NCIS Agent to Visit Hawaii Five-0: Official Preview

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Kono cleared her name on last night's Hawaii Five-0, and just in time: the team will require her assistance on an action-packed episode next Monday night.

First, viewers can look forward to a confrontation between White and Wo Fat. Next, they can get stoked for a charity mixed martial arts fight between McGarrett and legendary performer Chuck Liddell. Finally, they can anticipate the arrival of Daniela Ruah's Kensi Blye, as NCIS: Los Angeles invades Hawaii.

Are those enough developments for you? Check out the official CBS trailer for "Ka Hakaka Maikai" now.


Oh I forgot the epi with Kensi just didn't do it for me either. I love the show she is on but she in down on my list of fav's on that show also.


I have to agree that "Lori" just is not necessary. This show is good as it stands. That is not to say I don't want Steve in a real relationship with Catherine!! Those two deserve to have some lovin. I do like the new woman for Danny even tho I also like him with Kono.


totally disagree! who even cares about the great acting all the time?? i watch for the adrenaline rush it gives me, and for the action and on that level, hawaii delivered its best of the season in every way! the fight between commander joe white and wo fat was epic and the guest role of the iceman chuck lidell was so awesome!


Well...this week was a let down after the big Kono plot resolution last week. Poorly written episode tonight. Didn't flow and some very awkward transitions. The Wo-Fat encounter wasn't even addressed until the last minute! And the brief Kensie scene was stupid. Could have used her (and Joe) throughout the episode instead of Lori's stupid scenes. Lori Weston is parsley on a dinner plate-irelevant and in the way. Please get rid of her! The writers cannot juggle this many characters and the show is frankly starting to suck. I understand bringing in Joe White, but why Lori? It's like the writers can't decide where they're going. Hawaii Five O should not have this problem! Season 2 pales in comparison to Season 1, and hey, I'm not happy. Castle won tonight. Sorry but I speak the truth. Writers--please get your act together!


they flew a girl all the way in from LA to translate basically one sentence?!? why didn't they send her the tape? and why, oh why, is that listless, flat, awful actress Lori STILL on the show? and why is she the one giving McGarret tips on how to fight? She is such a "theoretical" know it all who hasn't demonstarted any comeptency, but acts like she's the team leader. weird. weird, too, how all the armth between danny and kono is gone, and he didn't even acknowledge her after last week's shootout.


Can't wait for this episode Kensi is my favorite character ever!


Oh crap, another show with Lauren/Lori in it. I'll watch this one, but I think I will wait until her 12 episodes are over to continue watching. She just sucks and brings the show down to a suck level. I just can't stand it and the writer is an absolute idiot or he's sleeping with her not to see this! Just makes me frickin pissed off.


OH GOODIE! MOOOOOOOOOORE white people in Hawaii! That always makes SO MUCH SENSE! in a show. set. in. Hawaii.... And for that matter lets throw in MORE guest stars and COMPLETELY IGNORE the rest of FIVE-OH.

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