Parenthood Review: Protecting Your Children

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It was go time for Crosby and Adam this week as they started collecting their own"Tales From the Luncheonette."

Despite Crosby's hesitation, Adam promised to have The Luncheonette ready when Cee Lo Green wanted to record there. A slight snafu? Cee Lo wanted to record in the room where Janis Joplin recorded, even though it wasn't prepared.

Cee Lo Green on Parenthood

Yes, it was a rough start, but Cee Lo soon realized he was channeling Joplin instead of his own desires, returning to the studio to record a chillingly lovely version of "Piece of My Heart." Seeing Adam and Crosby successful and dealing with their issues together as partners was worth all their effort. Elsewhere...

Is Sarah codependent?
The way Seth kissed her hands as he thanked her, just moments before asking to take the kids to breakfast, covered in blood, totally oblivious to the reality of his situation, spelled out disaster for Sarah's heart.

I was glad to see Mark finally get a bit rattled at the news Sarah slept next to Seth. He was riding pretty close to the edge of perfection, and that would have felt false, so to see him showing some concern proved to me how into Sara he really was. I don't know why she thought telling him Seth was going to rehab would lighten their evening.

I'm not sure what will happen with Sarah, but it's like she's grasping at straws and pushing away a good relationship because it's easier for her to be in a bad one. Codependency comes to mind. I guess we just have to wait and see. However, holding hands with Seth as they told Amber and Drew about rehab didn't give me peace of mind.

Taking pressure off Sarah
Zeek and Camille were very worried about the way they are adopting the baby. It made both Julia and Joel rethink their decision about Zoe's baby. After everything, it's sad that the cynical side would ruin a moment of joy about the process, but Zeek and Camille made valid points.

Stories of soured adoptions, leaving the child and adoptive parents in tremendous pain, abound in the news. Would any good parents be able to look the other way and not worry about that possibility? It was the same as their reaction to Sarah wanting to help Seth. But at least the hot seat was shared this week. Joel and Julia offered money for Sarah to help Seth into rehab. Solidarity in siblings!

Drew and Amy sitting in a tree...
The show sure is taking it slow, but Drew is still getting a story. He was hanging with Amy and rubbing her shoulder and kind of went girl crazy. Then he visited Amber to ask her advice on kissing. It was adorable. She's really coming through for her family after moving out. The best news was that her advice helped Drew get his groove on. Kissing commenced!

And baby makes five
Kristina was on absolute overload with Nora. Adam was struggling to launch The Luncheonette, and she was trying to pretend she could do it all. That meant putting the rest of her family on hold, and it was a tough fight for her.

Happy Haddie struck again, getting angry that Kristina fell asleep (literally) on her college essay. Really, Haddie? You selfish little bleepity bleep? I know some of you harbor feelings of love for that girl, but it will take monsoon of merit for her to get back in my good graces. Not even telling her mom how much she missed and loved her.

So the Bravermans soldier on, proving once again that there is drama, apprehension and love in all of our lives, no matter how dull they may seem at times. This family? They're us.


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I agree with the review. I liked Joel standing up for himself and his sister. Zeek had valid concerns though.


@Jany I didn't like how he spoke either, like he knows how it was in the past. @John.. you don't get it.. She is 40 and living at parent's place - they have a right to intrude seeing how she always gets manipulated when it comes to her messed up ex.


Why did Joel and Julia lend the money?????? Didn't like how Joel spoke to Zeek. I thought there was some foreshadowing of adoption problems on the horizon and the lending of money is pretty well guaranteed to be a mistake........Zeek will end up looking good here.


amber looked pissed when sarah told her about seth rehab


I love this show. I also like Haddie. I just wish she and Alex would get back together because I really
like him. All the actors in this show are so incredibly good.


I get made fun of for being a man and truly enjoying this show, but I don’t care. It is the one show that I can truly relate to so many of the characters. Zeek really does annoy me with what I see as intrusions into the lives of his adult children. This is because I have my own overbearing, emotionally abusive, hyper-critical father in law. The scene when Joel calmly stepped in and shut him down was my favorite of this series so far. I’ve kept my mouth shut in my own in-law problems for so long to keep the peace. Doing so only takes away my own “peace�. This episode inspired me to defend myself the next time my in-laws interfere as Joel did (calmly but assertively). Since I too am usually quiet, I think the shock of such an action could cause him to look at his poor behavior and treat me with respect and dignity. We shall see.


You are right, the Bravermans are us, but they are not boring! I loved Joel taking charge of things with Zeek and Camille.. we (and Julia) got to fall in love with him all over again. And let's hear it for Drew who is really coming into his own. love those Bravermans. the Luncheonette is such a cool addition.


Yes, dear sweet Joel had a great moment where he literally said more in that one speech then he did in this show's entirety thus far. This guy REALLY needs to get more time to shine. Underutilized much? I loved his moment, I didn't nencessairly agree with all that he said but I loved that he said it. He's the stay at home dad that gets his fingernails painted and has the emasculating wife, so occasionally he gets brushed off, but the man has cajones and I like it. I LOVE Zeeks. He's probably my favorite Braverman so I loved that he always tells his kiddies what's on his mind. He had rerason to be worried about Sara. I am. That's a disaster waiting to happen. He had valid points about Julia, funny how even when you're a lawyer that rationale goes out the window when feelings are involved. I was half expecting him to somehow insert himself in the Drew storyline and toss the kid a condom. He's that type of grandfather. I liked the Crosby and Adam storyline. Yes, I'm a huge Crosby fan and what Adam witnessed was the years of Crosby being considered and called a screwup affecting the guy's ability to push through. He pretends to have confiddence but he doesn't. He lacks confidence in his abilities because no one else is ever confident in him. And that is why I always take such an issue with why he's never given his just do when he does things right. He was still in fear of Kristina's underhanded threats and pressure of screwing up her family and he flipped out. He's not used to success or anything comingto frutation. It was interesting seeing the roles reverse. Adam was the optimistic one with the bright ideas and Crosby was the panicked one, questiong everything and lacking confidence. I'm glad it worked out though. I love my Braverman brother moments. Haddie. No secret I don't care for her, however I get her point. As someone who had a little brother born when she was in high does complicates thing. It changes the whole dynamic. And here I also identify with Haddie being the older child who rarely gets the attention because there is a baby and a middle child who requires more. I was never bitter about it like Haddie is, but she kinda gets screwed. Before it was Max and his Aspergers, now it's an infant. For awhile she had Alex there to counter the effects of not having her parents' undivided attention ever...which ironically was the only time they ever focused on her...because she was dating. Now it's back to the beginning of the show, where she becomes a background piece. As someone who identifies with the situation a bit, I get it and I get why she was upset. I still don't like her though.


Also need to mention Peter Krause as Adam...he is so terrific at being the geek in the music world. Last week was great and this week it continued though less obviously. This is a mega-talented TV actor. I did not watch the 2 intervening series, but became aware of him on "Sports Night" many years ago where he played a sports anchor at an ESPN-like network. Series did not get a chance to find its following...nice ensemble cast which included Felicity Huffman...among others.


Whoa! No mention of Joel telling Zeek off at the end....way to go Joel! He did it with a compliment to Zeel and Camille for the women they had raised. And the look on Julia's face when he proud!

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