Pretty Little Liars Return Preview: Who Gets Exposed?

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Pretty Little Liars celebrated Halloween last night via a fun, flashback-laden episode that gave us new insight into Alison and maybe dropped a few clues about A's identity.

But fans of this ABC Family hit should now shift their focus to a new holiday: New Year's Eve. That's because fresh episodes - that delve directly into ongoing events from the timeline which left us hanging this summer - kick off in January 2012.

Look for a time jump of about one month to take place when we return to Rosewod... and for someone to get killed.... someone to disappear... and someone to get exposed. All that and more is teased in the following trailer. Watch, enjoy and let the guessing games begin!

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This looks cool!


Told you I'd be watching you.


from watching it about 12 times over iv got from it:
-emily and spencer fighting.
-emily talking to A? does this mean shes guna find out who it is?:S
-thats toby's shoe


Wow. Gosh, that last scene with Emily makes me nervous lol.
Toby falling??? Surely he is one of the most adored characters, the writers wouldn't kill him off, right??? If not, I'll cry. I feel Lucas might be getting into some trouble now lol. Can't wait XD


was it Aria's bro who tried to punch Ezra? ooooohhhhhhh this is going to be good!!!!!


it's gonna be an amazing ep!! can't wait...


Aaaaaack! So stoked for this!


it looks like the new episodes will be amazing

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