shows more scenes of them together. can't wait!
Jessica and Mike scenes are good, im interested in how they will tell Brody.

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