House to Welcome Back Olivia Wilde, Bid Farewell

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House ran it back with Hilson this week, as the show's title character reconnected with his best friend.

Next Monday, though, the talented, sarcastic doctor will reunite with a different physician. Or former physician, based on the following preview for "Charity Case." Olivia Wilde returns as Thirteen, but don't get too attached, fans: this is likely the movie star's final episode of House.

Elsewhere, Wentworth Miller stops by as a wealthy patient who recently gave all his money away. Because he's benevolent? Or sick? Tune in. Find out.


So exciteeeeeeed! That's going to be the best episode so far!

Uncle jackass

A doing an extensive research (2 mins) I can conclude the character 13 will be back for only 2 episodes max this season (@digitalspy source).


read that olvia wilde signed on for an 8th season of house but she's will be taking some time off to other i don't think this will be the last time we see 13 i think we might see her in a few more episodes later in the season sense she's suppose to be on there just not in every episode.

Uncle jackass

And so ends any weird shipping between House and Thirteen. What was, will never be...

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You save earwax.

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