It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Review: A Lame Game

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Experts at playing mind games with each other, the Gang truly got down to playing games on this week's "Chardee Macdennis," which was one of the weakest episodes so far this season.

There just wasn't much positive to say about the group and its rainy day solution to boredom.

Unique Board Game

A mash-up of classic games like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary and Hungry Hungry Hippo (thanks, Charlie!), it was hard to keep track of what was what. It also didn't help that the ludicrous amount of rules kept in a dilapidated binder were changed at the whim of the team in control.

Consisting of levels of nonsense such as Trivia, Mind & Artistry and Physical Challenge, Pain & Endurance, the main objective was basically to get blasted drunk. And that they did. Dee and Dennis (aka The Golden Geese) intimidated Mac, Charlie and Frank with their supposed genius when, in reality, they were as stupid as the other team.

While I did enjoy Dennis' strained look of anguish while Mac, Charlie and Frank tried to peg his hand in that bizarre game of hand dart, and laughed at Frank locked up in the dog kennel, there seemed to be something missing.

Dee and Dennis sticking their tongues out at Mac, Charlie and Frank and whooping it up like banshees fell flat. As did the hoity-toity wine and cheese midway breaks. Although I must admit Dee and Dennis' Ken and Barbie game pieces were pretty funny in comparison to Mac and Charlie's burnt-up husks of discombobulated rubber.  And can Mac get any fatter?

When the dreaded never-drawn-before black card was actually drawn, all it turned out to be was "flip a coin." I was just as disappointed as the Gang. And would have smashed the game pieces in exactly the same way.

I could only imagine what playing Twister with these people would have been like. Still, keep the games going with some Sunny quotes. There's always a hoot.


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I thought it was one of the better episodes that season, very funny shit


Bad review.
Great episode.
I don't have time to tell you why but it was a terrible review.


Arlene and whoever is in charge of choosing which reviewers review which show, You absolutely should not be reviewing "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" given the other shows you review are "90210" and "The Real Housewives of Atlanta". Are you kidding me? Clean it up.


Not to sound crazy Arlene, but when do reviewers berate their audience? Also, how long would a review site want to keep you around if you continue to do so? Just admit that maybe you were incorrect in your review, pay the troll toll, and move on to your next fight with the Dayman (Champion of the Sun).


I think you need to watch it again... it was def. the best of the season so far. Even though I knew Mac was going to try and flip the levels board I was still cracking up when it happened :D I HATE THIS GAME!!!!!


Arlene, First, please do not capitalize "paid" as if you make ANY sort of significant money as a reviewer for this sight. Being thrown a couple hundred dollars a year (if that) to jot your thoughts down about a show you started watching halfway through its existence does not warrant an elitist attitude. Also, the fact you mention getting "paid" clearly indicates how much money you do not make given how defensive you are. Second, Sunny fans came out in "droves" because our allowance for poor reviews had reach a breaking point. I will allow critics, or a reviewer in your case (critics have creditability), to over analyze an episode to try to find something to write about that is not being thought of already by the masses, understandable. However, to call the gang disappointing in an episode that was an instant classic warrants the idea that you should not be reviewing this show.


To all those who took offense at my negative review this week...I did what I get PAID to do as a reviewer. More eyeballs on TV Fanatic and I got all of you off your asses and got you to participate. I happen to love Sunny and all my past reviews for this season so far have been positive. Yet not a peep from any of you. But God forbid I said this week's episode wasn't all that and you came out in droves. can't always get what you want. It is what it is. Deal!


So i just popped on this site quick cuz what i had read that Arlene wrote bothered me, and as a huge fan of the series(and this episode) i felt it necessary to speak my mind against miss arlene... only to be greeted by fellow fans stating exactly what i was going to post lol....
So rock on sunny in philly fans!!!
im in the process of creating a legit playable version of Chardee Macdennis right now :P
lookin forward to gettin together with my crew to test it out once finished!!


i don't trust anyone named arlene. i haven't seen this type of brilliance since dumpster baby.


Brilliant episodes by the cast of Sunny. Even into to season 7 they can be extremely entertaining and clever. While there was so much to love about this episode, my favorite was Charlie not being able to recall the answer to his own question and Dennis getting the answer. So simple, but so funny. With that being said, Arlene...please stop reviewing this show. You ruin what is great about this show through your inability to appreciate its greatness which is clearly illustrated by your downright appalling review of this episode.

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It's not just a game. It's a war.


Your back is so crooked and bony and all over the place, I can't get a flat surface!

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