Prime Suspect Review: Jane 3, Crazy 0

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"Great Guy, Yet: Dead" wasn’t the best outing for Prime Suspect.

Which is unfortunate considering Joelle Carter from Justified was playing Louise, the wife of Tony the victim. Sadly, none of her considerable talent was used, rather she was relegated to tears, denials, potential adultery, and getting on Jane’s nerves. All of that would have been fine had she been given something to work with, but the writing for her character felt flat.

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In fact, flat can be applied to the entire case this week. Tony, “the nicest guy in the world,” left behind a boring tale of living a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget, burying himself in debt, and making enemies. A par for the course procedural case, however credit must be given to Prime Suspect for doing something other than a run-and-gun police chase.

It’s one of the strengths of the show, the need to use good old-fashioned detective work, smarts, and manipulation to get information and catch the bad guys. In the beginning, I was a little hard on the series for not making my heart race a little, but now I’ve come to enjoy watching a case get solved without the use of an army of computers, brute force, and copious amounts of bullets.

Seriously, watching the guys make fun of Nestor as he attempted to jump out of the window away from Jane was a riot. No guns were necessary, just plenty of gymnastics jokes and legs pointing in the wrong directions. Plus, they hypnotized a witness, how awesome is that?

In Jane’s home life, meanwhile, she went back to Matt and his son Owen’s birthday party. Naturally, crazy controlling ex-wife Trish would rather she not show up and attempted to disguise it as a benefit to Jane. Maybe I was wrong when I said nothing got my heart racing because Trish certainly did. At least Owen did like Jane’s gift. If I were keeping score that would be Jane: 3 Crazy: 0.

Overall, while I could have done without the case, the sum of Suspect’s parts made up for some of it that malaise. And, hey, did I mention they hypnotized a witness?

Other thoughts:

  • Getting arrested with a tiki torch – that’ll make a great story for prison.
  • Someone needs to get Nicorette on the line with the amount of gum everyone chews.
  • Speaking of gum, I counted five pieces for Jane this week.
  • Jane ripping the bet in half with Average Auggie made my cheap heart stop momentarily.


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This show should have be named prime Pen!s envy suspect lol. Another stupid feminist anti-male show gone. I couldn't stop laughing at this little four foot nothing female tying so hard to walk, talk and dress like a man. To see her beating up on a big hulk type of guy was just a little to much to believe lol. Super sad case of pen!s envy by both female and liberal male viewers of this show lol


Bello doesn't remind me at all of Jane Tennison, the great character Helen Mirren created for the original Prime Suspect. The TV cop she really seems to be patterned after is Kojak: same attitude, same hat. She's even trying to quit smoking. I half expect her to start sucking lollipops. And you're right. This episode wasn't much. The guys in the squad room are total doofuses, the victim's back story was lacking, and, in the biggest letdown, Jane's hunch about the wife turned out to be wrong. In a well-written show, the wife would been guilty, but for unexpected reasons, and the pleasure would have been watching Jane strip away the facade. But alas, it was not to be.


This is one of the best shows this season, but will probably get cut for some stupid sit com....please we need more great shows, like what ever happened to Southland?


This is a great new procedural but I just don't understand why it gets so shitty ratings.. Of course all NBC shows are down this season but seriously it premiered to 6 mil and now it's down to 4.5 wtf


I agree that this weeks case fell a little flat. However the interaction between Jane & the guys (other detectives) really hit a note this week. They are all starting to get a feel for each other & the moods softened a bit. As for Monster Mom Vs. Jane: Sweet! She handles that situation perfectly, not giving into the Monster. It was classic. Two best scenes: the flight/jump scene with all the funniness & intensity it delivered & the end bet scene with the tearing of the $100 bill, Jane delivered! Can't wait until next week!

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